The Test

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This short story is about a 14 year old boy named Adam Kix, who is taking a test in a lab in a place he doesn't know. Then he has to time his perfect time to shoot, determining his fate.

The Test


Adam Kix was an ordinary 14 year old, who sits on the couch, eating cheeseballs while watching a TV show  that rots brain cells. Well, little did he know, his life was about to change. A lot.

Adam was sitting on the couch eating cheeseballs while watching his favorite TV series, Dragons: Race to the Edge. He found it fond, and continued to watch it. But, the three Cherry Pepsies from earlier was attacking his stomach. He paused his show, and ran to the bathroom. When Adam got out, he sat back down, and watched the show again. He looked around the room, thinking. Is the room whiter than before I went to the bathroom? Thought Adam. He shrugged off the thought and looked back at the TV. Except, there wasn’t a TV. He looked around the living room. It wasn’t a living room anymore. It was a small, silent white room. Adam was sitting what at appeared to be a desk someone would see at a high school. On the desk, sat a well sharpened pencil, and a piece of paper. The piece of paper had questions on it. The questions were:

Where are you from?

Have you ever lied?

Have you ever fired a firearm?

Would you shoot an innocent person if you had to?

He answered where he was from, “Yes” to the next two questions, but was hesitant on the last. Adam thought about what the situation  would be if he answered yes. Instead of answering, he put “Depends”

All of a sudden, the paper disappeared. And the room was gone. He was back in his living room once more. He could not fathom what had just happened.

Later that night, his mom made lasagna. While Adam ate the lasagna, he felt something hard go down his throat. It scratched while going down. His mother noticed Adam cringe after it got down out of his throat?

“Is there something wrong with the lasagna, Adam?” Mother asked.

“No,” said Adam, “just food going down slowly.” Adam knew something wasn’t right, when his right ear went numb, then went back to normal.

“Thanks for the dinner, Mom,” Adam said politely.

“You’re very welcome, dear.” Mom said

Adam very quickly went upstairs, and took a look at his ear. He was astonished to see that his earlobe was sticking more out than usual. He pressed on his ear, and feedback was returned. It was some type of communicator. He tried again.


No answer. He tried once more.

“Hello?” He heard something!

“Hello, this is Adam Kix. If you’re there, can tell me why we have these communicators in our ears?”

The response was muffled. “You took the test, right?” It was a girl voice.

“Yeah.” said Adam

“What did you answer for the last question?” the girl asked anxiously.

“I answered ‘Depends’. Why?” asked Adam.

“They’re going to test you again.” said the girl.

“Test me over what?” Adam asked.

No reply.

He felt a sudden sensation.

He was on top of a roof of a tall building, with a silenced sniper right at the edge.

Beside it was a paper. In black, bold ink, something said :


Adam was confused.

Then the girl over the comm. Said, “Take your shot, kid.”

“I’ve never shot a sniper before,” said Adam.

“Oh, I thought you said you shot a firearm before,” the girl said.

“Well, listen. A sniper you usually don’t carry around with you. But you carry a pistol, not a freaking sniper!”

“You’ve got ten seconds.”

Adam ran to the sniper, laid down on his stomach, and aimed it for the bank. He saw the doors shoot open, and the robber darted away. He aimed the cross at the robbers head, and shot. He missed! He aimed again, but the robber was already around the corner.

“Do you know what you just did?” yelled the girl over the comm. “You just let a most wanted criminal get away! This means death!”

She turned off the comm.

Suddenly he was in mid-air, and rising fast. He stopped abruptly, and started to plunge. Down, down, down. Then his body met cement.

Adam woke up, in cold sweat.

“Bad dream?” Kanya asked.

“No,” said Adam. “I’m just glad I passed the test.” Then went back to sleep. He slid into a soft sleep while listening to the 100 people around him breathing.


Submitted: May 02, 2018

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