Katie, the one woman

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Katie, a strong woman who overcomes all kinds of challenges in her life.

Submitted: May 02, 2018

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Submitted: May 02, 2018



"A woman was supposed to stand by her man all the time, come what may". The phrase did not mean it at all because, without a man, a woman can still survive and will never give up for anything in this world. The law did not restrict that she needs a husband and move on with her life. But, how if it comes from the extortion of her own mother who enforced her to do so and therefore, the man who falls for her still willing to accept her although she is a widow and having a six-year-old angel. Would she still accept him? HOW?

(Chapter 1)

The story begins with the introduction of Kathreena Johnson @ Katie, the one woman who survived lonely without anyone's guidance for almost 23 years. Katie is basically a widow and having a six-year-old child and now living with her mother, Shanthy Johnson in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At a very early age, she fell and got married to Steven Roy in Paris and situated there for the past 5 years. Unfortunately, Steven did not have the chance and being so unlucky by not seeing at his charming and bubbly newborn daughter, Christina @ Christy as he met an accident and died on the spot in Paris. So, Katie with her newborn Christy landed to her mother – country with her mother since the death of her husband. The one good thing that needs to be proud of Katie is that she did not give up on her life and feel anxious upon the loss of her husband and also the life that she lives right now. As the moment she landed to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, she got a job with an excellent position in one of the popularised University as a Lecturer of the potential University. The story proceeds when Katie was enforced to go back to her living country as she has been transferred to Paris to work over there as a sense of reward. At first, Katie refused the offer but, however, she had accepted due to her mother convince. As a mother, Shanthy could not able to see her daughter having a single lifestyle and keeping all her sorrows herself perhaps, she wants any man who seems to understand well about Katie's condition and willing to accompany her for the rest of her life and have a happy married life ahead and that is what she is believing in till now. 

After a few weeks, Katie had a discussion with her colleagues in the conference room, then, she came out to pick some documents and that's when the first sight of Darryl Nicholas @ Nic at the front desk who seems speaking rudely to one of the employers in the similar University that Katie joined. However, Nic did not see Katie since he was busy talking to the management people. But, the fate did not let them unseen whereby Nic and Katie were on the top floor while he was waiting for the lift and coincidently Katie was in the lift as well. 

He was actually got melted looking at the beauty of Katie but, pretending to be innocent. A few seconds later, Nic was asked by Katie on the reason he came down to their University. Nic is basically the Managing Director of the University that Katie works but, unfortunately, Katie did not notice about this. After all, Nic was appointed as such position recently and at the same time, it is still new for Katie to recognise everyone in the workplace since it was just a week she been appointed. However, to further describe Nic, after completing his studies, he works as a professional photographer and later he continues taking over his father's profession permanently since his father is no longer afford to manage the business anymore. 

Nic literally had seen Katie in Paris during their studies period and also he is one of Katie's late husband's friend. But, Nic yet to know that Katie was the girl he fell and got married and now he is no longer alive thus let her as a widow who owns a kid as well. So, what will happen if he gets to know that Katie is actually a married woman and owns a six years old daughter, unfortunately, fall for her?

The story continues when Nic met Katie again in a coffee house in a couple days later. He comes towards her and says "HELLO" with a mile smile. But, Katie did not bother to respond back to him since she was tensed of something regarding her daughter, Christy. Nic, however, did not get upset for Katie's misbehave as he is basically a calm – typed person. Nic has a very good personality like being so helpful, kind, take matters easily and a happy – go – lucky man but, Katie is the person whom keeps her sorrows herself and not willing to share and express herself to any of her closest friends or family or even her relatives. She is physically a fitted woman and has all the qualifications as a mother but, she is not mentally prepared for being sweet and a romantic person. Perhaps, this wasn't her real characteristics but it happened ever since she loses her husband, Steven and thereafter, she'd hidden all her happiness and concern more about her only daughter and her family. 

The story persists in when Katie meets Nic again at the same coffee house and this time she, herself walks and apologises for her misbehave that happened that day. Then, the conversation continues with the initiation among the two and Nic asks if she wants him to accompany her. This would be a first impression that supposed to be for Katie but, it does not happen as she needs to rush to her work and at the same time one of her friend who supposed to fetch had come to pick her.

After a month, the two lovebirds met again at the same coffee house where Katie saw Nic was having a discussion with a sexy French lady at the corner and when she was about to leave, Nic saw her and encourage her to have a coffee with him. Katie without refusing his request, she joins him and had a cappuccino with him "happily". After a very long period, Katie had spent her time with somebody and had a very long conversation with the person. 

During the discussion:

Nic was asked by Katie about his life and meanwhile, Nic also tells her everything. However, Nic's usual vex attitude has made fun of Katie too since the things that he says about himself was just a lie and it is really pitiful to see that Katie believes everything that Nic says and does not know that it is a lie basically. When Nic, on the other hand, asked about her life story, the situation had broken their mood as Nic received an urgent call from someone so he left the place, and at the same time, Katie gets invisible too.

A couple days later, Katie was on her way home after having a birthday dinner with her family (daughter and mother), Nic calls her mobile and asked her if she is interested in having dinner with him. Unfortunately, she refuses and hangs up the phone. A few seconds later, when Katie was in the shower and left her phone – in – charge, Nic calls her again but this time, her mother, Shanthy picks up the call and speaks to Nic. He tones like Ville Valo and singing an apology song for Katie without knowing that he was actually singing to Shanthy, Katie's mother. Katie's mother immediately answers that her daughter is showering and asks him to call back in a few minutes time. Nic with an embarrassed tone hanged up the call by just saying a word "oh, okay thank you". An apology text was sent to Katie for what Nic has done.


*Nic was supposed to have an informal date with Katie but he did not turn up since he had a sudden photography shoot in his studio. So in that case, he unable to call Katie to inform her about his cancellation and made her wait for so long. In spite of this, Katie was so in mad with Nicholas for his inadequate behaviour. 

On the next day, at the same coffee house, Nic saw Katie and came closer towards her and apologise again for what he has done. Katie without saying a word has just left the place but, Nic follows her behind and keeps apologising to her. He lastly pointed out loudly that he did not know that it was her mother whom he sang in the mobile last night.

Katie: What do you mean by that? (in confusion)
Nic: Ya, I called you last night to apologise and request you for a dinner but I did not know that it was your mother that I was speaking to. (sounds slow and embarrassed)
Katie: You spoke to my mother and what you mean by "sung"? 
Nic: Hmmm....fine! Instead of singing to you I accidentally sang to your mother. Okay? (sounds wrathful)
Katie: (laughs) What? OMG! Why would you do that?
Nic: (shamelessly and excitedly) Dinner then?
Katie: (a little silent and angrily) No!What you did, was actually unapologetic...you made me wait so long and did not even have the courtesy to return call me and inform. An unforgettable moment on my birthday day. (whisper)
Nic: (curious) What..what...what...what did you just say?
Katie: (refused) Nothing!
Nic: Hye cmon tell me what is it, please for god sake!
Katie: Fine...it was my birthday yesterday...enough!! (anger)
Nic: (French) Comment pourrais-je faire cela? (English: How could I do this?) 
Nic: (continue) okay!okay! Dinner tonight....please (begging). This time I'll be on time. I PROMISE!
Katie: No...I can't. I'm sorry...I've...!!
Nic: (interrupted) C'mon please don't say no...I have a surprise for you...just say yes.
Katie: (a deep breath) okay, make sure you be on time...PROMISE!
Nic: (confidently) Definitely! Dinner at 8 pm today... Le Reminet... see you there (slow run and sweet tone)
Katie: (smile)

A few hours later, a French shopkeeper came with a box and asks if she is Katie, speaking in French. Katie, who was lecturing in the classroom responses "oui" (yes) immediately and asks the purpose he came for (in French). The man just hands over the box to Katie and says that "ce est à partir de Nic" (English: "it's from Nic"). Katie without asking more, she expresses her gratitude and the man leaves. The bell rang and all the students left except for Katie as she still stays in the classroom and keeping all her stuff. Later, when she goes into her office, she opens the box that Nic gifted. And yet, she opens that before there was a small greeting note attached and Katie reads it and smiles after. A very spectacular poem was written into it:

Lonely without you
Woke up today
With your name on my lips
Went on my way
You were in all my steps…Saw a movie and it made me cry
If only I could tell you why
But there are no words for this loneliness
Because it is you I miss.
Love, Nic

Then, she opens the cover of the box and sees that another note is written "wear me" on the red dress that Nic gifted her lovably. She later calls Nic but, the line was in – busy. Katie then takes all her belongings along with the gifted dress and leaves her room. After reaching home, she saw Christy coming excitedly towards her and asking if she can bring her somewhere. Katie is shocked and unable to tell her daughter about her date with Nic. She indirectly tells Christy of bringing her in some other time as she has work to do. But, Christy insisted and cries in order to bring her out. Katie keeps telling her that she would bring her on the weekend but not on the same day of Katie's date. Nic, on the other hand, calls her back and this was noticed by Katie's mother when her mobile, as well as the box that Nic gifted, fell on the floor. From that moment, she'd cleared all her doubts ever since she sees the changes in Katie's behaviour for the past one month. She with a smile in herself, and therefore was so optimistic that The Lord is about in fulfilling her prays. A few minutes later, Katie's mother and her daughter came into her bedroom and asks her to carry on with her work. Katie in confused, questions Christy on the purpose she changed her mind. Christy replies politely and apologises for what she has done. Ergo, Katie hugs and kisses her forehead and promises her that she will spend time with her during the weekend. Christy happily says "okay" and runs to her bedroom. Katie's mother later asks if she wants to take dinner with them. Katie says "NO" and lies that she is going out with her friend, Blaire' but Shanthy, however, knows that her daughter is lying to her but, she does not say a word. She just nods her head, saying "Okay then" and left Katie's bedroom. Katie on the other side, thinking on the way she lies to her mother. She somehow feels guilty of telling lies to her own mother but, due to her attitude, she remains with her secret of going out with Nic.

Katie comes down with the gorgeous dress that Nic gifted. Her mother, Shanthy got amazed with her new look and happily tells her to have a great dinner. It was a meaningful message given by Katie's mother where she feels so happy that her Lord given her daughter back, means Katie has come back to normal as how she was initially. But, this wasn't understood by Katie and went to Christy's room straight. In there, she kisses on her daughter's forehead who sleeping in peace and left the house. 

Nic on the other side, wooing all those pretty girls while looking outside tensely if Katie comes or not. Nic was in a quick - freeze for a few seconds as he saw a prepossessing woman with floral red vintage swing midi dress reaching to the restaurant. Butterflies flew in the stomach and the heart beats faster, in contrast, Nic had fallen for Katie finally. As a result, this would be an unexpected moment for Nic until Katie would impress him from her real look and therefore, from this statement it clearly tell that this is how Katie might make Steven fell in 10 years back. Nic, however, did not show off his feeling but wants to make sure about Katie's background undoubtedly. 


The story then pursue where Nic helps Katie to pull the chair behind and lets her seat comfortably. The meal comes later with a red vain and the two couples had a wonderful dinner together (with a musical of violin in the background). This would be the most romantic moment that Katie should basically understand and nevertheless, she should realise that the given path as the road not taken, is the right way for her to move on with her life in peace. And now, the story tells on how "the train approached the main line".

One year had passed, and there wasn't any story happened between Nic and Katie. However, there is a new Nic arrived from Japan, completing his business-related survey and he happily called Katie and about to call her for another date ever since he intends to tell her the truth about himself. Unfortunately, Katie went on a vacation with her family to London for a week. So, Nic hereby needs to be patient for her arrival and hold the lovable gift with him for a week. Meanwhile, he continues with his hobby while waiting for his beloved.

Here comes the evil, Nic's unlike ex-girlfriend, Camille Fitz @ Cam who works similarly with Nic as a photographer in Nic's studio as well as they were together for almost two years. And later, Nic broke up with her due to some inconvenienced circumstances. A week over and here comes the heroine, whom re-enter to the office and went to her room. In there, there was a leftover voice message and pressed by Katie. It is from Nic who leaves a message:

Hye there, good to see you. Aumm....free tonight? I've to tell you something important. Call me when you get this message..! 

Katie calls Nic on the next minute whereas Nic about to answer it, but Camille answers them instead. 

Without knowing that it wasn't Nic that Katie was speaking to, she tells that "someone misses me, I guess" (an unexpected attitude of Katie to be sweet all of a sudden) but, before she further continues, Camille had interrupted and tells that Nic is kinda busy in which he was ordering meals as he was dating with Camille. Katie shockingly apologises to her and hang up the call immediately. Later, when Nic came to his seat, Camille in jealous snoops he is with someone. As usual, Nic lies by saying "no" to her. 

In mind: Something strange is going on with Nic. I can see some changes in him but, this would no longer stay and I know you're not telling me the truth. I'll soon find out who is this person and will not let her be with you anymore as "Tu es à moi" (English: You're mine). 

On the next day evening, Nic was preparing dinner for Katie as he invited her to his apartment and later, he went for shower meanwhile Camille purposely comes to his apartment and saw the prepared meal on the dining and also she saw a bouquet of red roses beside the vain bottle. She took it and sat in the living room, and waits for Nic thus, she was totally incurious to know the reason and the person behind Nic's recent changes. Nic, came out wearing a checked – box shirt with a short and in a state of shock looking at Camille's sudden mien. 

Camille: Surprise!
Nic: (frighten) Shit! What the hell are you doing here? And why are you holding the bouquet?
Camille: (busybody) Who's this for?
Nic: (in mad) That's none of your business. Gimme that now!
Camille: Answer me first. Are you with someone?
Nic: (sounds temper) Give the bloody thing now, and get the hell out from here...NOW!! (the door left opened)

Camille says that she will not leave till Nic tells her the truth and she straight went to his room throwing the bouquet. Nic follows her and asks her the reason she came for. While they both quarrelling in Nic's bedroom, Katie with her daughter, Christy, on the other hand, came to his apartment. Katie shouted if there is anyone at home but none of the responses she receives across. So, she brings her daughter in and let her stay in the corner (still at the main door) and keep saying "HELLO". She before sees the thrown bouquet on the floor and hands it to Christy to hold. As soon, she was about to reach Nic's bedroom, Nic and Camille came out and sees Katie surprisingly. 

Katie: Oh, I'm sorry! I was just....
Camille: So, you're the person!
Nic: No, just ignore whatever she says. You just come!

Nic saw a small girl standing at the corner, the place that Katie asked to with the bouquet. Nic asks the girl to Katie. 

Katie replies: Oh, that's my daughter, Christy.

Nic was in an extreme consternation feeling and remain silent for a second. He was completely speechless after getting to know about the revelation of Katie's personal life. He then asks her if she is married and Katie replies "yes" to him. Camille interrupted and asks Nic if he might/not know about this earlier. Nic did not respond anything and keeps quiet. Camille on the other side query Katie if she knows who Nic is basically. Katie manifested that she knows about Nic's background and expressed them as well. She tells all the story that Nic tells her when the time they were together. Camille laughs and tells Katie that he has shown his real blood.

Katie: What do you mean?
Camille: He is the Managing Director of the University of Paris and the son of Dr Edgard Anderson. And yes, his profession was as a photographer but he is no longer doing that anymore. And I am his girlfriend (in proud).
Nic: Ex-girlfriend!Well....
Katie: Is all these true, Nic? Means you lied to me?
Nic: Yes... but you didn't tell me that you were married and have a child. Why didn't you tell me this before?
Katie: I thought you knew about it.
Nic: No, I didn't. How would I know if you didn't tell me?
Katie: I do, Nic. And I came to Christy the other day when you met me at the coffeehouse. I thought you saw us there. 
Nic: But... (thinking about the incident happened)
Nic: ***
Camille: You see, she told you but you lied to her instead. Then, how could you expect that she will accept your love?
Katie: Excuse me...!
Camille: Nic in love with you, darling. 


Katie looked at Nic and asks again if Camille is telling the truth and Nic replies "yes" to her. Without saying a word, Katie immediately left the place along with her daughter, Christy. Before Camille could say something else, Nic angrily asks her to get off from his apartment. And he runs behind Katie and asking her to wait. Katie ignores and continues walking towards her car and drive straight. Nic still follows her till to her home and when she gets down from her car, Nic asks her to listen to the truth he tells. Katie insisted to not listened to him and bring Christy inside the house. But, Nic still wants her to listen and at the same time asking her to tell the rest of her story. 

Katie's mother: I'll tell you the story instead!! (encourage him inside the house)

Katie turns behind and asks her mother to keep quiet and get into the house. But, Katie's mother did not listen to her and tells the overall story about Katie to Nic. 

Katie's mother: 10 years ago, a guy named, Steven fell in love with Katie and they got married secretly. But, he's no more.(in a deep breath) He's dead!
Nic: What??? (shockingly looking at Steven's photo that been kept on the console table) Are you Steve's wife? Means he was in love with you.
Katie: (In confused)
Nic: I'm.....sorry! I've to go.
Katie: Nic, wait!!

Nic gets into his car without saying a word. He was totally in upset upon Steve's sudden dead news as well as disappointed with his hidden love story. Steven and Nic are basically good friends during their studies. They used to hang around together and share stories among each other but, when Nic got to know that Katie was the girl he falls for, but hid this matter from Nic, he could not able to accept the consequence. 

The story then continues where Nic was in a bar, taking alcohol lonely. He meanwhile thinks about the memories of Steve during their senior life in college.

Katie keeps calling to Nic's mobile for the whole night but, he did not either return call her nor answered. On the next day, Katie went to his apartment where the place that the truth revealed while Nic opens the entrance door and sees Katie stood outside with a formal transparent striped shirt and a black skirt with covered heels. 

Katie: H....Hi! Listen...I've talked to you.
Nic: Come on in. Have a seat, I'll be right back.

Nic goes into his room and changes his attire and puts his laptop in "sleep mode". He then comes to the living and asks Katie if she wants anything to drink. 

Katie: No, thanks.
Nic: (in cool) So, what's up..!
Katie: Hmmm...well...I need to ask and tell you something.
Nic: (interrupt) No...you don't have to tell anything. It's my fault. Just....leave it.
Katie: No, I have to. You can't just leave like this. We need to talk...I've to talk especially.
Nic: About what? 
Katie: About you...about us!
Nic: (remain silent and leans on the sofa while having a deep breath)
Katie: We basically had a misunderstanding. Hence, you lied to me. If you would tell me the truth earlier, all this wouldn't have happened. But, now it's still not late. You've to change your mind, Nic.
Nic: What do you mean by "changing my mind".
Katie: I'm married, Nic. And I have a child. Thus, I'm a widow now. You have a long way to go. I'm sorry.
Nic: Why didn't you tell me all this earlier instead. Fine...it's totally my mistake for lying to you and I'm sorry about that. But...you've changed me, Kat. I wasn't like this before. Whenever I'm with you, I feel comfortable. During this one year, many things happened in my life. And...and...I missed you a lot actually. Since then, I realised that I've fallen for you. And you know what....one sec!

Nic brought the gift that he bought in Japan and handover it to Katie. Katie opens and saw it. It was a diamond locket necklace.

Katie: I've to go!
Nic: I'm in love with you, Kat!

Katie who was in front of the door, thinking whether/not to leave, inevitably hears the word that Nic tells behind. Then, Nic comes closer in the meantime he continues telling her:

Nic: I don't care about your past. But, I just wanna spend the rest of my life with you happily, Kat. 

Nic comes closer towards Katie whom still at the front door of Nic's apartment. He holds her arm softly from behind and turns her in order for her to face him. 

Nic: I'm sorry. Don't go.

His hand (fingers) touches Katie's neck and her soft cheek. His lips, on the other hand, slides her lips in light. Katie whereby awaits her first kiss from Nic. And it happened as they both had a kiss thoroughly. 

Katie then pushes Nic, opens the door and runs from Nic's apartment without answering him anything. Nic shouted with her name but, Katie did not wait for even a second and left the place immediately. After reaching home, Shanthy, Katie's mother saw Katie going into her room while bringing the gift that Nic gave. She knocks her room door and goes inside. Katie's mother takes the gift from Katie's bed and asks her "he qui s'est passé?"(English: "What happened?") in calm.

Katie: Rien!Laisse-moi tranquille pendant une minute. (English: Nothing! Just leave me alone for a  minute).
Katie's mum: I'm your mother...you can't hide from me.

Katie woke up from her bed and tells her mother about Nic's proposal. 

Katie's mum: Are you in love with him as well?

Katie remains silent for a minute and lies that she is not in love with him, but she primarily has a great fondness for Nicholas too. However, her widow looks as well as when she thinks about her daughter, Christy, her heart does not allow her to tell him about her feeling. So, she just keeps quiet without telling Nic the truth as she feels guilty if she would ruin Nic's life. 

Katie's mum: (apoplectic) Don't you ever lie to me, Katie. I knew earlier that something is not right. Ever since Nic wasn't here, you seem to behave differently. Perhaps, since Nic came into your life, you're different. Didn't you realise that...?? I watched you now and then, Kat. A mother can know every single thing about her daughter neither it's good nor the bad ones. After Steve's dead, you were alone and you just live for your family and now, why don't you live for yourself. 
Katie: (endure)What are you saying, mum? I can't live with Nic. He's different.
Katie's mum: Different in which way...? Tell me! 
Katie: (endure)You know what I mean.
Katie's mum: Time changes, people change, Katie. You don't seem to understand about this world. Moreover, this is not Malaysia...this is Paris. You knew very well about their culture. There's nothing that you've to feel guilt about. Nic is a very nice guy. Besides, I believe that he could take good care of you and Christina. It is okay if you don't need a husband but, Christina needs a father. Other than that, I want my daughter to move on with her life peacefully.

Katie keeps quiet a while and therefore, Katie's mother left her bedroom after saying the final sentence as follows, "This is your life, Katie....Never lose this guy since Jesus has pointed something meaningfully to you". 
A couple days later, Katie saw Nic at their usual coffee house. She waves at him and goes nearer.

Katie: Hye....!
Nic: Hye....!
Katie: Can we talk? Ya.....????

Nic was actually waiting for his uncle, Ellie Peterson in order to discuss something about his new project. So, in that case, Katie left the place once seeing Peterson coming over. Katie gives a smile towards Nic and she leaves the place bringing her coffee along. This shows that there might/not be a story behind her 'smile'. To such extent, "let us not be content to wait and see".
  (Chapter 2)

Nic came to Katie's house for the celebration of Christy's seventh birthday. As soon he comes, Christy hugs and kisses him on his cheek and Nic gave her a lovable teddy - bear as her birthday gift. He then went upstairs to Katie's bedroom. Katie who was getting ready for the party saw Nic coming inside. He romantically hugs and kisses Katie on her cheek, praising on her beauty. He then wears her a white pearl necklace on her neck interrogates if she likes it or not. Katie feels so grateful for the gift. 

Katie: You never fail to astonish me.
Nic: (laughs)

And they both had a lovey-dovey French kiss. Katie's mother came into the opened Katie's room and saw the romance scene of the couple. They soon realise that Shanthy's (Katie's mother) came in, therefore Nic felt shy and went downstairs. However, when all's said and done, this would as the result of the most stunning birthday party that Christy ever had with her new and adorable family. From this moment forth, Christina's will be initialized as Christina Darryl Nicholas after all Nic is soon going to be her father.

Quarter months had passed, and here comes another enchanting story of the re-entry of Camille Fitz into Nic's and Kat's live again. She calls Nic whereby Nic was dating with Katie in their usual coffee house. Camille spotted them at the coffee house, and so she went there without Nic's knowledge. Nic was astonished by Camille's sudden appearance.

Nic: Cam.....hye!What are you doing here?
Camille: You know why I'm here for, Nic. And what is she doing here?
Katie: I think I should go. I'll see you then. Excuse me!
Camille: Au revoir......Je la déteste (English: Bye...I hate her)
Nic: What did you just said?
Camille: Why is she still with you? 
Nic: I'm in love with her, Cam.
Camille: What about me? I love you too, Nic.
Nic: We're finished. You know that.
Camille: You said you'll marry me and you promised, remember.
Nic: Yes but no later was my mother, not me. She liked you but I don't.
Camille: You gonna pay for this, Nic. I mean it! Juste attendee et voir (English: Just wait and see).

The way that Camille expressed had totally scared Nic. A lot of thoughts run through his mind on things that Camille about to do after Katie. Nevertheless, days have passed and Nic no longer thinking about what Camille said. Despite, it was Nic 29th birthday and the most interesting part is that Katie is with him for the celebration. So, according to Nic, it might be the first birthday to celebrate, especially with his loved ones as Katie is really so special in his life.

The story later continues where Katie after finishing her work, goes to a jewellery store in order to get him a sweet and amorous ring and at the meantime, she called Nic and asked if he is free or not. 

After answering Katie's call:

Katie: Hye....free tonight?
Nic: (jokes) Nope...I'm having a date with someone.
Katie: Hmmm...who?
Nic: (singing romantically) Someone that breaks my heart. 
Katie: Seine...tonight! I'll fetch you.
Nic: Bien, bébé (English: Alright, baby)

Katie went to her house after purchasing Nic's birthday gift. Hence, she also assigns a surprise date for Nic without his knowledge so this might sound different as a girl persuading a date for her beloved. An hour later, Nic comes to Katie's house and parked his Audi car in her house compound while waiting for his darling and therefore, Katie comes out from the entrance door. She is the all-time young and gorgeous lady look, where she wears a soiree dress. This time, Katie is the driver for Nic, bringing him to the place she assigned. Even though Nic is so excited being with Katie but, his bemused expression shows off on where Katie is exactly bringing him to. Unfortunately, Katie did not mention anything about the destination to Nic so it is a puzzling moment for Nic to know the place they are going. And somehow, they've reached, Nic was like a bolt from the blue after seeing the place that Katie brought. This could be the most endearing date for Nic. The violin plays in the background and the two lovebirds had a wonderful candlelight dinner together with laughs and romantic dance. Apart from this, its' proven that Katie predominantly so deep in love with Nic. 

The story goes on with Nic and Katie where Katie followed Nic to his apartment. 

Nic: Oh ...Je suis totalement rassasié! (English: Oh...I'm totally in full)

At this spot, the ring that Katie bought appeared in which will be another surprise for Nic.

Katie: Nic....
Nic: (turns) 
Katie: This is for you. 

The gift that Katie gifted seems as dear as it is specially created for Nic. It actually tells a poem, with the voice of Katie herself that related about Nic's appearance into her life. Nic was totally speechless for the thing that Katie was done. 

Katie: Do you like it?
Nic: I've..... no idea what else to say. This is...(speechless with a mile laugh) it's marvellous and...and I totally love it... and I love you so very much, Kat.
Katie: (with a lovable smile) I LOVE YOU TOO!

They looked each other for a moment and of course, as what will happen between couples, that's what happened to Nic and Katie. Their hug and kisses went all the way to the deepest till to the bed. Nic rolls over his tongue onto Katie's tongue while Katie unbuttons Nic's shirt.

It's the next day morning. Katie woke up and noticed that Nic was not beside her. She kept searching for him and lastly saw a memo pinned on the refrigerator in the kitchen.

I feel it, I feel you, as I crest on high. Only you can take me, on this incredible ride.
Will be back soon. 
Love, Nic.

She then telephoned her mother, Shanthy and asks if Christina is fine. When its' over and done with tête - à – tête between mother – and – daughter, Katie makes one's way to Nic's studio in which filled with an abundance of photos. In there, she saw many different photo shoots and therefore, her intuitive understanding of an exclusive, candid picture by the lensman Darryl Nicholas. Thus, she was so much admired with every single snapshot of the pictures taken. 

Nic comes home and they both kissed each other. When Katie is all her way home, she gives her one last deep kiss to Nic after getting her marriage proposal. Though they lived happily, never last long. 

In the present time, four years went by, Nic and his daughter, Christina placing flowers on the grave of Katies' where she was buried in the graveyard of Holy Innocents' Cemetery. Although Katie is no longer alive in this world, a shadow of her former self always is right in the heart of the city. Nic's mother brought Christy to the car along with Nic's two-year-old son (born from Nic and Katie gene) and a few clicks distances, a shadow appears front that only can be seen by Nic. It was Katie who gives a loving smile and waves at him. Perhaps, the spirit disappears and Nic with his family are happy and at peace refusing to think beyond the past and lives for the present. However, the intimacy between Nic and Katie remain forever and ever. 






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