Controlled World (Greed & Gluttony)

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I wrote this, in 2017. It's part of my 9th poem set, Destiny Decided.

Submitted: May 02, 2018

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Submitted: May 02, 2018



How can, we, humans, claim, to be, a loving, species, when, the majority, of, us, seem, fine, with, atrocities, occurring, on, a daily, basis?

How can, most, people, justify, that, greed, and gluttony, are worth, all, of, the suffering, and cruelty?

Some, people, don't, have, a mind, of, their, own, like, a puppet, so, all, they, do, is, talk, about, other, people's, lives, it's, pitiful, and pathetic.

Most, humans, are unimaginative, and uninteresting, many, of, them, don't, have, numerous, ideas, to inspire, others, or, represent, their, own, identity.

It's, enigmatic, to see, people, with, empathetic, experience, being enticed, by, envy.

Some, people, pretend, to be, your, friend, only, so, it can, benefit, them.

Some, people, don't, want, to think, for, themselves, and, become, gullible, they, live, their, entire, life, believing, lies, told.

Certain, truths, are too, much, for, some, to handle, so, they, comfort, themselves, with, lies, and, continually, find, ways, to criticize, other, people.

It is, astonishing, that, some, people, have, lived, for, so, long, and, have, learned, so, little.

It, just goes, to show, that, the brainwashing, is, still, powerful, and plentiful.

All, of, these, countries, don't, rightfully, belong to, any, group, in, particular.

The system, has, these, people, bound, by, fear, and hatred, instead of, compassion, and understanding.

The governments, want, them, to be, at, each, others, throats, that, way, they, won't, bring, down, this, corrupted, construct.

That, their, leaders, have, worked, so, hard to, integrate, and control.

I'm, wondering, how many, beings, are going to, keep, unnecessarily, dying, before, most, people, in, this, world, finally, wake, up.

It's, wise, to open, your, mind, before, your, ears, mouth, and eyes.

Sometimes, it's, those, who are, most real, that are, least recognized.

When someone, that, has felt, unwanted, starts to, feel accepted, they will, usually, do, more, than, expected.

There's, a difference, between, being scared, and, being aware.

I want, to dismiss, all, of, these, corrupted, systems, in, this, controlled, world, where, thoughts, are bombs, and, feelings, are parasites.

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