life is a gamble

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life is a gamble.

Submitted: May 02, 2018

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Submitted: May 02, 2018



In order to play the National Lottery, you need to have a Lotto bet slip. The Lotto slip consists of numbers 1 to 52. In order to place a bet, one needs to select five numbers and then select a bonus ball. You also get to select whether you want to play the single Lotto for R5.00. To increase your chances of winning you can play the Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 with an additional R2.50 for each bet. However, in order to bet the Lotto Plus 2 you need to bet the lotto Plus 1. Thereafter, you have to take your bet slip to a teller to make a payment of your bet. You will then get a receipt with all the numbers that you bet. Furthermore, you will have to write your name at the back of the receipt and ensure that you retain the receipt until you receive the results of the Lotto Draw, to see whether you have won.

A lot of people place bets every week, twice a week even and very few win. Those who win the draw, win either by a stroke of luck or because they have been persistent. That is how we should view life.

It is interesting how the numbers on the Lotto bet slip range from 1 to 52 because it between ages 1 to 52 that we are granted the opportunity to make something out of our lives. Within the same years we are also given enough room to make mistakes, learn from them and ultimately make the right choices.

We also need to select the bonus ball when playing the Lotto. When you have the bonus ball, you will get more money than just having three ordinary numbers. The irony of it all is that we all need to select a bonus ball and in life, our bonus ball is our faith.  There is no substitute for faith. Only ignorant people can approach life without faith. You need to have faith in all that you do in order to increase the chances of your dreams becoming a reality.  The other “five numbers” can represent your traits, the friends you keep, your goals, your approach to life and your responsibilities...And you have to choose them well. On top of all this, it is your faith that will guarantee that you get somewhere in life.

It is up to us to choose whether we want to bet the single Lotto of R5.00 or place higher bets. Bear in mind that everyone can bet the single Lotto. So in order to be different, we have to break free from normality because there is nothing special about being normal. If we want greater things in life, our mindsets need to shift. Let us bet the Lotto Plus 1 in our lives so we can increase our chances of winning in this life…Let’s dream bigger and try to approach life from a different perspective. If we can get to the point of betting the Lotto Plus 1 then we can also play the Lotto plus 2 which gives us an even greater pool of winning. So if we want to prosper in life, we shouldn’t be afraid of increasing our bets which represent hard work and determination.

Life is a gamble. It comes with no manual. We can try reading the Bible or the Quran but they are also very subjective. However, when all is said and done, we are the ones responsible for the outcome of our lives. We are all confronted with challenges in life…sometimes every day. More so, we need to choose how we react to those challenges. Our reactions are influenced by how we were raised and how we choose to allow situations to influence who we are. This explains why when some people are faced with challenges they either, fight back or give up…and we all know what happens to those who give up.

In order to survive in this world, we need to have strong hearts for this world is not for the faint hearted. The keyword is “strong” because we need to be strong minded and strong willed and know what we want as young as possible.  Let us not waste our lives by chasing dead air. Let us stop giving up because once we learn to give up on one thing it becomes easy for us to give up on everything else. Challenges are not there to break us, they are there to measure our growth.

Let us approach life like the national lottery ticket. Let’s choose our bets, place our bets and make sure that even if we don’t win that one time that next time we will try again because like the national lottery in life we can place as many bets as we want. Because life is continuous, we should also make continuation a part of who we are. Our life’s story can only be declared over by death. And even at that, we should make it a point that by the time our lives are over that future generations will still narrate our stories.

And remember “Tata Ma Chance, Tata Ma Millions’!

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