Simon & Shaun vs the Zombies

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[BL/Shonen-Ai MxM One Shots] Former best friends discover how they truly feel for each other during the Zombie Apocalypse. *Contains Mature Language: 18+

*Disclaimer: I do not own any of the images in my story.

Submitted: May 02, 2018

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Submitted: May 02, 2018



Three Days Earlier

“Doctor, there’s been a containment breach and we believe that two of our test subjects have escaped. Earlier last week, we placed tracking devices on them, just in case a situation like this arose.”

“You did well, but isn’t the Snowfalls Ski Resort located right next to us?”
“Yes, Doctor!”
“Quick, notify the CDC, I think we have a very serious situation on our hands. All it takes is one bite before countless people are infected. We need to move quickly before it‘s too late…"
”Yes, Doctor, I’ll contact them right away!”
Three Days Later
Simon's POV
“Aw, dude Christmas break is finally here, no cramming for college exams and no classes, just some good old R&R I can’t wait to hit those slopes tomorrow. Oh, by the way did you bring the beer Jay?”
“Of course Simon, whaddya think, I’m an idiot or something? Wait, don’t answer that! By the way, did you hear, Shaun is working at the Snowfalls Resort? Oh, and I heard he has a girlfriend now."
“Is that so? That asshole!”
The asshole Shaun he is referring to is my rival, but that wasn‘t always the case because you see at one time, were inseparable. We were best friends since before we were even born, but due to a misunderstanding, that all changed.
See, our feud began back in High School, there was this new girl that just transferred to our school. Shaun began hanging out with her and in the process, ignored me. I became insanely jealous and in order to get back at him, I tried hitting on her too. He found out and a nasty argument ensued, after that, we stopped hanging around with each other for the rest of High School.
It hurt me bad that he would choose some girl over me because you see, I’ve been secretly in love with Shaun since forever. So to see him with someone else kills me. I would often watch him from afar and I would go as far as wearing a disguise so I could watch him during his track meets. Hell, I would even stalk him on social media, I know, I know I’m such a creeper, but love makes you do crazy things I tell you…
Shaun's POV
“Hey Shaun, over here!”
“What’s up, Brand?
“Did you hear, Simons, throwing a party at Snowfalls Resort?
“That fucker!”
So that fucker Simon, my rival is throwing a party at the very place I work at and my dad owns? That bastard! The truth is, our feud began way back in High School when he tried to steal my then girlfriend away from me. She just transferred to our school and so I decided to talk to her, after witnessing Simon hugging some other guy in the locker room. This infuriated me because I was in love with him and, I still am.
Anyway Soon after, we began competing with each other from how many girls we could score to who had the better car, this carried on all the way to college. But secretly, I kept tabs on him and knew he was throwing a Christmas party at Snowfalls Resort. I think this time, I’m going to finally tell him how I feel…
Simon's POV
“Simon, we ran out of beer.”
“Okay, I’ll go get some from the car.”
“Need any help?”
“It’s okay, just keep an eye out for everyone and Jay, make sure nobody gets out of hand…”
“Yes, sir!”
Damn, it’s cold out here. The weather report said we’re expecting six inches of snow by morning, good thing I brought tons of food and beer otherwise we’d be screwed! Shit, it’s dark out here! Let me us my phone, otherwise, I won’t be able to find my car.
“Uuuhhh… Uuuhhh…”
“Who’s there?”
“Uuuhhh… Uuuhhh…”
Shit, I see someone near my car, let me find my keys… Shit, I left them in the room! What am I gonna do?
Shaun's POV
“Brand, I’m going out for a smoke.”
“What about Jen, she’s been asking for you, what should I tell her?”
“I don’t know dude, make something up!”
The girl Brand is referring to is my girlfriend of two months and I met her in class. One night we had sex and somehow we’re dating now. Although I don’t love her I decided to bring her to work with me to show her off in front of Simon, I know it's not cool to use someone but I can't help myself. When it comes to Simon I do crazy things, like this one time he got really drunk at this party. Everybody else was too drunk to care and since I just arrived, I was still pretty sober. I drove him home and then carried him up to his apartment, I lay there for several hours holding him, until he passed out. Eventually, I left, but not before kissing him on the lips. Anyway, I lied to Brand, I just wanted an excuse to see Simon.
“Who are you and what the fuck do you want?”
Wait, that voice sounds familiar, shit that’s Simon and who’s that guy next to his car? Whoever it is must works here because he’s wearing a uniform from this ski resort but I don't recognize him.
“Don’t come any closer, or I‘ll kick your ass! What’s your name, tell me your name so I can report you to your manager!”
“Uuuhhh… Uuuhhh…”
Wait, Simon sounds distressed and there are more people surrounding his car and they‘re walking funny. What the hell is going on?! I have to go help him…
Simon's POV
 There are even more crazy people now, what the hell do they want?
“Uuuhhh… Uuuhhh…”
Why aren't they answering me and why are they walking funny? I might be able to outrun them it seems like they’re walking pretty slow. I have to think of a way to escape and quick! Okay, I see an opening, nows my chance. I was on my high school track team, so I’m a pretty fast runner, I can do this! Okay, here goes…
“Bye, you crazy bastards!”
A Few Minutes Later
Phew, I made it! Now let me catch my breath.
“Uuuhhh… Uuuhhh…”
Oh my god, this can’t be happening I was certain the coast was clear…
What was that, there’s somebody behind me. Crap, crap, crap!
“What the… Shaun?!”
Shaun and I are together at last and finally, after all these years we kiss passionately and held each other tight not wanting to let each other go.
Simon's POV
“I never thought I’d be kissed by you, Shaun.”
“Me too, I love you, Simon.”
“Huh, did I hear you correctly did you just say you love me?”
Yes, I did!”
After hearing Shaun telling me he loved me, I wrapped my arms around him and held him tight.
“You don’t know how long I waited to hear those three words from you, I love you so much, Shaun!”
Shaun's POV
 “Shaun, what the hell is going on here? It looks like all the employees are going crazy!”
“I don’t know, but it seems to be a virus. If you look at them closely some of their flesh seems to be falling off.”
“We need to go warn the others.”
“Yeah, I know…”
Simon was right, we needed to warn our friends, and I’m hoping it’s not too late…
Meanwhile At Simon's Party
I wonder what’s taking Simon so long? We’re out of beer now maybe I should go look for him.
“Hey Jay, there’s no beer!”
Knock, knock, knock.
“Simon, is that you?”
“Uuuhhh… Uuuhhh”
Shaun's POV
“Oh my god, I think we’re too late Shaun!”
“I’m sorry Simon, but we need to get out of here!”
“I know.”
I need to get Simon to safety. It’s way too dangerous to go back to the cars and besides, we’re expected to get six inches of snow by morning so that’s out of the question. We need to try to reach the shed, where the snowmobiles are kept and I think, I know a way to get there without being seen.
Simon's POV
“Shaun, look out!”
“Uuuhhh,… Uuuhhh…”
“Jay, is that you?”
“He’s not Jay anymore, I’m sorry Simon.”
“I can’t believe it, not even forty minutes ago he was drinking and having a good time…”
“I’m sorry Simon but we need to go now!”
“I know.”
Shaun's POV
“Simon, we need to get to the snowmobiles.”
“I know a shortcut, but I need for you to grab my hand and not let go, okay promise me?”
“I promise I won’t let go.”
“Okay, but before we go, we need to grab some grab some weapons….”
Simon's POV
Oh my god, Shaun and I are holding hands! I’m the happiest man alive right now and despite the current situation we’re in, I know everything’s going to be alright because Shaun is here.
“Hold me, Shaun.”
“I will...”
Shaun's POV
“I didn’t love her.”
“My girlfriend from High School, I wasn’t in love with her I was using her to get back at you.”
“Get back at me, but why?!”
“Because one day, I saw you hugging another guy in the locker room and I got jealous.”
“Hugging a guy in the locker room? Oh! That was Zack and it was his last day, so we hugged each other but nothing else happened. Remember he had a girlfriend?”
 “Aw, so that’s what it was? All this time, I thought… So, nothing happened then?”
“I love you!” I grabbed Simon by the waist and kissed him and I told myself if we manage to make it out alive that I’ll ask him on a date.
“We better get going now, Simon.”
“Yeah, let's go.”
Simon's POV
Shaun and I held hands while we made our way to the shed, he was warm and smelled so good.
“Simon, we’re here!”
But before we could breathe a sigh of relief, we ran into some more danger.
“Watch out Shaun!”
It was Brand, Shaun’s friend from work and he didn’t look good.
“Quick Simon, run into the shed and find the keys to the snowmobiles…”
“I’m not leaving without you, Shaun!”
“Hurry, you don’t have much time left! I’ll take care of this so hurry!”
“Sigh, okay but promise me you’ll be behind me?”
“I promise, now hurry!”
I kissed Shaun and then I ran for the shed.
Shaun's POV
With Simon safely in the shed, I had to confront Brand.
“Brand, it’s me, Shaun.”
“What’s wrong with you?”
“Don’t come any closer, or I’ll have to hurt you and I really don’t want to Brand, So please, stay away from me!”
Shit, this is bad Brand doesn’t seem to recognize me. I don’t want to hurt him but if he attacks me I don’t know what I’ll do…
“Brand, stay back!”
A Few Minutes Later
“Shaun, jump on!”
Three Hours Later
“Look, Doctor, over there!
“I see, they must have come from the resort. Quick, stop them and place them in quarantine. We need to make sure this doesn’t spread any further…”
“Doctor, I think we’re too late! I tracked one of the test subjects and they’re heading for SnowFalls.”
“We better hurry then!”
Or, maybe not.

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