music of love

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to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world!

Submitted: May 02, 2018

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Submitted: May 02, 2018



Music of the Heart

No matter what happens, some memories can never be replaced.

I opened the big, brown door which was covered in an elegant pattern, just like all the other doors in the school. I woke up to a sound like the soft chirping of birds, the pitter-patter of sensuous rain on the windowsill, the rustling of yellow leaves on a beautiful autumn morning. In search of this melody that was a feast to my ears, I thought I could do anything. When I stepped into the room, my nose was bombarded with the smell of roses. Thick teardrops dripped down my cheeks and landed slowly onto the white tiles on the ground. I felt as if my emotions were no longer in my control, as if I was going to die but this sweet, yet violent chime was the only thing keeping me alive.


We had been invited to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the company my father had wasted his blood, sweat and tears working for. The odd thing was that the function was going to be held at a high school. After we arrived at our destination, I looked around the school and it was huge! It was as big as three super bowl arenas. My family and I walked to the banquet hall and while we walked, I sighted exquisite gardens of some beautiful flowers including vibrantly bright coloured roses, fragile looking tulips and many other alluring flowers, some magnificent paintings of strange yet amazing things like magical creatures and a big clock tower which reminded me of the Big Ben in London.


We were in the hall and the function began with the President of the company giving a long speech, his tone of voice was that of a robot. I looked around and saw many people who seemed to be from rich and wealthy families. They wore clothes from many famous brands, those clothes were one of the many things I would wish for. The jewellery they wore: carats and carats of gold and diamond were mere accessories for these people. They looked with disgust at those people who were ‘beneath’ them and wouldn’t dare to make any sort of contact with them, as if they were wild animals. I was part of this wild animal group and I hated the nasty look in their eyes. The smell of chicken drifted across the room and made me quite hungry.

Time seemed to be slowing down. Everyone was on their phone or they refrained from any sort of verbal communication. I felt as if I was going to perish, so I decided to leave and explore the massive school instead. As I was making my way to the exit, I heard a loud noise that sounded like a slap. I turned around and saw a boy on the ground, he had pale-blonde hair, broad shoulders and his hands were frailty, and the colour of them reminded me of snow. I couldn’t see his eyes as they were covered with his veiny hands. He looked vulnerable and the people around him seemed to be appalled. It seemed that his father had slapped him for some reason; when his father walked away the boy stood up and paused. He looked down in shame and glided down the marble steps like a slinking panther, but at the same time it was so graceful. Everyone stared at him intensely while he walked, so he kept his head down the whole time. At the door our shoulders brushed past each other.

I needed the buzz of the new, the thrill of the unknown, the seeking of new answers that push my limits. And this time it was a doozy, I tingled so bad I had to go for a long run just to tame it. It was just so exciting!

The school was stranger than I thought it would be. It was nothing like a local school, I couldn’t even believe it was a school! There were so many strange yet cool things I discovered. When you walked on the long concrete path, you would be able to see a building that looked exactly like a hotel. It wasn’t the decor of the building that was so exciting for me, it was just so clean to the point of sterility. When you walked into the rooms of this hotel-like building, they didn’t look like normal sized rooms, more like a guest suite in the Italian Palace (Royal Palace of Caserta). If you walked forward into the middle of the room, there was a desk, a thirty-six-inch tv with video and DVD, a sprawling leather sofa and on the other side of the room there was a terrace, which looked so modern. The bathroom had a power shower, there was also a bath big enough for a football team, and a Jacuzzi. Everything was made from marble including the tiles.

 Moving away from the building, if you kept walking along the path, you could smell the stench of chlorine coming from the Olympic sized pool in the school. Further along, you could smell hints of popcorn and sweet fairy-floss and heard ‘people’ talking. As you walked in, you could see the chairs were covered in a thick, red, velvety material and the big screen in front was so huge! As I was winding my back to the banquet hall, I was getting fascinated by everything that I lost my way. I was closest to the music rooms, so I decided to stay there until someone could find me. I sat down next to the large door of Music Room 3. That’s where it all began.


I woke up faster than a cat in ice-water, every sense of mine urging me to claw my way to standing. It seemed as if I fell asleep, but I had no idea where I was. I clearly remembered sitting next to the door of Music Room 3 but where was I now? Though my eyes were open I couldn’t think of why my heart was pounding; my mind empty. I realised I was covered in a light, white, fluffy blanket. Then I heard a strange sound. It wasn’t a sound but a melody. It seemed oddly familiar, yet I couldn’t recognise it at all.  I didn’t know where it was coming from, but it was loud and clear, and I felt the urge to find out where it was. It was as if it was calling out to me and saying come find me. I looked around and I saw a door that looked identical to all the other doors in the school. I figured this melody was coming from there. So, I made my way to the door.


I opened the big, brown door which was covered in an elegant pattern, just like all the other doors in the school. When I opened the door, my nose was bombarded with the smell of roses. Tears burst forth like water from a dam, spilling down my face. I couldn’t control my emotions at all for some reason. I felt the muscles of my chin tremble like a small child and I looked towards the window, as if the light from the sun’s rays could soothe me. I then finally realised where the melody was coming from. It was a grand structure modelled into the centre left of the room; all shiny and pitch black. And then the view of pure ivory keys march into view.  And the sound they create – oh the music they sing, stirs wonders into my soul. It is a beautiful structure that stands in the centre left of the room, in physic and purpose. Along the wood that lines each top of each top key, curling golden letters spell “Bösendorfer”, such a beautiful name and so elegant and expensive. Perfect, and graceful. One of a kind, the grand piano that sat at the centre left of the room.


It was as if I fell in love with the piano the first moment I sighted and heard it. It was truly a feeling no words could describe. Then my eyes fell upon the pianist - His fingers were limber and nimble, they danced across the keys, his head was bent towards the keys, hair falling past serenely shut eyes. The music stand lay empty; he read only the notes within his mind. Slowly, the music seemed to fill the room to the brim, then it spilled out through doors and windows and cracks in the walls, while at the source slender fingers danced sweetly on. I took a good look at the pianist just to see if I wasn’t mistaken and I was right. His hair, his shoulders and his skin colour where that of the slapped boy. He saw the shock register on my face before I could hide it. A small smile played on his lips, and then he spoke.

“There’s no need to be shy, my little princess.” And then he gave me a smile that just seemed so genuinely sweet with just the right touch of shyness.

I felt kind of disturbed out because he said, ‘my little princess’ and he didn’t seem so much older than me either. He looked around sixteen years of age whereas I was eleven. I quietly inferred he was a a weirdo and just when I thought about making a quick run for it he tapped the seat next to him on the leathery piano stool and kindly invited me to join him. My breathing was rapid and shallow, I could hear my pulse pounding in my temples. But I sat down next to him anyway because I wanted to hear him play the piano.


“Can you play?” he asked making direct eye contact with me for the first time. I finally got to see his full face including his eyes. It wasn't the colour of his eyes that were so breathtaking, as it was what was inside them. The icy blueness generated a feeling of frozen emotions. It was like all the myriad shades of blue swirled together to form a whirlpool of apprehension. His eyes sparkled like storm clouds right before lightning strikes. His dark brown eyelashes were thick as well as long almost as if he was wearing mascara, and a 90-degree angle.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” he asked confused.

I smiled slightly. “Because you are the most beautiful thing I know.” I said.

I didn’t know what I was talking about and then I realised what I had just said. The boy looked shocked and then he smiled and began to laugh.

“No, no I didn’t mean it like that.” I said trying to clear up the misunderstanding. “Don’t worry princess. I may be beautiful, but I am yours.” He replied looking at me again.

I felt really embarrassed and disgusted at the same time and wasn’t sure how to react. Then he began laughing even louder after he saw the expression on my face.


We introduced ourselves and the conversation began! I finally got to know his name, Tamaki Suoh. He  said he was Japanese from his father’s side and French from his mother’s side. I was kind of shocked because he looked no where near Japanese. I also introduced myself and said my name was Zaryab Baig and I was from Pakistan. We began talking about all sorts of things such as Donald Trump, animals, diseases, what we want to be in the future and much more. As we were talking, I was curious about why his father had hit him, but we were still strangers. I looked down and was having a dilemma. Should I ask him or not I thought.

He saw the confused look on my face and asked, “What’s wrong?”


I didn’t know what was wrong with me, but the words came out of my mouth themselves. Suddenly, the concerned look on his face was snatched away and replaced with a sorrowful look. I didn’t know what to do so I said,

 “I’m so sorry, I was just really curious, but there’s no need to share with me if you don’t want to.” I whispered.

 “No, it’s ok.” He said in a low tone of voice.

“Well it all begins when my father met my mother in France. They fell in love with each other and got married without my grandmother knowing. After two years, I was born and, in this time,, they still hid their relationship from my grandmother, but unfortunately one day she found out because she was in France for business purposes and she sighted both my father and mother in the hospital. She took my father back home in Japan and left my mother with nothing except me.”

He stopped for a while and began tearing.

“My mother and I barely made a living in France but when I turned eleven everything changed. My grandmother visited our small cosy house near the forests. She said she wanted to make a deal. She said that since I was the son of my father I was destined to become the heir of our own family company, Suoh Group. For me to become the successor I needed to leave France, and I would never be able to meet my mother again and in return I could have everything and anything if I followed my grandmother’s instructions. Those were her conditions, but she hated me, I know she did. She constantly called me illegitimate child after my father got married again in Japan with the woman of my grandmother’s choice. My mother said she couldn’t take care of me and she didn’t love me anymore. I was heartbroken at those words and then at that moment I was forced to come to Australia to run my family business. However, I am a trainee working here at the moment even though I am only eighteen years old. And the reason my father slapped me was because I said I wanted to meet my mother and hug her one last time, but he said I already had a mother. I said I only had one mother and she was in France. My grandmother seemed surprised to see that I knew the whereabouts of my mother. That’s when my father got angry and hit me.” His past seemed like one of those dramas you would see on tv about the rich heir of the company, but it was sorrowful. What really surprised me wasn’t his age or what his grandmother said, but how he was forced to leave his poor mother.

I patted him on the back. I never dealt with this type of a situation before, but I felt that I needed to comfort him and make him smile again.

 “Why don’t you play the piano, you seemed to be happy and it seemed as if you enjoyed playing it too.”

He looked at me again, this time his eyes seemed so innocent and pure. He then took my hand and pushed me against his chest. I felt his hands wrapped around my body, on the back of my spine and I could feel the warmth in them. My shoulders were wet because he began to cry even more.

“Thankyou.” His voice ‘cracked with emotion’.

He then lifted his head and began to wipe his tears. It was the first time I was ever hugged by a boy, but I didn’t know why it felt awfully nice. I let upon a sweet smile across my face and so did he. I then asked him to play me his favourite songs, and so he did. The notes relaxed me, enabling the song to call to my entire being. Music could never be something superfluous to me, it is medicine delivered in the most divine way. I asked him what the song was called, and he said, “The piece you are curious about is not one of Chopin’s Nocturnes. This is my own composition in Chopin style.” He said with a proud look on his face. The song was so elegant and sad that it almost expressed the unhappy background of Tamaki, and as long as he played it on the piano, I thought I was in heaven.


When I was with him, it’s as if space and time became the finest points imaginable, as if time collapsed into one tiny speck and exploded at the speed of light. I felt as if I could run forever, search forever, but in the end, every path lead right back to his heart and soul. At that moment, I knew I was in love.









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