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It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining, the cars are hooting loudly as usual rushing God knows where, birds tweeting gloriously in the air, yeah right! Mr Mashora is boring us with European History. And as for me, I sit next to the window staring at the long road outside hoping to find a source of interest in exchange of this daily torture. I mean, what does that got to do with me I don't live there plus hello! I'm Zimbabwean it's none of my business. Yeah my dad whom I've never seen lives there but still British Industrialization has got nothing to do with me. "Miss Nahum"! It's Mr Mashora I know what he's gonna say and it's my worst nightmare. I quickly shoot up, "sir", i barely manage a whisper and everyone is staring at me as if I've peed on myself. "Please give us a summary on todays' lesson", he says with a smile, a wicked smile. He knows I don't pay attention in class I'll just read it at home. What's the big deal. Plus who cares what happened in the past it's not like it's gonna change plus it's stale news. I already hate current news now I have to study what happened more than a century ago...seriously, give me a break! "Um...the summary.." I stammer Mr Mashora means to have my neck for sure I know it. "Yes Miss Nahum kindly remind the class of todays' lesson". His smile is very menacing. Lucky for me the siren goes instantly and I just smile looking at the bunch of girls packing their staff getting ready to leave. It's home time! I couldn't be more relieved. I just smile at Mashora. "Next time", he whispers in defeat. We've been doing this for the last four years and he's never won before and i know he won't. History is not my thing you know. Too many notes essays...just not my stuff. After my O'levels I'll enrol as a police officer.

Lizzy is here to fetch me. "How was History class"? She asks knowing my predicament with this particular subject. "Well let's just say I won again....narrowly". I reply with a smile packing my books inside my locker desk. "Here", she hands me her notes. "For you to pass it you have to have notes, atleast". I ignore her loosening my black curly hair. I cascades softly , on my back. Lizzy eyes me with a qestioning look.

The girls bathroom is full of girls refreshing themselves for their afternoon escapades, others raising their uniforms for their boyfriends. It's winter but the brown pleated uniforms scream summer! Everyone stares at me as if I've come from mars. Everyone knows my story and I've been mocked since pre-school. "Yes..she's fatherless...look at from which tribe or race does she belong to..I don't want my daughter to play with her". Thanks to that I have a small circle of friends and I have everyone staring at me in contempt. I mean what's wrong with being raised by a single mother or being a coloured it's not like I chose. She's not perfect but she does her best and she doesn't deserve people mocking her. "Let's leave", Lizzy notices everyone whispering behind my back. I'm sick of it, "no! Why should we leave? If anyone has something to say they should say it now! My home life has got nothing to do with anyone here"! Ok, i know challenging a group of girls in the bathroom is not ideal but seriously people should mind their own business. Lizzy quickly grabs my hand. "Ok sorry everyone, bye girls", she says with a smile. She drags me til we reach the gate and Frank is waiting for us. "Hey guys"! He waves $5 in our faces. I ignore him, usually i'm the first to hug him but today I'm going home. "Hey what happened"? He replies running trying to catch up with us. "She challenged a group of girls in the bathroom and i had to drag us out of there, apologising". "They started it"! I retort angrily. "Well..." Frank adds. "It's pizza Tuesday baby"! He's still waving the 5bucks in our faces. I know he's been saving up for it. We all love pizza. "I'm in", Lizzy adds grabbing the 5bucks. "I don't said i should come home early". I live in Makokoba. "'re still mad aren't you"? "No I'm not my grandparents are coming over", "coming on you cannot miss pizza". They persuade me til agree. I know I shouldn' usually gives me free reign but today she specifically told me to be early. Well, I guess it'll have to wait.

We first go window shopping in the china shops. This is our daily routine. "Who's the card for"? Frank asks taking the card from my hand. "It's for my Nana". "Are you leaving"? Why is he suddenly asking me that? "Are you"? Lizzy joins in. Seriously? "Where did you get that idea from"? They look at eachother and Frank goes for it ,"you know your dad.." "Don't ruin the mood ok.." "Are you not going to the U.K"? I don't know why he persists. I pay for the card and we leave, headed for the pizza place. "No I'm not guys so chillax okay". "Girl! Why not? It's a great opportunitty". "I think it's because I don't know anyone there. And this is my home

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The sChooL GirL


Tue, November 13th, 2018 12:52pm


I'll post I think 2 new chapters so please check them out definitely by this time next week they'll be out. I'll start typing them now..thanks for reading!

Tue, November 13th, 2018 5:05am

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