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Creee! My alarm rings loudly. It's 04:45, time to jog. I leave my warm blankets reluctantly to engage in my daily routine which is quite boring and lonely. Being a traffic cop is a job which people hate for you for. Especially when you write them a ticket refusing to take a bribe. I've been parodied by many kombi drivers as a stupid 'coloured' who should go back where she came from and it doesn't help that some of my colleagues are a part of this that's why going to work has been such a drag. But I wonder where I should go since this is my home. I don't think Iam accepted in either societies. Culture means nothing to me but a love for God's people and doing what is just is my motto and my life's vision, which i picked when I realised I couldn't become a doctor. I go on with my morning routine and in a few hours I'm on the road inspecting vehicles. I've already given two tickets. With this job leniency doesn't pay they'll take you for a fool. I get a call from Frank and Lizzy during tea. They are at UZ studying medicine. Hearing from them always does me good. "Are you sure you're ok"? Lizzy can probably feel the emotions in my voice ,"yeah I'm fine. Just stress from the job". No! I'm not fine loneliness is killing me and I need to do something new and challenging this daily routine is killing me. "Are you sure babe we can come see you this weekend". I cannot put them through that even though seeing my buddies will do me good. Frank has been calling me that for a few weeks now and I have to admit I like it.

Whilst roaming the offices at the station I over hear Inspector Martin talking to the Chief Of Police about a drug cartel and hoow it seems impossible to pin them down. I quickly move along not wanting to be caught eaves dropping. Seriously, i need a posting, writing tickets is not what I had imagined. I mean, a little action will be great. I shake my mind off of it but still it reminds me of mom and how she died I wondering if they are the cartel that supplied the drugs my mom took. There's a lot of young trainees today ,"what are they for"? I ask a drill sergeant. "Today, we are doing recruitment drills". Now, this, could be interesting so i'll stay and watch. "You know, this is not your area of work", it's inspector Martin. Good! Just the person I was looking for. I ask if I can be reposted to Harare but he starts outlining a code of conduct of which I have zero interest in. So I decide shock him a little and maybe give him a solution so he can give me what I want, a little barter trade. "Any luck with the cartel"? "That's top secret how did you find out"? I just smile and cntinue," I might have a way of catching your guy we are seated shoulder to shoulder and his armpits stink like a skunk just came from there. I wonder when he last took a bath if he ever does. Seriously, if you work with people cleanliness is kind of a priority but this man doesn't seem to get that and his breath is worse it stinks like the public toilets at Egodini. Now I see the nickname the other cops gave him 'stinky' has been well earned. It's surprising that he actually shaves and his skin doesn't peel off from the dirt. My last statement catches his full attention. He drags me from my seat so quickly no one notices with all the activity going on. He takes me to a small equipment room I wonder if there's a window because from his stink I might just faint. "How can we catch him"? He whispers to me which makes me realise it's an important issue. "Well he's a man.." I hope he catches on but he doesn't. "So"? "Well...just get a beautiful and loyal woman to seduce him and she'll hand him over to you. That's the only way none of his man ever betray him but a woma..." He's now smiling at me obviously impressed. "Ofcourse that's right. How did you think of that"? "Oh I'm bored so a lot of thoughts rummage through my mind plus it's the only way to get such a man without raising suspicion". I don't realise it now but I'm gonna regret this statement and it might bring an end to my precious life.

The rest of my day is as boring as always. I wonder if i can ask for a reshuffling since i offered the Inspector a Grand solution to an International problem. So I wait for everyone to leave then I head for his office. I knock lightyl. "Come in", he seems busy lots of papers definitely a difficult case. I decide to get straight to it. "Well I was wondering about the reshuffling if you could please reconsider it". Damn! He raises his palm for me to stop right before I can mention this afternoons favour. "I think you doing something else is better", i just nod in agreement. "And you did say you were bored... right", I just nod I'm close to jumping up and down. I cannot wait to see Frank and Lizzy's faces when I tell them I'll be staying in Harare too! "So i think it's best for you to be the one to go for the undercover mission".

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The sChooL GirL

I enjoyed it!!!!

Fri, November 23rd, 2018 12:30pm


Thank you for giving this a read!

Fri, November 23rd, 2018 5:48am

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