Magic Mushroom

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"Blombo, with her shaved, round head looked more like a Buddhist nun, but she was a very dedicated witch in training." Linala, the witch, and Blombo, her apprentice, are in the forest collecting
herbs when Blombo stumbles upon ...

Submitted: May 02, 2018

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Submitted: May 02, 2018



Linala was out herb-picking in the forest one humid summer day.  The forest floor looked like Linala’s ancient back, with its many humps and veins.  It also smelled oddly like her, a little rot, kind of moist, but at the same time dry.  Even with her stiff joints, Linala never fell over a tree root, unlike her apprentice, Blombo, who seemed to trip every three steps.  Blombo, with her shaved, round head looked more like a Buddhist nun, but she was a very dedicated witch in training.

Linala was the only witch in their small town.  She was the one everyone came to for advice, naming their children, curing illnesses (or sending them on a faster path to heaven), etc.  Her main talents were her knowledge of nature, which she had inherited from her mother, who had also been a witch.

The forest floor was covered in moss.  The herbs all looked alike, but depending on which tree it grew out of, it could either kill you or cure you.  Linala pulled, poked and prodded the shrubs.  Sometimes, greenish transparent liquid would come out of the broken branches, other times a brown slime that smelled like an infected foot would come out.  Blombo had once licked the latter out of curiosity and her head had tripled in size for two weeks.

Linala turned to make sure that Blombo was following her, only to find her apprentice squatting near a shrub, her face hidden from view.  Upon getting closer to her, Linala found her eating a couple of bright red mushrooms with white spots.  “Blombo! What’re you doing?!”

Blombo turned around, eyes wide open like an owl. “Madam Linala, you should try these.  They’re wonderful.  I feel so happy and my legs don’t hurt anymore.” Blombo said, grinning from ear to ear.

Linala walked up to Blombo and slapped the mushrooms out of her hand.  “Every dumb witch knows those things are nothing but head poison!” Linala shouted, straightening her hunched back to tower over her apprentice.  “Now, stick your fingers in your throat and starting puking.  I don’t have the strength to deal with a crazy one right now.”


Blombo turned to do as she was told, but then a rat with a black cape and a cap popped out from a shrub and ran in front of her; a snake with an even longer black cape quickly followed in pursuit. 

The shrub that the rat and the snake had come from huffed and puffed.  “Well, that’s rude.” It shook its tiny branches, ruffling its leaves and losing a couple in the process. 

“What do you expect?  They’re animals.”  A deep voice rang out from the tree right beside Blombo.  A weak tremor caused by the voice travelled up Blombo’s spine.

Blombo jumped back in shock.  What had she just seen?  She turned around to tell Madam Linala what she saw, but she was no longer there.  In her place was a humanoid willow tree wearing Madam Linala clothes. 

The tree’s branches waved at Blombo, then to Blombo’s utter horror, started walking closer to Blombo.  Blombo’s heart started to pound in her chest, as if it wanted to jump out of her chest.  What had happened to Madam Linala?  And what would it do to Blombo? Blombo picked a stick, determined to get the creature before it could get her, she started beating the creature until it stopped moving, lifeless.  Then, she ran away back to town, confused and afraid, to tell the people of the strange events and the disappearance of Madam Linala.

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