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four best friends, with one special place to themselves, but how long will the fun last? Lucy is hiding secrets and Isaac is going mad. how long will they last alone in the wild after everything
goes wrong?

Submitted: May 02, 2018

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Submitted: May 02, 2018



We walk... step by step across the brown wooden train track. Water flowing down the river underneath us, If a train comes now, we either jump or run. It was a risk, but we never minded the risk as long as we did it together. Me, Tom, Haley and Isaac. Just us four together, as always. 

We reach the end of the train track, there wasn't long to go now. Through the forest, the trees that loom over you, branches like clawing fingers.

We slowly pull back the bushes and there it is. Our place. 

It wasn't much, but it was a place we could get away from the real world, away from all the conflict and aggressin, from where we live and the people that surround us. The soft green grass beneath our feet, the stone walls enclosing us like a cave. Protection from everything and everyone else. It was just us and no one could ruin it. We all look at each other, not saying a word, but i knew exactly what they meant. 

We all sit in the centre of the grass staring up at the sky, sun shining through the hole at the top of our place. It's so beautiful. 

Tom smiling, Haley leaning on Isaac. Isaac starts to look aorund taking it all in, even though we have seen this place a thousand times, every time it seems like only the first. I was about to suggest a game, when i see isaac staring at the wall. 

Isaac stands up, confusion covering his face. 

"What is it Isaac?" 

"Have you guys ever noticed the vines over there?" he says 

We all look over to what looks like a curtain of vines. 

"woah" Haley whispers. 

"Have they been there the whole time?" Tom questions. 

We come here everyday and have been for a year and a half, if the vines were there the whole time surely we would have seen them by now. We slowly walk over to the hanging vines, i reach out to touch them, expecting to feel the stone wall behind, but my hand goes straight through. I look at Haley and she reaches out too. We both pull the vines open.

Our mouths drop open at the sight of the huge new place we have just discovered. 

A blue pool of water at the bottom of a gushing waterfall, flowers all bunched together creating a rainbow of colours. Rocks different shapes and sizes surrounding the pool like a barrier. Tom reaches for my hand and slides his fingers into mine, i look up at him and smile as he kisses me gently on the forehead. 

We couldn't wait another second, the green vines closed behind us like a door locking us in and locking everybody else out. We ripped our clothes off, not caring that all we had left on was underwear. We practically dived in.

The boys swum underneath us and jumped up in front. Isaac swinging Haley round romantically, while Tom steals a kiss from my lips. 

We take a second just swimming around in awe at what we have just found, wondering if it's even real. Haley looks up at the flowing waterfall. 

"Should we climb up?" Haley asks, a grin spreading across her face. 

"Up there?" I reply pointing at the tall waterfall towered above us. 

Tom laughs at my nervous face. 

Isaac shouts "yeah, Let's go!" 

Before i can say a word to stop them, they are already all lifitng themselevs out of the pool and walking towars the rocky waterfall, looking for a way to get up. I cautiously follow them. Isaac turns around to check if i'm okay about all of this, clearly i wasn't but he carried on anyway. 

"It will be fun lucy, stop worrying" he says to try and make me feel calmer, which i can tell you did not work at all. 

He suddenly whips his head back round to me, looking straight at my arm. Looking straight at what i thought was covered. 

My heart drops as i release the makeup i used to cover the bruises is not waterproof. I slowly look down at my arm to see how much of the makeup has come off. It was worse than i expected, you could see them as clear as the sun. 

"What's that?" Isaac says pointing at my arm. 

The words i have been dreading to hear for the past 6 months have at last been spoken. 

"Nothing" I reply. 

But it was too late, everyone was already looking at my arm, the black, blue and purple bruises covering both arms. I had no where to hide them.

"What happened Lucy?" Tom says so quietly he was almost whspering. He pulled me into a tight hug while he waited for me to say why i was bruised so awfully. 

Isaac and Haley stared at me, sympathy clouding their eyes. I knew i had to tell them why i was bruised, i just didn't know how to start. I stand there for a few minutes looking at the ground thinking about how to tell them. 

"who was it?" Isaac says 

It takes me a second to say, but i finally get the words out. 

"My dad... it was my dad" I reply 

"Chris? Chris did this to you? on purpose?!" Haley says shocked.

I nod slowly as a tear rolls down my cheek. Tom wipes it away soflty with his finger. 

"He gets really mad... he drinks every night, he hits mum and when i try to stop him he grabs me... he won't stop, last night he threw me against the wall when i told him to get away from her, it's how i got this" 

I lift up my hair, revealing the huge bruise on my neck from when i hit the end of the wall after he grabbed my wrists and threw me across the room. 

"I think it's beause of stress, he never used to do it, until he lost his job and that's when..."

"No... Lucy, no reason will ever give someone justification to hurt someone" Tom says strongly 

"i know... i know, but i can't stop him can i? I can't sleep, i don't want to eat, I don't know what to do to make it better" 

"You are not going back there, you hear me? You are coming home with me tonight" Tom insists 

I nod, feeling safer already. 

"Come here" Isaac says holding me so tight i almost can't breathe. Then haley wrapped her arms around me, i thought she was never going to let go. 

There was a minue of silence, as they all realised the severity of my situation. 

"We will help you Luc... we will" Isaac promises. 

Tom pulled me in again and Haley and Isaac joined. As we all started to pull away isaac pushed tom back into the water, making us all giggle. 

"Let's go" says Haley 

My nerves were now gone, i felt like i was ready for anything, i had Haley, Isaac and Tom by my side. So we found a way we could climb and we started pulling oursleves up, rock by rock, step by step. Getting higher and higher. Until we finally reached the top. It looked even more beautful from here. It was high, but not too high that it was dangerous. We stood on the edge in a line all holding hands. Ready to jump, jump off the waterfall into a better life, a new beginning. 

For a second i thought life was going to be ok, i thought that life was going to change. But ony for a seond beause just as i had that thought a huge bang echoed in my ears, we all ducked and screamed in terror. 

"what was that?!" shouts Isaac

"Tom?" I said quietly turning to him as i feel him loosen his grip on my hand. 

His eyes looked into mine and then down at his chest. 


Blood starts spreading across his chest so fast, i couldn't stop it. He slowly started to fall, i reached out for him, to grab his hand one last time, but he didn't reach back, he fell into the blue pool below, thick red blood spilling out into the water. Eyes wide open, but the life was gone.

"Tommy!!" I screamed 

I knelt on the edge, watching his body float in the water. 

"NOOO!! Tommy no, no this isnt real, Isaac? This isnt real, tell me this isn't real!" 

Isaac and Haley were in shock at the sight of what just happened. 

"Don't just stand there!! Help him! what are you doing!" 

I jumped off the side of the waterfall, hitting the water like a brick hitting the concrete, but all i was focused on was getting to Tom. 

"no,no,no,no,no, Tommy your okay, your okay" I said holding his head out of the water. 

I swam to the side holding him in my arms the whole way. I heard two splashes, i knew it was Haley and Isaac but i didn't turn round to chceck if they were ok. I shouted for them to help me, why was nobody helping me? 

"Don't you leave me Tommy... Please don't leave me" 

Haley and Isaac helped me get him out of the pool. Then they reached for my arms and pulled me out as well. I rushed over to Tommy putting my hands on his chest. 

"Wake up Tom, Wake up, It's okay i've got you baby, i've got you" 

"Lucy" Isaac whispered 

"No! I need him, I need him!" I snapped back.

"I need you... I need you baby" I whispered into Tommy's ear. 

Suddenly a loud voice boomed from the top of the waterfall. 

"WHO ARE YOU" they shouted down at us. 

We slowly looked up to see about fifteen men alL pointing guns in our direction. 


None of us replied, we don't know what to do, tommy is lying there, gone, no life in his eyes. I pull him to me, holding his head to my shoulder. His wet brown hair slipping through my fingers. I lie him on my lap and look into his brown lifeless eyes, as a tear drops on his cheek, i close his eyes with my finger tips, and kiss him on the forehead. Just like he did to me.

"I love you Tom" I whisper one last time. 

Then i feel a sharp sting in the back of my neck and everything goes black. 

I wake up in a dark room, i don't know where i am, how long i have been asleep for. Did i leave Tom lying there on his own? The thought of Tom breaks me, he's gone he's really gone, my Tommy.

Suddenly a thought invades my mind. 

Wheres Isaac and Haley? 

"Isaac? Haley?" I say slowly sitting up off the cold wet ground. 

"I'm here" says Haley 

"Where's Isaac?" I ask 

"They took him" she replies tears running down her cheeks. 

Haley is sitting up rubbing her neck, the same place i felt the sting before i blacked out. We both felt it... but what was it? I reach behind my head to feel if it's left any mark, instead i feel a small stick object poking out. It's not a dart or anything i have seen villains use in movies to knock people out. It was a stick shape, but i couldn't see what it looked like. I couldn't get it out. Haley could obviously see i was struggling. 

"Let me get it" Haley says pulling the stick out of my neck. 

I take it from her hand, it really is just a stick, a thin long stick. 

"I have no idea what it is, but this is what knocked us out" she whispers as if she knows someone is listening. 

I stand up to have a look around. Where are we? The room is dark, but there are small shimmers of dull light shining on the walls. There's a camera in the corner of the room, so they really are watching us. I walk over to the walls, to see if there's anyway we can escape. But what i find instead is confirmation we are not going to escape. 

Pictures. Pictures of people just like us, printed everywhere on the walls. Collages of them, all different faces with one simularity, they all have their left eye missing and a mark on their forehead. I can't quite read what it says, so i move closer. I can see the first letter says 'F' but i'm not sure about the second letter. Is it an A or M, im not sure maybe an E. I see Haley getting up to come and look at what i am trying to figure out. 

"Oh My God" she says in shock

"what? What is it?"

"It says 'Fail' on their foreheads... on every one of their foreheads"

I stand there in shock for a moment as i begin to think what this could mean. Who are these people? Are the strangers who were shouting at us from the top of the waterfall going to experiment on us, like they have done to all these other innocent people? Why are their left eyes missing? 

I fall back, thinking of all the possible ways i coud get killed today. Haley stands there staring at the people on the wall. 

"They're dead" She whispers 

"All the people on the walls, they're all dead.... are we next?"

"Isaac!" I scream as i become aware he still isn't here and we don't know where they have got him or what they are doing to him. What if they are experimentting on him right now? Right this second they could be killing another one of my best friends. 

"ISAAC!!" We both start frantically screaming his name as Haley realizes Isaac could be the next picture on the wall. 

Nothing. No sound. No reply 

"We need to get out of here" I whisper to Haley 

"We need to find Isaac"

She nods in agreement, then turns to me, face to face and points to the camera, reminding me that we can't escape while they are watching. The camera is swinging from left to right keeping an eye on where we are standing. An idea clicks in my head. 

I slowly start to walk over to the other side of the room, the camera follows my movements. I turn back to Haley and i look at her then at one of the pictures on the wall, one of the pictures taped to the wall. She gives me back a look of understanding and rips one of the pictures off the wall with the tape attacthed. 

The camera quickly swings back to Haley as it hears the sound, but Haley hides it behind her back. I stamp my foot on the ground making as loud a sound as i possibly can. The camera starts to turn back to me and Haley starts stepping forward quietly towards the camera. I keep walking in the opposite direction, distracting the camera, keeping the lens on me, keeping their eyes on me, whoever they are. 

The camera starts to turn back to Haley again, but she sees what's coming, she jumps up and sticks the picture in front of the lens with the tape attatched top and bottom of the photo. She pats the tape down either side of the camera to make sure it doesn't come off. They can't see us now, but we still don't know how much time we have before they realize and we don't know how to get out. 

We look around the room trying to plan an escape route. There's a door in the corner of the wall opposite the camera. We both notice it at the same time, and run towards it together. Haley grabs hold of the door handle and pushes it down firmly. It won't budge. 

I take a few steps back and run at the door, trying with all my strength to knock it down or at least break the lock. I fall back in agony as the door, again, doesn't move. It's no use the door is made of what looks like steel, we won't get through. 

Haley bends down and looks at the door handle. It has a lock on it. Clearly she sees something i don't see, because her face lights up. She reaches into her hair and pulls out a bobby pin, then pushes the bobby pin into the lock, moing it around. It takes about five minutes of nervously waiting around, before i hear a click and the door swings open. 

We race out the door, only to see a maze of corridors. Signs above each one one. 'surgery', 'fails' and 'in transition.' 

"What the hell does this mean" Haley whispers because we still don't know where our kidnappers are. 

I shrug my shoulders anxiously. If they are going to experiment on Isaac where would they take him first? Surgery! It's got to be! I look at Haley and point to the corridor labelled with 'surgery.' She agrees as she starts walking over to the left, towards the corridor Isaac may or may not be down. As we turn the corner to start walking down the surgery corridor, there are 12 doors, each labelled with a number. 

We gradually take steps towards door number 1, i warily peek into the window. Four doctors crowd a bed, just like they would in a hospital. 

"What is this place?" I ask. 

One of the doctors reaches over to the table covered with surgical tools. He grabs a small knife and reaches over to the body on the bed, he moves the knife towards the face. I twist my head around rapidly, as i dread to see what happens next. 

"Look" Haley whispers, beckoning me over with her hand. 

She is holding something attatched to the door. It's a piece of paper. I bend down to look at the paper. There's a picture of a woman, with a name printed underneath it. 'Elizabeth Cronel,' 

"That must be her" Haley suggests while looking at the body on the bed in room 1. 

I look down the corridor at the other 11 rooms, Isaac must be in one of them, he must be. So we start making our way to door numer 2. 'Tom Gooley.' The name Tom reminds me of what happened, I stand on the spot from a while staring at the name. Then Haley nudges me, telling me we need to keep going. 

Number 3 - 'George Turner,' Number 4 - 'Charlotte Green'

Then we reach number 5, 'Isaac Martin.' It's him. Its Isaac. I look into the window, hoping not too see 4 doctors crowding round him. I look around the room, there is only one doctor in there, but we still can't take them down, we don't even know who they are or what they are capable of. Haley runs quietly back to room 4 and opens the door. 


Within seconds she rushes back out again holding two objects in her hand. They look like guns but they're not filed with bullets, she opens one of them up to show me what's inside. It's the sticks! The sticks that were fired into our necks to make us blackout. I look up at her and smile because i know what she is planning to do. She hand me one of them and keeps one for herself. 

She opens the door to room number 5 and the doctor turns her head around to see who is entering. Haley wasn't ready, she didn't expect the doctor to notice her so quickly. She hadn't even lifted her stick gun up yet. As Haley started lifting the gun up, the doctor has already realised what's coming. She has her own gun but it's not a stick gun, it's a real one. The doctor shoots her gun befroe Haley has even finished aiming. The blast repeats in my head as i see Haley fall to the ground. I reach for my stick gun and shoot it 4 times closing my eyes, terrified of the next bullet the doctor fires going in my head. 

I cautiously open my eyes, to see the doctor on the floor, stick poking out her left eye. 


"Haley!" i scream kneeling down beside her. 

The bullet hit her head, there was no way she could have survuved it. I kiss her on the cheek and stand up immeidately as i realise the gun shot was probaably heard by everyone. I run over to the bed with Isaac on and stagger back at what i see. 

Left eye missing and 'Fail' printed on his forehead. 

I don't even have time to say goodbye to Isaac as i hear loud footsteps coming down the next corridor.

"It was room number 5 on the 'surgery' corridor!" " I heard somebody shout. I pick up the gun the doctor shot my best friend with and run out of the room. I start sprinting down the corridor passing all the door numbers, room 7, room 8, room 9. Each one a person just like me. Guilt masks my mind and makes me stop at the next door. 

The paper hanging off the handle, door number 10, 'Tom Howard.' My heart stops and i have to read the name again. 'Tom Howard.' It can't be, i saw him die. Tom? 

"Lucy?" Toms voice echoing in my head. 

I can hear the doctors coming, getting closer and closer. 

"Lucy? Lucy, Lucy!" 

"Tom?! I'm coming Tom!" 

I quickly push the door open and a flash of white light blinds me. 

As the white light fades i find myself lying down, at the bottom of the waterfall 

"Lucy? wake up Lucy!" Tom says stroking my hair.

I look around, i am back in our pace, the deep blue pool next to me. I'm lying on the rainbow of flowers. 

"Tom? What happened? How did i get back here?" 

I look up and see Isaac and Haley alive, standing over me, crying. A worried look covering their faces.

"It's ok you're going to be fine" Tom says soflty holding my chest with one hand, While the other pulls me close to him. 

I look down at my chest. Blood spreading everywhere. 

"It wasn't real" 

"What? what wasn't real lucy?" Tom asks confused 

"You're alive" I say struggling to breath

"I'm alive? Hold on Lucy, stay with me" Tom says panicking as i begin to fade. 

I take a second just staring up at the sun shining down on me, shining down on our place. 

"Promise me this will always be our place, forever?" I ask 

"I promise lucy, this is our place and will always be our place, forever no matter how far apart we are" Tom says softly. 

I look up at Haley and Isaac and smile a goodbye. 

My eyes feel heavy.

"WHO ARE YOU" I hear from the top of the waterfall. Isacc, Haley and Tom all turn in shock. My heart sinks as i know exaclty what is going to happen next. 

"Run" I whisper as i take one last breath and the world begins to dissapear. 





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