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Azula sits quietly in her room when all of a sudden the door opens. Three Prison Gaurds come in and quickly bow. "FireLord Azula, were here to break you out."

Azula: "Didn't you hear? My brother, Zuko is Fire Lord now"

The fake Prison Gaurds respond: "We will never accept Zuko as our Fire Lord, we and the majority of the army are loyal only to you, the rightful Fire Lord"

Azula: "Thankyou for your loyalty, but I'm not the same person I once was, I have no desire to become FireLord. Being princess turned me into a monster that burned down cities, brought war, and almost killed the avatar. I simply wish to live a simple and peaceful life. Tell your people to accept Zuko as Fire Lord"

"Zuko was an enemy of the Fire Nation, he led us to our defeat. And after the war he forced Fire Nation citizens out of earth kingdom territory. I and countless others lost our homes because Zuko wasn't strong enough to stand up against the earth king. He relieved thousands of soldiers from duty. Them and all the citizens from the earth kingdom are now jobless and starving on the streets. The world has taken everything from us, our people starve on the streets, all as our Fire Lord watches. You Azula, are our only hope. Everything you did was for the Fire Nation. Only you can restore the Fire Nations glory"

Azula was torn. She had come to to learn that her former ways were wrong. She didn't want to control people anymore. But at the same time a new fealing of true concern arose for the citizens of the Fire Nation. She thought it over and replied "Even if I do accept to lead the revolution, Im not sure if we could even win. I still won't have my bending back, so I wouldn't be able to defeat Zuko."

"I think we have a solution. In the Wan Shi desert lies a libary that supposedly contains all the knowledge of the world. It should contain knowledge on how to get back your bending. And luckily, we know someone who's been there." 

Azula ponders, "I first need to see if what you tell me is true, and if it is, then I shall accept to become your Fire Lord. 

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