Fortress of Illusions (WIP)

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This is just part 1 of the story



Fortress of Illusions


Tom woke up in the middle of the night wondering what has just happened. He felt like he was in a void of nothingness and then out of nowhere he was put into reality. The feeling tingled him that it was all real. He went outside his room to look over his balcony. There he saw his dad drinking a cup of coffee and reading the Sunday news. Tom felt like going to grab a pack of pop-tarts until his older brother Leo pushed him onto the wall. “I’m going to kill you!” Leo said.

Of course you would think that Tom wouldn’t know a thing. “This is why mom never loved you!”

Then his dad yelled at Leo for the 152nd time, not that anybody was counting.


The next night Tom had the same dream again, this time he was able to remember everything once he woke up. He saw this hole under a tree and he went inside, and he just kept falling and falling, until he fell into a lake. Except the water was blood red but there was no lunar eclipse. He quickly got out of the water and he saw a castle. No wait, it was more like a fortress but with fog surrounding it. He walked slowly toward it until this giant monster taller than a skyscraper towers over him. It had red eyes and a giant mouth with horns and a body that looks like wood.  But before he got crushed, he woke up from the horrible nightmare.



Tom went to school that morning to see what was going on with the crowd. He kept pushing through until he saw it. His friend Jim was getting bullied by his older brother and some of his other lackeys. He knew he had to do something so then he told everybody Leo’s crush. You could just see how red his face was. He just ran to the boy’s bathroom faster than a roadrunner. So Tom grabbed Jim by the hand and brought him to the school nurse. And then after that he could go on for the rest of his day by just going to first period, or at least that’s what he thought.



After school Tom walked to the nearby park with Jim. They went to the swings, talking for about two hours. Jim said he saw a black cat by a tree. The tree looked pretty familiar, almost like Tom has seen it somewhere. He walked home after saying bye to Jim. Tom went straight to his room and watch a little bit of youtube. He then searched about wooden monsters. Nobody had a video about a wooden monster as tall as a skyscraper. He then looked at google. And then he looked on legendipedia. And he couldn't believe his eyes.


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