Ice Journey

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Delilah is troubled when she has 3 days to get ready for her world championships competition and she finds herself needing new skates which need breaking into and she found out heartbreaking news
all the way from home.

Submitted: May 02, 2018

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Submitted: May 02, 2018



As Delilah glided off the battered ice she moaned and groaned as the skin on her feet started the shed from her new skates after only 3 days. Still upset from the idea of what happended in Austraila with her sister, if only she had changed her decision before her flight 6 weeks ago.

6 weeks earlier...

Delilah was getting ready to bord her plane when her younger sister ran up to her, tears running down her face making her eyes look like waterfalls. She told Delilah ''I love you and will be cheering for you when your standing up there with that gold medal round your neck''. Delilah sobbed and cryed before she could say anything back she got shouted onto the plane by her mother. '' I love you so so much''. Delilah shouted back with a shutter. Fifthteen hours later, she got off the plane her face still red from her the tears she shed of a shattered heart. She couldn't change her decision now, she was to put herself out there and start skating. The only problem was her skates she had for years and her feet were used to but they were that battered she would get at least 5 points taken off her score for poor presentation of skates. Her mum drove to the ice rink close to the hotel they were staying at and she satrted practicing, falling over more times than she could count, she had to practice becasue if you couldn't be in the top 7 in this competition then it could crush your dreams in to pieces you would think were invisible. 

5 weeks later...

3 days before the biggest competition of her life and things start going down hill faster than could ever be imagined. Wednesday night she got a call off of her father explaining that her little sister was dying in hostiptal because of a snake bite and she would only last 1 day or so. Delilah leaned against the wall and slid her back down, her eyes started to fill with tears as she felt the pain she never wanted to feel, she was about to loose one of the people who believed her most and she wasnt able to watch her skate. She felt her stomach crawling upto her throat.

Later that night, she sorted herself out to get ready for her pracitcing night at the rink, the whole time her face was filled with fear,sadness and aggression, she couldn't help it. After her performance, a skater who won last years' championship pointed out her skates. '' If your planning on getting in the top 7 babes, then i think you need to brighten up your skates''. Commented a skater. '' Urmm.. thanks i guess''. Replied Delilah with slight hesitation. Her mum and her found a 24 hour skate shop and she found pale white skates shiny,polished with metallic gold pattersn on. Delilah said those were the ones she wanted so she bought her size and travelled back to the hotel. She walked around in them for hours so she could crack into them alot more the competition in 1 days time.

Competition day...

Delilah's feet were bleeding and aching from the new skates but now she had to perform in them which probably wasnt the best idea. As Delilah glided onto the rink, her mum kissed her on the forehead fro luck. The music started playing and she went for it, she stumbled but got back up again and she fell over but she carried on doing the thing she loved most, by the end of it she didnt realise she had gotton one of the highest ratings despite her trips. At the end of the competition, Delilah was put in 8th place, which meant she was heading home. 

She packed her stuff and was bording for her plane, she got on and kept thinking about her sister's death the whole ride home, she then realised she dont know what you ahve gotuntil its gone. Delilah got home to the saddest people she had ever seen, she rushed outisde and put her skates on and when for a glide. It got her mind of it and it released stress for her. I guess its back to normal for Delilah but this was her story and she wont give up.



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