darkness lies

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Five young dragons set off to stop a dark evil from rising to destroy all of dragon kind. Travel on an adventure of a life time as they explore the darkest corners of the world. As you read my
first book of their adventure.

Submitted: May 02, 2018

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Submitted: May 02, 2018



  The rain had officially drenched the village for five days strait Moon Flower was veering away from annoyed by it to hating it. "Moon" Celestiachaser gasped "Your sister starlight! Is...has...was...captured...by him!" "What?!? Who's him?" "Wolfs...bane." He said before collapsing. Moon Flower was suddenly whirling into thoughts before noticing that he meant she was no she couldn't be..... He meant she was dead. or is her sister truly dead or is she still alive and hiding and if so why? She hoped she could figure out how but time wore on and she never did.
Part one a friendly visit
Panther was hunting when she heard it "Panther!" Moon heart called. Panther turned toward the friendly voice with a sweet smile she always enjoyed Moon Heart's company. "Panther! Your brother he's back!" "Really? Heat's back?" "Yeah! Come on!" They flew racing through the treetops toward the visitor platform. "Heat!" Panther cried in delight "Hey sis." He said Panther tipped her head and studied him he seemed outwardly nervous witch was weird for him she narrowed her eyes at him. "Is there something you want to tell me?" She said "um yeah about that...." "What?" He sighed. "This is Nephthys." Panther turned as the wary seawing crept out she had a look that made you think she's been here longer than thousands of years. And had a scare slashed by her eye and wore many jewels. "Hello I'm Nephthys who are you?" Her eyes narrowed down too slits as she assessed Panther and Moon Heart. "I'm Panther and this is Moon Heart." She said while stepping protectively in front of her "but please call me Moon." She said "Why are you here? Heat?" He sighed "She's here because of him." He held a poster of a dragon with a name Imprinted on it...........WolfsBane.
Part two A dangerous journey
"Who is he?" Panther asked "A dark legend from thousands of years ago waiting for his time to release the Darkstalker." Nephthys said Moon Heart shivered "he's both the Icewing's and Nightwing's  nightmare Darkstalker I mean not him." Panther tipped her head " why?" She said "He was born under three full moons most dragons said he had a vibe of knowing way too much about everyone and everything. They said it wasn't until he was 5 that they discovered he had been hiding his animus power he killed his father my great great great something great uncle Prince Arctic and tried to kill his queen and rule the tribe." Moon heart finished "Wow." Panther breathed she didn't realize he was so evil. "Yeah." Said Heat. "Yahooooo!" "Oh no! It's Nyoka! Run!" Panther yelled. A bright yellow and green figure jumped on to Heat. He yelped "why is it always me getting tackled!?!" "You're here!" Nyoka sang " you're really really here!" As they filled Nyoka in with all the info about what she had missed  when they finished Nyoka stared with wide eyes. "Did that really happen?" She asked in a hushed voice. Moon Heart dipped her head. "Yes." She said Panther felt a ping of sadness for Moon. She knew that Moon treasured her ancestors and felt like her tribe could of given the other tribes great magic for peace. "Guys what if we stop this WolfsBane guy and stop him before he awakens the Darkstalker." "Yeah!" Moon agreed "that way we could visit my dad too!" Panther couldn't stop herself from smiling. "Well it's settled then let's go!"
They had made it to the sea kingdom it was a vast and glorious place with of corse has the Island Of Night " Dad!" Panther yelled she wrapped her wings around her father and hugged him tight Nyoka couldn't stop herself feeling a stab of jealousy when he wrapped his wings around Heat too he didn't even bother looking at her. "Lumeo!" A strange Nightwing hurled herself at them " Yes Quick Strike." "It's the queen she's........she's........." "Yes?" He said then the Nightwing seemed to get a grip "She's dead sir."



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