The Legends of Darkstalker (Part Five)

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Yeah, that's right! Part five of the book review for the Legends of Darkstalker. Enjoy!

Arctic thought it was bizarre that Darkstalker was accusing him of attempted murder. While Clearsight was shocked, and a rather paranoid Fathom, were wondering how Darkstalker prevented the spear to go through his heart, Darkstalker and Arctic argued. Eventually, Darkstalker had to tell Clearsight that he wanted to be protected, and told the paranoid Fathom stop pointing the soul glass at him. The next evening, when Darkstalker got back from school, he saw his sister, Whiteout, in the living room screeching, and heard Arctic yelling. While Darkstalker was at school, Foeslayer got into an argument with Arctic and flew away. When he enchanted a map, it showed where Foeslayer was, then she stopped towards the back of the IceWing Kingdom. Assuming she was dead, Darkstalker and Whiteout mourned and grieved. Darkstalker's grief lasted for about two weeks, then he was back to normal. Clearsight was called down to a meeting with the NightWing queen, Queen Vigilance. She wanted an update about the IceWings. Later that night, Darkstalker went down to his living room and saw Whiteout laying there. Darkstalker was uneasy when Whiteout talked normally to him. Whiteout never talked normally. After dinner, Darkstalker went back up to his room to work on scrolls for school. Arctic said that he and Whiteout were going somewhere, and he acknowledged. Since they were gone, he thought he could snoop around Arctic's room. He found something that he didn't want to find. It was a message to Queen Diamond, the IceWing Queen, and it said that Arctic was bringing Whiteout to her.

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