The Strange Taxi.

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Barbara is driven to a strange man in a strange taxi.

Submitted: May 03, 2018

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Submitted: May 03, 2018



The blue taxi came, parkedup, and waited just like Barbara ordered. She grabbed her coat quickly, and ran down the few stairs out to the taxi. She opened the door, and stepped into the back. The taxi moved away as soon as she told the driver where she wanted to go.

Two kilometres away from her home she started to realise that something was wrong. The driver up to now hadn't said anything to her. She had never seen a blue taxi before; all the taxi's she'd seen were black. ''Could you pull over here, please,'' she told the driver.
''Sorry, I can't,'' he said. ''My first job is to get you to my boss.''
''Boss?'' She repeated.
''Yes, the boss. He likes everything to be perfect. A very nice man.'' The driver told her. She was thinking that her father was just the same, wanted everything to be perfect. A very nice man. Loved by everyone. But her father wasn't around any more. It was ten years now since he had passed away.
''I've got to get to the library!'' She told the driver.
''I have to obey orders,'' he told her.
Half an hour later, the driver pulled up at a big house, got out and escorted Barbara to the front door, and then inside.

They were met by a well-build man with a rounded face, he didn't look the criminal type. He came up and said, ''Welcome Miss Rallies.'' He put out a hand, ''I'm Bob Rallies.'' Barbara was really shocked now, the man she met had the same name as her father.
''I see you know my name,'' she said to him.
''A father should know his daughter's name.'' That really shocked her.
''What's my first name?'' She asked.
''Liz, Elizabeth,'' he told her.
''Are you saying that you're my father?''
''Who else can take that role? Of course, I'm your father.''
''Does mum know about you?''
''She's my wife, why wouldn't she know about me?'' He took her into the living room to explain some more to her.

After half an hour talking with Bob Rallies, Barbara was driven back to where she live. She immediately got onto the phone to her mum. ''Why didn't you tell me about dad?'' She asked her mum. Her mum told her over the phone, ''Your father has told me a story that is rather hard to accept. He said that he found himself standing in front of 6 men in white clothing. These men decided that he must return to earth, or be tranferred to be born as a child in another race--he chose to come back fully grown, getting a body like the one he had,''
''He told me the same story,'' Barbara told her mum. ''Do you believe him?''
''What else can I believe? You know for yourself, that your dad passed away, and was buried at the local cemetery.''

''Is there any way we can check out this man and his story. He looks and sounds just like my dad. Then there's that strange taxi!''
''What taxi?'' The mum asked.
''have you ever seen a blue taxi in our town?''
''No. Why? Explain some more to me about this blue taxi.''
Barbara told her mother that she had ordered a taxi so that she could go to the library, and this blue taxi turned up. You said he told you the story about him coming back. Was it over the phone?
''Yes, it was. And his voice sounded just like your father.'' The mum said. ''And the blue taxi is rather strange. There's one way we can find out if this man is telling the truth. Your father had a mark on his right bottom.''
''Mum! You're not serious?''
''I am,'' the mum said, ''and I'm going to find out.''

The End.

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