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Submitted: May 03, 2018

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Submitted: May 03, 2018




The thought process of memories

Without rhyme or reasons

Mind just flowing for all seasons

Does anybody know why bittersweet memories always throws the mind and body into emotional treason

Y’all I’m tired of believing, writing, nursing; sometimes I just want to be free

An earthbound abductee

Therefore, you can find me on a sandy beach 

No Blackberry for me to ever be reached

Mojito in my hand, basking in the sun, just being me

Sun coating my butter rum skin, no worries, to ever flee


Would I miss myself

Not with memories of my mental movement on library shelves

However, the editing and posting brought to you by paid little elves

Nevertheless, allow me to write the flow

Depending on how my mind goes

I’ll allow someone else to upload my thoughts into my computer software

Relaxing, as someone else is styling my hair

Breathing in the intoxicating Santorini, Greece air


I think they call this being lazy

I would like to smell the roses, and yes, even the daisies

No words, no love, no hugs,

Only my soothing music blasting through my IPOD earplugs

Words are my life my mental expression

Erotica is my obsession


Romance is my preferred selection


Has anybody else ever felt like this

Want to slip away from yourself to search for eternal bliss

And no, I’m not talking about the first wish on your bucket list

The memories I’m talking about have just slipped my mind

I guess with all the words written I somehow left the initial concept behind


 The nature of my flow

You will always be the first to know

I have to somehow continue to believe

At least the notion for you to perceive

Never allow for my words to deceive

Therefore, I have to continue to write

To keep sight of what’s wrong or what’s right

Giving you the essence of my mind with all my might


The nurse in me I could never flee

As I stood upon graduation adopting that healing creed

Guaranteed to succeed no matter what the cost to proceed

The road I’ve traveled drops me nightly to my knees

No silent judgments allowed please


Yes I’ll always give my Love and Hugs

To the bad, the good, and even to the hardcore thugs

My island I suppose is within

I started out this poem on relating about memories until by mental swag kicked in

Memories of mental pictures I could never escape

Rewinding that sector of the heart, the mind, tasting its raw emotions could make one mentally reshape

That concept has so many drawbacks, and worthy debates


Cabana Boy please bring me my Mojito drink

I’m sitting here on this island, and my words has made me think

I’m relaxing

Chilling and Maxing

A Rose in my hair

Sweet Jasmine floating through the air

Daisies tickling beneath my bare toes

The memory of this poem

Will help God who only knows


The air in Greece the blue ocean laid out before my feet

 There is a handsome man bare chested with a pencil thin goatee I’m about to meet

He’s looking out at the coral blue water as he’s walking

Yes, my eyes are totally stalking

His smile lighting up like a Christmas tree

As now he’s looking straight at me


I will send you all a written postcard

Therefore, what I just said about me fleeing myself, please just disregard

From what I recently stated

My erotic nature will be tested under silk sheets in my hotel room while feeling elated

Great feelings from what I’m about to create

This will be memories of fate

From a tropical island mental escape

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