I Wanted To Breathe, Sleep, Eat With Your Name

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I wanted to breathe your name each time I exhaled out air; impregnating the atmosphere with your mystical fragrance,
Facilitating your entity to settle; occupying all quarters of my cloistered room.

I wanted to sight your name each time I opened my eyes; granting it a status
of being blissfully omnipresent,
Making me thoroughly oblivious to the tyranny of the world; the ghastly incidences unleashing themselves on the crowded street.

I wanted to hear your name each time sound drifted into my ears; transforming
all other noise into your splendor,
Making your voice my song for the brilliant morning as well as my rhyme for
the freezing night.

I wanted to recite your name each time I opened my lips; circumventing my face
with an inevitable smile,
Imparting rubicund color to the corners of my cheek; and an enchanting glow to
the fortress of my teeth.

I wanted to imprison your name each time I clenched my fists; keeping it forever locked in my embrace,
Shielding it wholesomely from nefarious looks of the world; the lechery of savage souls existing on this globe.

I wanted to digest your name each time I consumed food; enabling me to keep you in proximity with my intestines,
Eventually becoming an indispensable constituent part of my blood; circulating
rambunctiously through my veins.

I wanted to envisage your name each time I felt like dreaming; profoundly incorporating my mind with your mesmerizing images,
Catapulting me to unprecedented territories of paradise; the very instant I wanted too.

I wanted to incarcerate your name on my tongue each time I felt thirsty; to satiate the burning chords bouncing in my throat,
Celestially pacifying my desires; leading me to holistic pathways of spiritual healing.

I wanted to write your name in grandiloquent bold letters each time my fingers itched to move; accentuating it profoundly on bonded paper,
Portraying the enlightening effect that it has; when sighted in embossed script.

And I wanted to remember your name with the first beams of evanescent dawn; and the last minute before shutting my eyes,
Blessing me with loads of courage to fight the acerbic day; sleep as unperturbed as God in the ominous night.

Submitted: May 03, 2018

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