I Wanted To Love

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Submitted: May 03, 2018

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Submitted: May 03, 2018



I wanted to sleep in a land where there sprang the first rose; the tranquility in the atmosphere pacifying my agitated senses,

I wanted to dream in a land where there lingered the first cloud; celestial fairies were bouncing delectably around,

I wanted to eat food in a land where there hung the first fruit; the reinvigorating aroma of fresh grass fomenting pangs of raw hunger in my stomach,

I wanted to yawn in a land where there twinkled the first star; its placid shimmer; drowning me into waves of enchantment and siesta,

I wanted to trespass through a land where there was embedded the first layer of soil; virgin twigs and a conglomerate of fluffy leaves fervently awaiting to be trampled by my feet,

I wanted to breathe air in a land where there floated the first draught of breeze; the unadulterated wind besieging me with overwhelming rhapsody; every unfurling second,

I wanted to view scenic nature in a land where there flew the first flamingo; mammoth eggs of the ostrich about to hatch; mold and harness themselves into
magnificent fledglings,

I wanted to play in a land where there hung the fist chimpanzee; clusters of innocuous rabbits merrily traversed in perfect harmony and unison,

I wanted to scratch my skin blood red in a land where there hovered the first mosquito; petulant lizards and robust worms wandering about in gay abandon,

I wanted to swim in a land where there swelled the first sea; its silken and tangy froth; profoundly rejuvenating my dreary soul,

I wanted to chew inebriating leaves in a land where there sprouted the petal of tobacco; languish in the meadows with the aftermath; placing me into a
blissfully sedative fantasy,

I wanted to sketch mesmerizing lines in a land where there stood the first mountain; its towering summit blending with sky; impregnating an insatiable itching in my fingers to draw,

I wanted to dance in a land where there was gyrating the first dolphin; the mysticism in its eyes propelling me to add strides to my pace; move incessantly to the beats of hissing snakes,

I wanted to study in a land where there meditated the first saint; the omnipotent power of his ideals metamorphosing me into the strongest entity,

I wanted to smile in a land where there laughed the first clown; the comic distortions of his face inevitably triggering uncontrollable guffaws from my persona,

I wanted to fight in a land where there marched the first soldier; the true spirit of freedom in his eyes; and the armor in his hands; annihilating the most minuscule trace of fear from my cowardly visage,

I wanted to sing in a land where there appeared the first shadow; the enigma in its obscure silhouette; engendering me to convert my subdued whispers into
melodious tunes,

I wanted to work in a land where there existed the first mother; the tenacity of her blessings igniting the real stalwart hidden inside me,

And 'I WANTED TO LOVE' in a land where there lived the first girl; the very first woman who wholesomely loved me; blended her heart; soul and desire with mine.

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