I Wanted To Paint

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Submitted: May 03, 2018

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Submitted: May 03, 2018



I wanted to paint ornate flower petals with spring water,
swallow the residue of perfumed liquid dripping down its stalk.

i wanted to paint blue chipped marble floors with freshly extracted cow butter,
roll violently in the grease for several days on the trot.

i wanted to paint chicken flesh with hot ginger curry,
boil it in steaming water blended with a plethora of vegetable.

i wanted to paint bare walls of the castle in crimson color,
engrave mystical designs on it with my uncut fingernail.

i wanted to paint tall poles of the maple tree with extremely saline sea water,
lick as long as my tongue could last, spicy patches of tree shivering in the breeze.

i wanted to paint my toenails with brilliant red dye,
dance on the sun with blistering light filtering through delicate pores of skin.

i wanted to paint my hair with golden honey,
expose them to the atmosphere for the birds to feed.

i wanted to paint barren patches of land with blades of lush green grass,
sprinkle the infertile land with gargantuan amount of goat manure.

i wanted to paint white canvas with swashbuckling strokes of feather brush,
draw a sketch depicting blissful territories of the globe.

i wanted to paint immaculate walls of her heart with my thick blood,
pray that the scripture lays imprisoned for decades till we exist.

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