I Wanted You To Be

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I wanted you to be my Godmother; caress me gently in the night; humming a melodious rhyme to put me to sleep,
Prepare appetizing dishes of corn to gratify my gluttony; wipe the tears of my cheek when I was struck with grief.

I wanted you to be my robust brother; tickling me incessantly in my ribs; make me wholeheartedly laugh,
Defending me against all evil prevailing; obliterating me from the remotest of brutality.

I wanted you to be my absent minded father; riding with me through steep curves of the hill on a horse,
Instilling gargantuan confidence in me while I studied; embedding my tender mind with nostalgic reminisces of the past.

I wanted you to be my innocuous child; crying impeccably as I hoisted you high in my arms,
Melting my heart with your mischievous smile; tugging at my loose beard with your dainty fingers.

I wanted you to be my old grandmother; reciting to me a plethora of mesmerizing fairy tale,
Preparing herbal concoctions to pacify my wounds; admonishing me severely for flaunting with girls.

I wanted you to be my ravishing dreams; tingling dormant arenas of my heart with your stupendous grace,
Radiating perpetual heat in my body all day; leaving your everlasting fragrance close to my soul.

I wanted you to be the blood that flowed through my veins; imparting strength to my fragile muscle,
Purifying every unleashing second as I breathed air; losing refined degrees of control at the slightest of provocation.

I wanted you to be my intricate heart; which throbbed violently when loved,
Imprisoned the deity it worshipped; and was prepared to relinquish life for the ones it really cared for.

I wanted you to be the redness of my lips; which got more accentuated when I rubbed them,
Exorbitantly highlighting the fervor of my thoughts; the insatiable passion I had impregnated in my eyes.

And over and above all; I desperately wanted you to be my wife,
Inundate my impoverished heart with vast oceans of your love; blissfully living with me for this and an infinite lives more to be confronted.

Submitted: May 03, 2018

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