I Was Not God

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Submitted: May 03, 2018

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Submitted: May 03, 2018



I wanted to be like the opalescent flame of the wax candle,
Which burnt unrelentingly; even when caressed by wild draughts of wind.

I wanted to be like the sheet of pellucid glass,
Which didn't diffuse into splinters; even on deafening collision with obdurate ground.

I wanted to be like the tall and majestic edifice,
Which stood like an immaculate angel; even after bearing the brunt of flood and crimson fire.

I wanted to be like the turbulently moving silver sedan,
Clambering steep slopes of the treacherous terrain; with exorbitant ease.

I wanted to be like the aircraft with twin pairs of ivory wings,
That hovered high in the sky for times immemorial; bereft of life yielding fuel.

I wanted to be like the ship clad in sheets of fortified iron,
Which refrained from sinking; even when attacked by a battalion of blue whale.

I wanted to be like the succulent leaf on the maple tree,
Which remained blissfully green; even when its counterparts withered to the
tyranny of autumn heat.

I wanted to be like the glittering spires of the century old Temple,
Which didn't show signs of rust; even after marathon years of construction.

I wanted to be like the steaming brown filter coffee,
Which never got stale and cold; even after being exposed to the monotony of atmosphere.

I wanted to be like dazzling light rays of the day,
Which were never obliterated by shadow; fumigating the evil residing in distant corners of globe.

I wanted to be like the cloud showers of torrential rain;
Which ceased to stop; even when the amber ball of Sun crept up in the sky.

I wanted to be like the articulately molded skeleton key;
That bludgeoned its way; through the most obstinate of lock.

I wanted to be like the saline waters of colossal sea,
Which never evaporated; even when subjected to overwhelming heat.

I wanted to be like the coherently synchronized versatile robot,
Which executed tasks to meticulous perfection; even in times of bizarre catastrophe.

I wanted to lead life on the soil of mystical earth,
As the strongest being ever encountered; with unfathomable capacity of brain.

The very next instant; the creator robbed me of indispensable breath,
Making me realize wasn't god; not even fraction of his celestial reflection,
As I left for my heavenly abode; to sleep peacefully in the arms of the Almighty.

© Copyright 2019 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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