I Wished For Time To Stop

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When I was studying incessantly; trying to decode enigmatic problems of intricate arithmetic,
Concentrating onerously; putting in my stupendous best to appear in the examination,
I wistfully wished that time should whistle past; as fast as the aircraft flying in the air;
and there were blissful holidays once again.

When I stood in the long queue for marathon hours; with scores of irascible passengers; shuffling across incongruously,
Disconcertingly poking sensitive avenues of my body; breathing heavily down my nape,
I wished that time should pass as quickly as a race horse; and my number arrived
soon at the ticket counter.

When I walked barefoot on burning embers of crimson fire,
A myriad of ligaments in my tender skin; got mercilessly scalded,
I wished for the time to tick rapidly like a palpitating heart; and for the moments
when I would be perfectly rehabilitated.

When I sat on the lavatory seat; with my bowels viciously strangulated by obnoxious constipation,
Infinite droplets of silver sweat dribbling painstakingly down my lips; irregular contractions besieging my stomach,
I fervently wished for time to gallop like a panther; and for my lungs to be inundated with fresh air suspended outside

When I worked unrelentingly in the office; scrutinizing bulky manuscripts for typographical errors,
Posing a monotonous smile to all my seniors; nostalgically reminiscing my childhood days,
I wished for the time to churn ahead like propelled boat in the sea; and for me to reach my dwelling in one piece.

When I lay bedraggled on the streets; penurious and deprived of indispensable amenities in life,
Pangs of hunger reverberating thunderously in my belly; with a dwindling destiny to be confronted,
I wished for time to leap several years; placing me in the age when I would be exorbitantly affluent; having a silken coat instead of the jute at present engulfing my demeanor.

When I was a child; scolded on umpteenth occasions by my domineering elders,
Given parsimonious allowances to sustain life; stringently admonished not
to remain awake late in the night,
I wished time traversed as fast as the express train; transforming me into exuberant youth; capable of dictating terms to my compatriots.

When I lay unconscious in dreaded coma; a deathly blue tinge incorporating my body,
All fantasy replaced by distressing tribulation in my colossal brain,
I had an intense wish; for time to zip across like the fastest kangaroo; and for me to
relinquish life; forever ending the niggling agony.

And when I was in the arms of my beloved; with her ravishing hair cascading all over my body,
The supple complexion of her lips caressing my nose; with her mesmerizing voice softly striking against my eardrum,
I sincerely wished and prayed for minutes to freeze in their advancing footsteps; and this was the only occasion when I incorrigibly wanted the time to stop.

Submitted: May 03, 2018

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