Last moment you left her

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When you keep a note of these moments back into future, where will you be ? This poem speaks about a remaking of a true episode we always forget for the better gift we may share. :)

Submitted: May 03, 2018

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Submitted: May 03, 2018



In your memories She planted a paving retreat,

Lost in time many games played on those background,

Some silence peaked many trials your heart burned in pain,

Yet when the wine was poured and desires aroused your feelings,

You forgot everything the next day,

Who will tell your mind it is so wrong ?

Will they cross any crime undone in their gallows laughter ?

You always forget the clear message,

Oracle recited for a time what you did to her,

Is this a selfish crime she played in your presence ?

May you know this death never crossed what is more than lust,

Yet unending is the silence your loved ones feared,

They never asked who will be lost,

For the loss made you so wrong,

They cried when you sleep without notice,

For the grieve made you so weak,

You do ask for peace with a heart,

Yet you are troubled when you look back,

Even when you cast a blame,

You forget the act may be you are so weak,

Where cruelty is what you never experienced,

For your guardian kept you safe,

Everyday this will not be the same story,

Steam that comes from a Mothers voice,

Beats within spoken from the love for her only child,

Feels you are made here to live a life worthy in this lifetime,

Death spared you as you gave this choice more than any wealth,

If your companion fear the God,

A time will love your father,

For all the pain leaves a heart for his good life with him,

Creator one day asked me can you bring back anything lost,

I so humbly wished may the lost be a comeback for the joy in my fathers life ahead,

When more than anything we care for the great love from our hearts,

I wanted my time to retreat this greatness for my father,

Today this time camp in those beautiful day,

What has done to her will be a reminder not to be worse,

But forgive a heart from its last days on Earth,

When She received pain from you,

For the cross we wear why God do ask a home laid her for those last life in time,

With this lady wherever I travelled in a time remain unforgettable,

Here out those for whom the promised land speak of the great love,

Here kindness will be a blessing that survives with what they got,

When time heal wounds so back into a day our journey will respect every souls who left everything for the hope in our future,

All my life I asked God why we post the same moment for many,

Who sacrifice very wealth that cannot be back again,

Yet come for our joy in every talk with a smile,

Our communion speak about the mindsets in this peaceful temple,

For we carry no loss in our Earth,

Expect the peace we must be blessed for our new journey ahead,

Many asks you why you did this crime,

All of them blame you how she is battling her last days,

Yet only one heart within will seek refugee for living your life in peace with what you may be not so wrong,

This person within tells you,

For angels sent down here with you,

You must forgive first of all yourself,

You must love your body and mind nourishing with the goodnews,

You must forget all the unhappiness that weakens for the great love your heart may not stop,

For a heart endlessly feels the love of God,

It is unconditional from your parents are precious always,

No one can substitute a time with them for a meaning why you are here,

It cannot be forsaken for any spelling mistake,

This time is all you can give a goodnews,

And share a sacrifice in your hearts gifted love for others,

A workbreak your heart feels in a happiness within,

A wearable your heart loves in a humbleness everywhere,

Comes from the spirit God gave you from the richness that kept your heart beating,

Even when you are lost,

Whenever you will fail to fear the worst,

You must not tear away the peace binding your heart within for anyone,

If God may grant you for this mercy within,

For the great love embrace Gods greatness in everything life is a gift from one heart so evergreen... :)

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