Worm Encounters

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This might be a kids story(?), if so it needs pictures. But I'm not quite sure if the final message would be understood.

Submitted: May 03, 2018

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Submitted: May 03, 2018



Under the branches and in the ground that surrounds an old tree lived many garden variety worms. And I must confess that two of these worms are the mentioned in this story.

Now I should mention another character of this story, which is a bird, and because of its small size this bird was called Bitty-Bird.

I am told that all stories involving worms must have a bird involved to add drama and danger to an otherwise dull subject.

But this story is not about the worms, or the bird, it is about perception and points of view; at least, that is the way I see it. 


Very early one morning Bitty-Bird was happily hopping around under the big tree.

You do know what they say about the Early Bird getting the worm. Well, Bitty-Bird is a firm believer in that saying and follows the belief closely. So, as to be expected, Bitty-Bird was the first bird up for breakfast and the first to see the worm coming out of its hole.

When Bitty-Bird saw the worm she grabbed it and was about to consume it when the worm yelled, "I AM THE ALPHA WORM AND YOU WILL BE IN BIG TROUBLE IF YOU EAT ME!!!"

Bitty-Bird can be very sensitive and emotional at times; so, to have a worm yell at her like that, well, she completely came unglued.

Bitty-Bird dropped the worm, being in a state of shock, (you understand), and just stood there.

The worm, of course, retreated into the hole that it originally came out of.

"Well, I never!" exclaimed Bitty-Bird, "That was very rude of you! Don't you know that you could give a sensitive bird like me a heart attack, yelling like that?"

The worm's booming voice echoed out of the tiny hole and stated, "Quite complaining, I did you a favor!"

Bitty-Bird was thoroughly confused by that statement and asked, "What favor is that?"

"I am this Tree's Principal Soil Rejuvenation Expert. And had you eaten me, well, this fine old tree would have been very unhappy with you. There is no telling how the tree may have retaliated against you."

Bitty-Bird laughed and replied, "I have lived in this tree all my life and have eaten worms from below its branches most of those years, and not once has the tree objected. So why would the tree care about one more stupid worm?"

The worm, feeling belittled by such a statement, stuck its head out of the hole and said, "Don't you know anything? I am not just any old worm; I am this Tree's Principal Soil Rejuvenation Expert! I am THE ALPHA WORM!!!

Without me to lead the way all the other worms would surely make the soil beneath this tree completely out of balance; too much nutrients here, not enough there, oxygen levels would plummet due to poor tunneling designs. No, it would not be pretty for this old tree if I were not around!"

Bitty-Bird cocked her head to one side and questioned, "So, if I eat any of the other worms then this tree would come to no harm. Is that what you are saying?"

"You got it, I'm the special one!" replied the worm, as it made its way underground and out of sight.

Bitty-Bird went away mumbling to herself about not knowing such a critical part of tree care, and asking herself why her mother or father had never mentioned it.

Suddenly, Bitty-Bird saw another worm and like a flash she was on it! And just as she grabbed the nutritious little morsel, the little worm yelled, "I AM THE ALPHA WORM AND YOU WILL BE IN BIG TROUBLE IF YOU EAT ME!!! 



D. Thurmond / JEF


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