Rib-bit-tone Pondhopper (1)

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This is the first half of an age old story, witch changes prince into a toad, woman kisses toads, Yadah, Yadah, Yadah. But I took some liberties with the conventional story, at least I think I

Submitted: May 03, 2018

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Submitted: May 03, 2018



Rib-bit-tone Pondhopper was not just any old toad, no, Rib-bit-tone was a toad with a plan.

It all started during a beautiful spring day when Rib-bit-tone had been snatched from his Lilly-pad by a crafty old crow. The crow quickly carried him high in the sky, more than likely taking him to a nest of hungry little crows.

While being carried aloft, Rib-bit-tone looked around and said to himself, "If I survive this day my life will see change, I swear this by the warts on my head."

As soon as Rib-bit-tone made that pledge an eagle swooped down and grabbed the crow from the sky!

Of course Rib-bit-tone was dropped in the process.

Well you would have thought that the poor toad would have been smashed upon hitting the ground, but as luck would have it a sudden up-draft of warm air and a farmer's straw pile saved Rib-bit-tone from a Flat-it-tutious end.

Not only that, there just happened to be a Fire-pond close by so Rib-bit-tone took refuge there until nightfall.

During the night the toad made his way toward his former home, but he had been carried quite a distance so it would take him many nights to get there. In the meantime he had to stay in other ponds during the daylight hours; for food and for shelter.

On one such day Rib-bit-tone heard a woman's voice talking to someone. And being a curious sort of toad, he found a place among the brush so he could better see and hear what was going on.

Well, Rib-bit-tone was shocked to see a young woman holding a toad in her hands while talking to it; in Rib-bit-tone's way of thinking, it was not the sort of thing a Lady should be doing.

As Rib-bit-tone listened he heard her say: "Are you my prince, Oh loathsome toad, the handsome prince from stories, old? --- My kiss, Oh prince, will set you free, and then you'll marry me."

And with those words said, the young woman kissed the toad right on top of its slimy little head!

The scene was riveting and the kissed toad was rib-biting, then it hopped out of her hands and back into its pond.


The young woman began to cry and soon she was in a terrible state of uncontrollable emotions.

Rib-bit-tone could not hold back his words and so he asked the woman, "What in Toad's Pond are you crying about? That poor toad should be the one crying after being humiliated like that!"

The woman looked up and without warning, grabbed Rib-bit-tone! Then she smiled and said, "Of all the toads I've seen and kissed, no other has ever talked to me. So you must be the prince in a toad's body, at last!"

"Oh No You Don't," Rib-bit-tone said as he wiggled his way out of her grasp. "No Rosie-cheeked female human is going to contaminate my perfect skin, so there will be no kissing this toad! --- Got that?!?"

The young woman started to cry, again, but soon regained her composer as she stated, "I only want to save you from the curse that the Dark Witch has placed on you. And according to our agreement, we will be married."

"I don't know what you are talking about!” Rib-bit-tone stated, while acting very indignant. Then he questioned her, “Are there no men for you to marry, must you run around kissing toads?"  

The young woman dabbed tears and blew her nose occasionally while thinking of an answer. And then she stated, "I am Ann of Two-Willows, a lady in waiting. My Grandparents left me vast estates and riches galore, but in this land I cannot have my inheritance until I marry.

Only noblemen and their wives can own property, so I must marry a nobleman, such as a prince, duke, or a land-baron, if I am to receive my inheritance."

"So what is the problem?" asked Rib-bit-tone.

Ann sniffled again and stated, "There are no single noblemen left in this kingdom.

The Prince of Thyme, from the kingdom of Sabers, was on his way to ask for my hand in marriage, but he never arrived.

Later we were informed that he was overcome by the Dark Witch and during battle she cast THE TOAD SPELL on him; poor man.

The Prince and I had met at my sister’s wedding and hit it off right away. After a few days we found that we both did not want to be tied down by traditions, or a demanding spouse.

It would have been a perfect marriage for both of us. I would have received my inheritance and he would have been free from his parent's persistent nagging for him to marry.

After the marriage, I was to settle into my Grandparent's manor houses, the one in the mountains in the summer months, and the one on the southern Isle of Warm, in winter.

I could entertain as I wished, hold parties when I liked, and choose my friends without my husband dictating a list to choose from.

And as planned, the Prince would have been free to travel and to explore the world while he was still young enough to enjoy it. And he could do so without a nagging wife to object.

It was the perfect arrangement for our individual needs, until that nasty old witch messed things up.

Now I'm stuck kissing toads and hoping that one of them will be the Prince of Thyme."


Rib-bit-tone thought about her situation, in between snatching bugs from the air, and came up with a plan.

"I have an idea," stated Rib-bit-tone. "Why don't you just hire some man to pose as a Nobleman? Dress him up in nice clothes, get him a stately horse to ride, and tell him what to say to the king.

Then, after you are married, stuff his pockets with gold and send him to some foreign land where he will never return. You will have your inheritance and the man will have a pocket full of gold to start a new life."

"OH, what a wonderful idea!!!" Ann screamed out loud. And in her excitement she grabbed Rib-bit-tone and kissed him; --- POOF ! ! ! 



D. Thurmond / JEF


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