Midnight Lovers

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Submitted: May 03, 2018

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Submitted: May 03, 2018



Midnight Lovers 2

Hmm,oooh,ouch,ahhh. Those moans escaped her mouth as my fingers Travelled seductively through her layers. It was perfect for the season that had visited the midnight lovers.

The cloud is crying heavily Letting out it agony of cold and violent wind. But in it, we were smooching so hungrily As our pounding heartbeats make a stamp of sin.

The race has speed up, tension increased. Not contended, lips travelling, searching for other parts to play with. Left,right,up,down, it was totally limitless. Changing our state respectively to dry and hard, soft and wet.

We are on the road side So there is no instrument for make-out. So to hook up, we had to stand. Then later resolve to the ground.

Now, Tiger is the name that best describe her. As she tears off my skin with her sharp nails on her fingers. Letting out a scar and blood that is harmful to the flesh, But romantically pleasurable to the hearts. As the pressure and scream break out the cold. Light fades out.

We woke up simultaneously, still cuddling. I had to go to work, and she's got exam unfailingly. So we had to let go. It only a matter of time. Besides, It was the season's first round last night.

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