History of transport

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this is a small history article about transportation and its development through time.

Submitted: May 03, 2018

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Submitted: May 03, 2018



History of Transport

In the early days, man travelled on foot, so he couldn’t carry heavy things with him.
After some time, he learnt how to domesticate animals, and soon, horses and camels were
considered as a good mean of transport that carry both goods and people.

However, human’s life through time became more complicated, and animal’s backs
were not sufficient any more. It was only around 3500 B.C that the very first step towards
man-made transportation was taken. When the wheel was invented, carriages, cars, and buses
made land transport fast, also taking heavy goods to distant places was very possible.

Man’s next interest in transportation was the air. After a lot of work, the first controlled
flight by a plane took place only in December 17, 1903, in North Carolina. The inventors of
this new flying machine were the brothers Wright, who developed their bicycle into an
airplane. This aircraft made it easier for people to cross great distances in less time.

Man wasn’t yet satisfied and wanted to discover the night sky, and the stars. In 1955,
USA began exploring the space through satellites and other spacecrafts. With the rapid
development of aerospace engineering, man is able now to step on another planet the “Moon”.
In the coming years, it won’t be so strange to see man travelling further.

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