Doctor Crew (On Hiatus)

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The Doctor; the man who never stops running. Some call him a madman with a box, some a lonely god. Still others call him the Great Conqueror. What happens when this man runs into a group of humans
on a time travelling spaceship, that call themselves the 'Ultimate Crew'? Well, you know what they say: 'Alon-sy!' 'Geronimo!' 'Fantastic!'

Table of Contents

Pilot... of the Tardis

A man wearing a dark suit, with some brown buttons on the sleeves, and an opening around the top of the black dress jacket he wore. ... Read Chapter

The supposed 'Ultimate' Crew.

The Doctor surveyed the surrounding area. It was a large field, with grassy plains as far as the eye could see. He was on a small hil... Read Chapter


The Doctor watched as the crew then shot and brutally murdered the rest of the unnamed, unidentified creatures. He looked at the... Read Chapter

Introductions amongst casual strangers

The Doctor folded his hands and attempted to pop the joints in his fingers as a sign that he was ready, and looking pretty macho, but ins... Read Chapter

Repairs paired with discoveries

The Doctor pointed toward the ship. "May I pass please?" Dakota stepped to the side to let the Doctor pass. He still didn't look all ... Read Chapter

To the Tardis!

Barnie's eyes darted between the Doctor and the hill in the near distance. "Ok then. Myself, Dakota, and Quin will all accompany you ... Read Chapter

Into the Tardis!

The Doctor brushed off his suit. "Very well then. I will try to not lead you into any traps." Quin had a look that expressed curiosit... Read Chapter


The Doctor kept on flipping switches and pulling levers. "Explanation? Blah! Who needs to know anything around here? I mean, you're all j... Read Chapter

Explain... EXPLAIN.

The Doctor shuffled his feet, and got into a position to where he was standing with his feet widely apart, knees bent, back bent down, an... Read Chapter

Frightening explanation

The Doctor put his hand to his chin. "My purpose or goal huh? Can you elaborate a bit?  What do you mean by 'purpose or goal'? You m... Read Chapter

Data examination

Frank was pressing buttons and pulling levers furiously. "AHHHH!" Sev simply stood there with a solemn expression on his face as he w... Read Chapter


The Doctor looked past Barnie the captain, to the panel that was showing the traces from. He then faced Barnie. "These robots... what are... Read Chapter

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