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Submitted: May 03, 2018

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Submitted: May 03, 2018



I was in the exam hall this morning; while writing my 105th paper and I have three thousand more to go????(that's what it seems like).. it was a 3 hours paper

I was 2hrs 5 minutes into the exam, when my sight went blank, I could literally see nothing, when a bright white light flashed into my eyes, I was conscious of what was happening at that moment; I wasn't asleep so I wouldn't say it was a dream.. It was more like I went into a trance.. After the Bright white light flashed in my eyes, I saw my self in my faculty, it was dark and I was in my regular night class gear, putting on a Thick sweat top, a short Jean and a long socks with a Bottle of Coke in my hand.. Typical me (cause of the Coke)
Of course I carried my books..

There was no power in any of the classes and it appeared as if I was looking for a class with light to read.. Then I saw a class, it had LT4 crested on the outside wall of the class. it was the only class with power in the whole Faculty. I walked in quietly, it's fans and lights were working perfectly without a single soul in it
"Does anyone not know that there is light in this class" I thought to myself 

Then I heard sounds like students were in the hall flipping through pages and writing... I walked further into the class.. Then I heard someone say in a loud Voice "no noise" 
I turned to my back to check if anyone was there but it was still empty.. I was scared I knew I was the only one in the class... And I just stood still.. When I remembered I was in a Trance and I was writing my Exam in the same hall which had  LT4 crested on the outside wall
A large spark came from the bulbs and the class went dark.  I ran out of the Class in fear.. I got on the Road when I bumped into and old security man
He held me 
"Why you dey run, Wetin dey pursue you"

I tried explaining but couldn't but I was only able to point to the direction of LT4 

Then he said
"No one has entered that class in years, A class of 300 level students Structural engineering was writing an exam one day and as soon as they were about to stop the exam.. They all died from An unexplainable electric accident.. Not even the Invigilator survived.. Till today every night we see light and hear voices from the class but no one dares enter "

I was surprised he could speak English correctly though ????

As soon as he finished talking I woke up from my trance I checked my watch and it was 20 mins left for the exam to be over.. I packed my question and answer booklet and rushed to summit .. Leaving the hall like I was been pursued..
Only God understood what I saw but I knew I didn't want to die

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