happy anniversary

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usually writing more happier work. i chose to try and write a darker piece to test the water for mt horror novel. i wanted a charles bukwoski hell is a lonely place kinda vibe only to find this
wass more depraved. hope you like it

Submitted: May 03, 2018

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Submitted: May 03, 2018



Driving down a lone stretch of highway on a clear night. A younge man whilst behind the wheel listening to morning sun is feeling better than ever; on top of the world in fact. He cant stop thinking about the girl waiting at home for him. Its their anniversary and this girl a brunette wwith green eyes sparks a strike resemblance to grace kelly. He visions. Her now with a glass of wine and his meal cooker. He remebers the exact day te Heir eyes crossed paths and his heart stopped for her. Minutes away now with the roses on the passanger seat he comes to a road left is to town where he g could get the bottle of wine he forgotten. Right is to his house He pulls the indicator lever down and turns fight,tow his drive a row of pine trees each side. The lights are on shes home.

Turning the lays back the engine is silenced. All that could be heared were crickets i in the distance. Walking towards the door he. Noticed the door is slightlt open. Slwolt going in he sore the phone unhinged 8 missed calls seven voicemails. She probablu nocked it b mistake he thought. Proceeding passed the dining room he sees 2 glasses of wine and 2 j Half eaten meals,who was the second diner.? All is quiet until a moan is heard upstairs. For some reaspn he does t call out. Instead he goes to this study gets the shotgun from the cabinet. The gun in his right hand and flowers in his left he slowlt proceeds up the stairs one foot at a time. Matbe intruders he thinks if tbeve hurt ger. He puts two red cartridges into the barrel.

Now ontop of the stairs he slowly walks down the dark hallway towarss the half open door where light flooded out. He hears the sound of resting and struggle. He slowly open the door with his left nuckle.

He stood and watched there she was his girl ontop of , wht"nother man. Je waits a second he mourners Causing them to jump of fright and sit on the bed. The man was paul from his office. "Its our anniversary, i bougjt you flowers" he says dropping thwm to the floor. She says she can explain whilst paul tries to use his charm to make him see as a freind calling him buddy pal. Truing to outside him drop the gun. His left hand now emptt he places the barrel in it and raises it at the couple. Both trying calm him. Now he wouldnt lat a finger on his wife. But she wasnt there, all he could see was a whore. Maube s matbe sge just wanted his moneu he thought. He clocks the gun*click* whilsts paul talks loudly and panicklt. He aims it at paul and pulls the trigger*bang* all is silent for a moment. The whore in shock looks at ppaul whose head now emptt and his brains on the wall. He falls left off the ned. Her throat his ruptered bt a deafening scream. He clocks the gun*click* and aims it at her.

She begs and begs and begs . Lookomg at her sobbing red Reyes he pulls the trigger*bang*. The screams stop and all again is quiet. Looking over her her skull obliterated and brains on the wall and bed. She falls nack He staresat them for a moment the two now unrecognizable couple. He didnt look like paul and she no lo overlooked like grace kelly. He places a catridge in the barrel and cocks it* click* placing it under his chin and pulls the trigger *bang* All is now quiet again. The rood is painted with the mans abdomen the gun drops first then his body. The room covered in blood and roses with the drench of perfume and smoke from the gun and corpses. That will be discovered in 12 still hours time bu the whores sister. Next to the man among the roses was a card that simply read

Mý love m mý everytging

Ill love ypu till the mountains crumble and the stars fall. Happy anniversart Love the luckiest man of all

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