Dr Crazy

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Horror. Humour.Flash Fiction.

Submitted: May 03, 2018

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Submitted: May 03, 2018



Dr Crazy


- Dr Crazy, I keep having this nightmare.

- What is it John?

- I keep having this nightmare that I'm talking to you.

- What else happens in your nightmare John?

- I keep hearing this awful voice.

- And whose voice do you hear John?

- I keep hearing your voice.

- And what is my voice saying John?

- It keeps asking me if I hear voices.

- And do you hear voices John?

- I hear your voice.

- And what else happens in your nightmare John?

- I keep dreaming that I'm talking to you...

- And then what John?

  Dr Crazy runs his fingers through his Freudian beard.

- You tell me you're my mother!

  Dr Crazy's fingers tear off the latex mask on his face, unbuttons

his shirt, and goes over to wear John is sitting, and breast feeds

him. After awhile he stops, and John is sobbing, and crying, 

" Mama! Mama! "

- What else happens in your nightmare John?

Dr Crazy asks as he returns to his desk.

- I dream that you neuter me.

  Dr Crazy picks up a rusty old razor blade out of his desk drawer,

and goes back to John. He pulls down John's trousers, and does

the bloody deed. Blood pours out of John's crotch...Dr  Crazy

stands over him...

- Then what? What happens next in your nightmare John?

- I dream I rip out your tongue!

  And John jumps up onto Dr Crazy and rips out his tongue, and 

then grabs his severed genitals of the floor, and pushes them into

Dr Crazy's mouth, and down into his throat till he turns blue and


- You know the worst thing that happens in my nightmare Dr Crazy? The

worst thing that happens is when you give me the bill! But that 

won't happen this time, will it!

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