didn't feel anything

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a short story to start of with. has some themes depending on what you consider horror is. enjoy!

Submitted: May 03, 2018

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Submitted: May 03, 2018



Didn’t feel anything

‘Come on, hurry up. It will be too dark soon.’ I was standing at the edge of the forest, the shadowy trees looming over me and the group surrounding me.

‘I thought you were cool, but you’re just a pussy, aren’t you?’ A tall boy standing across from me growled, a cigarette hanging from the edge of his mouth.

‘I’m not!’ I shouted back. ‘Then prove it!’

Someone else said, I didn’t know who, I was staring at the ground.

This was a mistake. I had only come here on a dare, on a note stuck to my locker. I had found it on Monday and had read it with my mousy brown hair hanging in front of my eyes. It had been signed by Tommy, a handsome tall boy, a member of the popular group, the group everyone wants to be part of. ‘If you do it, I’ll come.’

I looked up glancing around to see who spoke, and then I saw her. A short (or shorter then me) girl, with raven black hair. Suddenly I felt not so bad, someone coming with me would put my racing heart at rest.

‘Fine then,’ I replied. ‘Finally,’ Tommy muttered. He hadn’t spoken since we arrived. ‘Oh, shut up Tommy!’ The raven-haired girl muttered, ‘Let’s go’ she added.

I watched her walk away shock plastered on my face, and everyone else’s. I glanced around one finally time before speed walking towards her. ‘Hey, wait for me!’ I screeched. She didn’t reply.


I felt like we had been walking for hours, even though I could still see the lights of the town. My parents would be out at dinner with the neighbours. They wouldn’t care anyway. I glanced at the raven-haired girl, confused but intrigued. She had a mysterious aura to her, as a hippie would say. I finally said something.

‘What’s your name?’ I asked, and instantly regretted it, as it was such a weak question.


‘Like your hair?’

‘I guess.’

The silence that followed was deafening. That’s what was weird about this forest; no owl hooted, no mouse scuffled in the undergrowth and no people could be heard.

‘This is creepy!’ I thought out loud.

No reply. ‘How much longer do we have to stay in here?’

No reply. The raven-haired girl kept walking, making no bother to engage in conversation.


‘Ok, if you won’t talk then I’m going to walk back to town, even if I get dubbed a pussy.’ I put it out there, stopping in a clearing.

‘Don’t go.’

I looked at Raven, confused, intrigued. There was no pleading edge to her voice, but I still felt compelled to stay here with Raven.




‘Just do it.’

Suddenly, a cold chill ran down my back, reaching form the hair on the back of my neck to the bottom of my spine.

‘Will you stay?’ Raven asked.

‘Yes.’ I said, the words flowing out of my mouth without thinking.

Raven turned around, her cold blue eyes reflecting the moonlight. I felt her gaze bore in to my eyes and I turned away, focusing on her dirty sneakers. And then I froze.

The raven-haired girl had no shadow.

The moonlight did not cast a dark imprint of Raven on the ground like it did for the trees and myself.

‘You have no shadow…’ I said, raising my eyes to Raven.

‘Oh, really?’ She said sarcastically, ‘I didn’t notice.’

Then I blacked out.


When I woke, I flinched from the moonlight, which travelled right into my eyes. I tried to move but my body was frozen. I opened my mouth to scream, but a cold hand covered it.

‘Don’t bother.’ Raven muttered.

I felt the chill from her hand freeze my mouth over, and when she finally removed it, my mouth was stuck in a frozen position.

‘Do you know why you are here?’ she said.

My eyes followed her as she walked in front of me. She was taking advantage of this. She was going to tell her story.

‘Of course, you don’t,’ she said continuing the one-way conversation.

‘Even if it seems scary right not when I kill you it will be calm, even pleasant if you’re an optimist.’

I had so many question and as if she had read my mind, she said, ‘I know you have questions. Soon you will be able to speak and then you can ask them’.

I hated her tone. She was talking as if she hadn’t taken my ability to speak and move from me.

‘Some of them ask different questions before they die, but the most common one is what are you. I’m tired of it, so I’ll tell you now. Some have called me a demon, others a banshee, or even a ghost. It all depends on what they notice first. Some people, like you, notice that I don’t have a shadow, or that footsteps don’t make a noise or that whenever I look at them they feel compelled to agree with me without thinking about it.’ Raven said, her blue eyes trailing over my motionless body.

‘Every town that I come to has a different feature, all of them great for a friendly game of truth or dare. I write a note, get the popular kid or the handsome crush to sign it, and then I pull my victim into a dark place and kill them,’

I watched with horror as she pulled a knife out of a pocket I hadn’t seen before.

‘Of course, I try to mix it up each time. Knifes, crowbars, my eyes. Once I let a boy run, thought I would have a game with him. You should have seen the look on his little piggy face. ‘I’m going to live!’’ Raven said mockingly.

‘But I think with you, I’m going to do something different. I’m going to choke you to death, make you beg for your life. How about that?’

In my head, I was screaming my lungs out, only stopping to take a deep breath to scream again. But I knew that no noise was coming out of my still lungs. I wasn’t breathing, yet I was still alive. It was almost as if Raven had frozen me in time.

And then my lungs started moving.


I was screaming. The noise was flowing out of my mouth, which had unfrozen now. I looked at Raven and saw her calm face twisted into fury, her teeth bared, lips red like roses, her hair rising around her face like an angry cartoon character. Her blue eyes had gone a deep blood colour, like an open cut had dyed them. Her pale skin had gone almost translucent, revealing bloodless veins. In that moment, I was sure she was a vampire, like some kind of horrific snow white, resurrected from her fairy tale grave, living only to kill others. I stopped screaming and spoke instead.

‘I know what you are.’

Without her face changing, Raven said ‘Oh really? What?’

‘Snow White.’

Raven lifted her head, a low cackle streaming out like a poisonous river. When her disturbing, almost fake laugh ended she stared back at me, her eyes still that blood red.

‘This is taking too long. You’re going to die now.’ Raven screeched, the lust for blood becoming apparent in her voice.

She leaned down toward my body and fell still again, her hypnotic gaze paralysing my limbs once again. I was powerless against this vampire princess. Suddenly she was on me, her body stretching over me, holding me still. Even though I couldn’t see my own face I knew my eyes where filled with a dark fear of dying.

Her soft limber hands closed around my neck and gently pressed against my throat. I then felt fine, calm, even though I knew I was going to die horrifically in a creepy forest. My body felt warm and pleasant, like I was curled up in front of a crackling fire.

‘Now you know what I meant. You feel happy, don’t you?’ Raven said.

I couldn’t lie, I did. I didn’t feel her hands as they tightened around my throat. I didn’t feel as my last breath drifted from my already lifeless body. I didn’t feel as her teeth bit into where my heart was, and I didn’t feel as her long fangs, which had been hidden before, pierce my veins and suck out the blood like I was some kind of juice pouch.

As my body rotted away from time and forest animals, I didn’t feel anything.

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