"UFO in the sky"

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Submitted: May 03, 2018

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Submitted: May 03, 2018



One night I was driving home from work in a complete downpour, the rain was coming down so bad I could just barely see anyone in front of me non less the road. I decided to pull off the road and wait it out for a few minutes so that's what I did.
 I must have waited for about an hour with no sign of stopping ahead. I took out my phone and called my wife to let her know that I would be late for dinner. She was ok about it. Just then I heard a loud bang of thunder. I looked up in time as lightning flashed I saw something in the sky, it was black and was circular, it had a pair of what looked like airplane wings on the top and very bottom. 
It was some kind of air craft but I've never seen it before. It deffenitley wasn't a helicopter or airplane, maybe it was for NASA but I doubted it and it deffenitley wasn't a military aircraft.
 What got me was all of a sudden after another loud bang of thunder a blinding flash came out across the sky, I Covered my eyes for a second and heard another loud sound this time it sounded like an engine. I looked up and the vehicle blasted off. I got out of my car and looked up several cars in front of me were stopped watching it too. 
What was weird was I woke up in my bed in my house. "Did I dream this up!" I wondered to myself I turned the tv on, the news was on and the tv read 

Several people say they saw a unidentified flying object in the sky" 

I quickly looked out the window and up at the sky, I saw nothing but stars now. 

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