Just Another Tear

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When sadness becomes a point of view.

Submitted: May 04, 2018

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Submitted: May 04, 2018



Just Another Tear


A drop of wetness rolls down my cheek,

No sound, no fanfair,

Just another silent tear.

Is this sadness of suppressed memories?


Maybe I am the bullet that was dodged?

That feeling again in my chest,

Like a hand around my heart,

Contracting muscles bracing for pain.

Strange that I have come to like it in a way.


In truth I am tired.

Standing upon the truth is hard.

I have a choice,

But curiousity keeps me here,

So I am waiting;

For what... that is yet to be seen.


There is a thrill and a rush in knowing the future,

But it is the waiting for it to arrive that is different.

It takes its toll and the process drives things home.

Strange how laughter often comes after tears.


So this is the healing,

These tears that are collected,

In a vial that hangs around the Spirits neck.

A Jewel in the eyes of God

And from this Jewel a beautiful garden is grown.

The garden that is your soul,

So let the tears fall and allow the healing to start,

To wash away the grief of your past.


In the end forgiveness waits,

Waiting for you to forgive yourself.

You have forgiven everyone but yourself,

So that is where you need to start.

You took the blame because you were strong,

Telling yourself it was just another tear,

But that tear was significant and important

Because it reveals the Truth of the thought to you.

You are not alone,

There is an army and a family around you.


You are going to be okay,

Allow and let the tears to flow,

For as they flow they will wash away,

Away the grief and pain you held onto.

You are going to get through this,

Things will be better and you will be more than okay.

So let go of these things,

Let go and be made whole,

For when you are whole some scars will remain,

But they will become badges of honour,

That represent the moments when you pressed on and have overcome.


You are going to be okay,

As you work through this heartache,

Love will find a way.

Hold on tight to that Dream ahead of you,

Much you have achieved,

Even more you will accomplish as you Be.

You are going to be koay and your Life will be Grand and Great.

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