Boo Boo Kills

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What happened to Boo Boo?

Submitted: May 04, 2018

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Submitted: May 04, 2018



Boo-Boo Kills



Jellystone National Park
Cub star Boo-Boo has just been arrested on a murder charge for the slaying of one time friend and co-worker Yogi Bear.
Eyewitness reports are sketchy at this moment but what we do know so far is this;
Apparently there was an explosion of some kind as Yogi attempted to open a picnic basket.
Amateur video attained by this station clearly shows Boo-Boo just moments before the blast switching picnic baskets after distracting Yogi by telling him there was a Park Ranger behind him. Once the picnic baskets were switched you can see Boo-Boo excusing himself from the table, then seconds later, the blast.
One eyewitness at the scene said,” It was horrible, there was pieces of bear flying everywhere”.
Another describes the carnage as, “Shocking”. “There was pieces of bear and wicker splattered throughout the woods”.
A spokesman for Jellystone Park, Ranger Smith made a statement,” Nothing like this has ever happened in this park”. He went on to say that, “The only crime we experience here is a large theft of picnic baskets, other than that this is one of the safest parks in the country”.
Yogi’s family and friends are shocked and saddened by this sudden loss. Yogi’s best friend and second cousin Winnie The Pooh is in seclusion tonight at his estate in 100 Acre Woods and wouldn’t comment on camera.
In a prepared written statement read by his life partner Christopher Robins Winnie The Pooh states, “This is a dark day for bears everywhere, a dark day indeed”.
This killing has sent shockwaves throughout the Care Bear Community as well. An emergency meeting has been called were it is suspected that they will throw their support behind Boo-Boo.
It is well known that Boo-Boo has strong ties in the Care Bear Community and will probably have their support when it comes time for his trial.
The question still remains is “Why”. Why would such a cute and quiet cub turn to such violence? Why would Boo-Boo kill such a lovable character as Yogi?
Out In-house experts have unearthed some little known facts about the relationship between these two lovable characters.
There were talks between both sides and a deal had been reached that would see the two of them working again after more than a twenty year absence. As we already know when their last contract ran out no deal could be reached and their relationship soon soured afterwards. What most people don’t know is that negotiations had been underway and a final contract was signed weeks ago. At the time of the signing Boo-Boo’s Lawyer told him that it was a lucid deal and upon trusting his lawyer boo-Boo signed. Once Boo-Boo heard that his cut of the picnic baskets was the same as the earlier years he was livid. Sources close to Boo-Boo heard him say that his lawyer had “Doo-Doo’d on the contract”. 
Since Yogi wouldn’t break the contract Boo-Boo’s paws were tied to the five year deal he had signed.
It is suspected that Boo-Boo had enticed Yogi to the park under false pretences of wanting to share ideas on the up-coming shoot while eating lunch. Once there he killed Yogi.
Again, for those viewer just tuning in Yogi The Bear has been killed in Jellystone National Park.
His long time partner Boo-Boo has been taken into custody. 
Yogi The Bear, dead at 61.
We will have more for you as this story develops.

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This just in…

New developments in the Boo-Boo murder story.
Apparently 100 Care Bears have stormed the police department in attempts to free Boo-Boo. In the ensuing attempt to free Boo-Boo 3 Care Bears were fatally shot and more than 12 were taken to hospital with the most serious injury being life threatening. As we now understand the remaining Care Bears have seized the building and are holding more than 14 police officers and other prisoners hostage. Our local reporter Porky Pig in live on the scene, Porky….
We seem to be having technical difficulties with our audio but our picture clearly show a scene of carnage and destruction. We can see over-turned police cruisers, flames and, what’s that image? It appears to be our reporter Porky Pig skewered and roasting over an open flame. Oh, oh this is horrible. A roasting pig at a police station. Just how far will this thing go. This there no end in sight?

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