The beauty to hold onto

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Submitted: May 04, 2018

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Submitted: May 04, 2018



I sit in the café, enjoying my drink
I see a special young girl and i begin to fall
She orders a coffee, making me sink
I gather the courage, to heed the lovers call

She sits down and i get up
I walk on the marble floor to her
she takes a sip out of her cup
I call out to her: sir? 
I mean miss. 

She looks up at me with eyes yielding unending beauty
I can't think straight  and words fall out, what a cutie!

She blushes with her cheeks turning red
with a look of innocent love
i tell her my name, for tonight she will spread
In my computer den, i mean lovers cove

I talk to her nicely, she responds in kind
We leave the café, she says she'd not mind
We leave for home, we leave for my shed.
I took her in my home, and she gave me cred

Said: Most guys are not as cleanly as this
And i regretted my thoughts, oh what a miss
This girl is more deserving of love and my heart
Never before has it gone this off the chart.

I smile and i ask: would you like some coffee my dear?
She responds, oh would you please for someone so mere?
The cells inside my body all start to cheer
cause in my eyes it is all so clear. 
Out of this moment i do not wish to steer
I tell her: With me, there is nothing to fear

She takes a sip and says it is great
I ask her: have you ever before had a mate?
She says: no, none have been worthy to be my first
Maybe you will be worthy to sate my thirst?

I ask: for what do you thirst?
She responds: for love and protection, so i'm no longer cursed

I reassure her: there's no need to worry
Cause we can together be eachothers curry

How can these feelings grow so fast?
As the poison takes over my body
out of reality i feel i am cast
and all but one thing feels so muddy

There is only one thing that's clear.
And that thing is that she is here.

Did i just now find the angel i need?
The one who can in the future carry my seed?

I ask: What is there that's so special about me?
She says: What's so special is you're one who can see
:At first my intentions though could have made you flee.
:No, cause from the beginning i'd give myself to thee. 

:But do i deserve this great pleasure and purpose?
:Yes, for this is not the first time we meet.

Being there once in a good persons life
It can truly change things forever
It could end with that one as your wife
But it requires more than to just be clever

You have to take a chance,
a stance, 
dare to dance
to grow the new romance. 

I grab her and look deep in her eyes
She moves closer too
I feel myself grow, and start to rise. 
I realize this is not just a flue

We kissed, we hugged, we touched eachothers hearts
we knew we were meant to be
What are the odds to hit those darts? 
I never once thought it'd be me. 

The skin and protection we both began to shed
This was the night and time that she first bled

I realize, this was what i was fighting for all along
I stood strong through the tough times and pain
I once was the man in the rain
Just clinging on to what future had in store
My skin was flayed, my soul was scorched
I thought, there must be something more.

A now today, the struggle paid.

© Copyright 2019 M.D Knightley. All rights reserved.

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