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Submitted: May 04, 2018

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Submitted: May 04, 2018



To hell with everything,

I have written till my pen went dry,

I have suffered till my body and soul could no longer endure the mental torture,

Stories and poems  that I have written, I burnt and ate,

Feelings that I don’t want to remember have overwhelmed my life,

What did she do to me?

Why was I fated to know her?

Everyday I live is another struggle,

Fighting an illusion I dream of,

She is everything I see,

Loneliness drowns me even deep,

Not to lie, I have loved before,

This one is different, but isn't that what we always say?

I want and don't want her,

Her and I cannot be together,

If I had her then I shall be no more,

Heaven and Hell cannot be one,

And loving her is the same,

The only question to be asked now is whether or not I shall waste these lines.


© Copyright 2019 Wounded Writer. All rights reserved.

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