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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

It's definitely not an epiphany, but this discontinued journal is not the one you should just read. It is not about the common emotion, not about the common teen life, and not about the story
you've all been reading since. Ever entered your deepest read into something, thronged by its amazement, yeah this one is far more than that, which is written by not knowing it would be published
one day. "The etiquette resemblance at its peak".

Submitted: May 04, 2018

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Submitted: May 04, 2018



I as “Someone Else”

Kirubakaran U

4th October 2012



Days Of My Life


Someone created origin, and the origin is what I am, Never thought about how life would endeavor me in its perks of corners. I never thought the life would be so realistic when I checked myself as I was just “someone”, who was none other than the ordinary guy and one among the sheep around the globe.

If there’s one thing in this world I hate its the truth:

Painful. Blunt. And the thing that everyone doesn’t want to hear. Why do people want the truth? They either get angry, sad or hurt by it. But there's one thing that we call the truth on this earth, and that’s reality.

Kirubakaran, live in a very pathetic one.

In a cold town called Wellington, Ooty, the solemnly having population of more than 90,000 people. 20000 of those are the children the age 14-19. One out of the twenty thousand was me.

I go to Good Shepard High school, the best in town. And also the most strict. I wasn’t beaten up on a daily basis, but I know some students just wished they could. I get threatened and verbally abused, but I’m strong and enough to take it until I finally get out of this hellhole of a town.

Everyone just glares in my direction as I walk down the halls. They all part away like they expect me to have some sort of contagious disease they’ll catch with one wrong touch of me. I don’t really mind though. Makes it easier for me to walk through without me having to bump into another person and make it to the locked gate. I guess being hated has its perks sometimes. Felt every glare burning through my skin and involuntary heard every word coming from the typical teen species.

“Dumbass”. A disdainful voice gagged along with her friend.

“Waste of space.”


Oh, how I feel the love. I thought as I rolled my eyes at their idiocy. You’d think after 4 years of the same insults they’d either get bored or get on with their lives instead of judging mines. The least they could do is come up with something more original than the “f” word. Honestly, it's my freaking high school year! I know all of you have something else to worry about than my sad life.

Taking my science book out of my locker, and doubled checked too. Are sure my three locks were secure. Don’t want anyone placing some kind of poison or love notes of hate in there now would we?


It was lucky week knowing that the jocks were away on a tournament for the week. There was no one other than them and their leader, “Athithya”, that tries anything physical with me. I’ve avoided they’re presence since fresh when I arrived, and that usually works. The assess is smart enough not to do too any physical damage, for they know they’re going to get their ass thrown out of the school, though a good verbal name calling here or there a day kept those masochistic bastards satisfied. A good week without them is a year vacation in my mind.   ……………………………

I was just about to make my way towards my favorite and last period.

Creative Writing.

It seems boring and a waste of time for others, but for me, it made me really say how I feel within the papers as I express myself. Its also one of the only class that no one even tries to mess with me, because the lovely Mrs. Shweta would have their ass expelled or something. I didn’t really enjoy anyone reading things I wrote, but I made an exception to the teacher Mrs. Shweta. She’s probably the only person on the entire campus that doesn’t say anything negative because of my character.

In fact, she’s one go those oh so loving fangirls that are very rare in this stupid town. At least someone’s up to date with the fact we’re in the twenty-first century.


Making through the class was fairly quiet. Like I said, they won't try anything in this class, but that didn’t stop them from sending their glares of love my way, whenever they can. I just smile without kindness and turn my attention back to Mrs.Shweta, internally laughing at their expression when I had the nerve to smile in their direction.


“Kiruba. Can I have a moment with you>” Mrs. Shweta asked as the bell rang.

“Of course ma’am.”  Answered making my way toward her hopping over a random students leg in a poor attempt to trip me, getting an irritated huff in response.

When everyone finally cleared the classroom I turned to smile at my favorite teacher.

“What is it Miss.?”

“Kiruba I need you to do me a little favor.” She says making me raise a brow in question.

“And that would be?”

“You Know about the school’s newspaper right?”

“Yea..” Ia sneered not sure where this was going. I mean no one really reads that crap anymore. Maybe just the few that gets some sort of gossip out of it or for the cross puzzles or something.

“Well if you remember, we had a very popular section called ‘Asking Yanni.’ It was done by one of our seniors”

“Margie Halsey.” I nodded remembering the famous writer that everyone enjoyed reading before she left last year.

“Right.” Mrs. Shweta smiled. “Well, the thing is she graduated last year….and our papers aren’t going so well for the past week since we’ve opened back.”

“Then stop the papers.” I simply stated. “Newspapers are old schooled anyways. The reality is no one will want to read them anymore.”

“You see this why I want you!” She grinned making me step back a little worried.

“Um…You do know you’re my thirty-year-old teacher right?” I answered getting a whack in the head with a two by four ruler in response. “Oww!”

“Can you stop being sarcastic for just one minute!”

“Can you not abuse me when I’m being sarcastic!” I retorted getting another whack in response. “Alright! I’m listening just stop hitting me!”

“Good.” She said planing the ruler down. “Now, what I was saying before I was interrupted.” She stated as I rolled my eyes.

“Your ability to tell the truth is exactly what I want. I want you to be our new Yanni”

“Kinda hard with something very different dangling between my legs don’t ya think?” I muttered a little too loudly as she gripped the ruler making me flinch at the action. “Ok ill shut up just put. The.Ruler.Down.” I begged to get a triumphant smile in response.

“I want you to write to our students that are willing to be answered. Your honesty is just what they need, I’ve read your essay on reality….and it was very moving and incredibly too detailed for someone your age, but it also told me you know how to tell the truth. That's what the article section ‘Asking and answer’ is about. That's the type of person we need to do this. You can also use this opportunity to assure your scholarship to your dream school! So? What do you think?”

“No.” Was my simple response making all the excitement shatter In her eyes?

“What! Why!?”

“If you think its unpopular now. It’ll be non-existent if I’m a part of it. In case you haven’t noticed Mrs. Shweta. I’m not exactly the most liked person in the entire campus let alone in this Shepard school. Everyone knows the name Kirubakaran. “The Dumbass”. You’re probably the only person that hasn’t said the word to my face yet. No one will even touch the papers…..because of who I am.” I responded in one breath. To be honest I’d love this excuse to just write. I love writing, but having people that can’t stand me walking on the same planet as them reading my words isn’t really my cup of tea.

“So.” Mrs. Shweta said palming a hand on my shoulder.

“That’s your only excuse? Because of whom you are?”

“Yes.” I sighed.

“Then become someone else.” She stayed making my expression turned totally confused.

“I don’t think to become a dumbass jerk gonna help with my situation Miss- put that damn ruler down I was joking!”

“Well stop joking and listen before you make any more stupid comments. When I said ‘become someone else’ I meant you can go by the name of someone else. Go anonymous.” She explained making me blink at the option.

“That’s …..actually not a bad idea,” I admitted seeing the hope brighten in her eyes.

“Yes! I knew you’d do it!” She first pumped her fist in a victory stance. “Now, first you have to meet the other members and-“

“No way.” I deadpanned making her expression turn sour once. No one. And I mean no one is to know my identity, Mrs. Shweta. No one. I'll give you my answers for the people that write to me and you’ll put them in. I’m not risking anyone finding out and want to kick my ass-“


“Kick my butt for telling the truth.” I rephrased.

“Alright.” She answered placing pen In my hand.

“Your first assignment will be you’re introductory to the school. Say what your article section is for and what you can discuss with them. When can you be finished?”

“I’ll be finished by tomorrow. I already know what I want to say.”



Parking my bike outside the light blue bungalow house I stayed in, making sure the locks were secure and tight. I opened took my keys out of my pockets and opened the front door to meet nothing but an empty cold house filled with pale white walls without t trace of pictures.

“Ma..I’m home…” I muttered not expecting an answer. There hasn’t been a reply for the past three and a half years. “School was a total bore.” I continued my internal ranking taking off my shoes in the process f locking the door behind me. “But Mrs. Shweta got me to join her club. The newspaper one. I’m gonna do the “Asking and Answer” sections and see where it’ll go from there….. I’m doing it in secret though. No one will know its me. I have to write up an introduction to let them know that my section is for first though. I doubt it’ll go far. But hey, I can use this for more credits. My scholarship can be certain now since I’m already at a three point nine.

No Answer.

“Well ill just be in my room….Writing as usual. Only this time, I’m writing something others will read. They just wont know its me.”

I walked straight to the room in the farthest back and closed the wooden door. Even if there’s no one here to bother me, I fell like I have more privacy by just having the door closed.

“Becoming Someone Else” Mrs. Shweta voice echoed in my mind.

‘If I wanted to be someone else I would have stayed in my stupid closet.’ I thought , but I have to remember this could really help me to get that scholarship for my college. I want to get the hell out of this damned town and move to a state where I’m more more accepted than I am in Wellington.

Taking my laptop put, I placed it on my lap to start on my INTRODUCTION——


Which was the thing and the turning point of my life, where the origin which was me, brought the sarcasm and almighty to my life and placed me to the special crown where I never held a thought of. This part of my life made me think and understand the need of me.

I understood how short and long “Life was”, which really made me up to know the uniqueness about me, where I showed and proved them by standing as “SOMEONE ELSE”.

© Copyright 2020 theDemiurge. All rights reserved.

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