I'd Keep Loving You; Till The End Of This Life

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I fervently admired you; because you admired God; lived each instant of your life ineffably wonderstruck at the beauty of his limitless creation; the unparalleled charisma that radiated from each element of his atmosphere,

I timelessly sought you; because you sought God; made him your only shoulder to lean upon; in your times of inexplicable duress as well as when you spiraled high and handsome in the clouds of invincible happiness,

I relentlessly imagined you; because you imagined God; let your mind devotedly wander in the realms of his fathomless Omnipotent Light; without the most  inconspicuous iota of the devil pillaging in,

I devoutly followed you; because you followed God; choosing the most irrefutably honest pathways of existence; though it meant going through an ordeal more traumatizing than what hell could be,

I uninhibitedly kissed you; because you kissed God; hugging his idol of simpleton medieval stone; but which had the unfathomable power of demolishing and recreating this world an infinite times,

I irrevocably believed you; because you believed God; accepted everything and anything unfurling around you as a part of impoverished destiny; and only in the betterment of this majestic planet and its good,

I inexhaustibly cherished you; because you cherished God; found the ultimate mantra of living life to the fullest and in harmony with mother nature; in every current of wind that enveloped your stride,

I inevitably found you; because you found God; not beyond the horizons beyond your pragmatic reach; but in every bit of compassionately humanitarian goodness that you displayed to each of your fellow living kind,

I quintessentially felt you; because you felt God; in every ounce of the boundless atmosphere and earth around; since it functioned and flourished at solely his eternal commands; and he was its unconquerably Omnipresent Creator,

I unhesitatingly beseeched you; because you beseeched God; asked him above anyone else on this unceasing earth; to grant you with the tenacity to live and let live each inimitably priceless moment of life,

I wholeheartedly trusted you; because you trusted God; looked ardently forward to every optimistic dawn to grant you with the reinvigorated vigor of life; make the beats of your existence dance to the tunes of Creator Divine,

I untiringly related to you; because you related to God; bonding with his unassailably Omniscient spirit for times immemorial; when even the thickest of your family and blood related kin had ruthlessly abandoned you,

I passionately sketched you; because you sketched God; endeavoring your very best to embed even an infinitesimal fraction of his Universe's beauty on the desolate canvas of your heart; till the time he destined you to live,

I crisply saluted you; because you saluted God; humbly nestling those palms against the forehead and towards the ever-pervading heavens; at every single opportunity that you got to thank him for this bountiful life,

I wholeheartedly invited you; because you invited God; as the first and last symbol of unshakable power and splendor- to bless every philanthropic expedition of life; that you commenced upon,

I fearlessly spoke to you; because you spoke to God; confiding in him the most insouciant apprehension of your heart; when the globe outside had turned a brutal deaf ear; and blackmailed you at the slightest opportunity that came their way,

I undyingly worshipped you; because you worshipped God; abnegating the entire material wealth of this planet; if it came in your way of kneeling in due and unhindered obeisance at his Omnipresent feet,

I immortally loved you; because you loved God; abruptly walking out on everything that you'd assimilated and inherently related to you; to forever bond with his heavenly light of impregnable truth,

But believe me. Even if you weren't all of the above and were a non-believer of God from the core of your heart-I would still love you as much.

Because whether you believe in God or not; I resolutely believe that it was only God who's created everything on earth-including atheists like you. And being one of his infinite son's it is my duty to love, respect, adore and befriend each of his creations-though sadly they be against him. And thus I'd keep loving you irrespective; till the
end of this lifetime.

Submitted: May 04, 2018

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