Revelation of Jesus Christ

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Do you want to learn the Truth? Then get your Bibles out! You can answer your own questions. And be your own Scout.

If God had a name, What would it be? If God had a body, Who would you see?

What is the world waiting for? Who are we really? Evolved from the “Big Bang?” What is your theory?

Are you afraid of what you see? Our world is self-destructing. Could it be the Pride of man? And the Evil they are conducting?

Maybe your lost in the worlds’ system. Or you’re busy, idolizing idols. Not discerning the day we live in. Will prove itself, suicidal.

What do you want to know? How are we all related? What religion or faith should we believe in? What Lie have we debated?

How shall we unite under One God? Do you believe, One, made us all? For what is the right way to Worship? If I tell you, Then, This is Your Call.

Submitted: May 04, 2018

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Submitted: May 04, 2018



The Revelation of Jesus Christ


“Knowing this first, that no Prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.  For the Prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but Holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.”

(2 Peter 1:20-21)


“Believe on the Name of the Son of God”




Do you want to learn the Truth?

Then get your Bibles out!

You can answer your own questions.

And be your own Scout.


If God had a name,

What would it be?

If God had a body,

Who would you see?


What is the world waiting for?

Who are we really?

Evolved from the “Big Bang?”

What is your theory?


Are you afraid of what you see?

Our world is self-destructing.

Could it be the Pride of man?

And the Evil they are conducting?


Maybe your lost in the worlds’ system.

Or you’re busy, idolizing idols.

Not discerning the day we live in.

Will prove itself, suicidal.


What do you want to know?

How are we all related?

What religion or faith should we believe in?

What Lie have we debated?


How shall we unite under One God?

Do you believe, One, made us all?

For what is the right way to Worship?

If I tell you,

Then, This is Your Call.



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The Helpful Reference is written as, a quick reference to the text content of this original document. The references included are limited examples due to content limitations of the script, and the stories and testimonies may be contained and recorded in many other verses within the Holy Scriptures.

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Are you up fighting with Ghosts? (Hebrews 11:3)

The WAR you do see, is the result of the WAR, you do not see!



Who shall blow the Shofar?

And who knows what sound it would make?

Who has the breath of God?

And who knows what Divine Inspiration takes?


Do you know your bible stories?

Will you hear the mysteries unfolding?

How does the Spirit of Truth give Life and Understanding?

To Thy Word, we are beholding.


The Revelation of Jesus:

Is more than just, “the last book.”

For the Testimony of Jesus; is the Spirit of Prophecy.

So, here! Take your own Look.


This is God’s Timeless Riddle!

To proclaim the Name of the Lord!

The Acceptable year of Favor!

For a man with David’s chord.


God’s knowledge is everlasting.

That a heart of wisdom may receive.

Let the father glorify his name.

That his children may believe.


What generation is so blessed?

To witness the scriptures fulfilled.

Time playing out before your eyes,

To see the temple, he did rebuild.


But no man can enter through the gate,

Unless you have a special key?

Are you called to a marriage supper?

Let a heart of faith, invite thee.


Did you know you’re at W.A.R.?

With a generation of Snakes.

That feed off the weak and feeble,

And make our Mother Earth quake.


A fight that is not across the sea,

But a battle in your own house.

Like a Father against his son,

Or the cat who quarrels his mouse.


A war the whole Earth is fighting.

In Every Country and every Nation.

Our souls in Spiritual warfare,

Seeking Truth for liberation.


Who is the adversary in the battle?

Are you, your own worst enemy?

Do you have peace within yourself?

Or do you fight your own iniquity?


The enemy is Everywhere.

Envy and Hate, have us surrounded.

Would you believe me if I told you?

The invisible has you bounded.




If the enemy is invisible, how will you recognize him?


Pride has made men confident.

Knowledge has made them proud.

For God has given men a little wisdom,

And Time has prepared the crowd.


All Clergies, Priests, Pastors and Rabbis,

What is the truth, you stand to teach?

Or do you sell your testimony in a book?

And idolatry’s the message you preach?


The Lord God’s Truth cannot be sold.

Like water, this gift shall be free.

As Water, Soil, Air, Sun and Wind,

Get All the glory for growing a tree.


Who heard of selling God’s knowledge?

Did Joseph sell his interpretation of dreams?

What if I had no money to obtain it?

Is this what; “Give when you have nothing” means?


Men, have led men astray.

We are the clay, God is the Potter.

If religion worships the vessel?

How does the creator get his honor?


How does a man gain wisdom from God?

And sell it for his own financial gain?

To which author goes the glory?

THIS! …Is taking his name in vain!


Religion is the reason we are dying.

Thus, God took himself from the steeple.

There is only One Lord God to worship.

Thus, he brought himself amongst the people.


Does Man think God to be a liar?

Does every book have an ending?

A prophecy of the Lord’s return,

Testified by an angel he was sending.


When in time, do we finally witness?

Prophecies for thousands of years.

Seeing a fulfillment, in the written.

And God wipes away all our tears!




What were our fore-fathers like?


For the Creator cursed us all,

From every Winter to Fall,

For a Time and Seasons sake.


The whole creation is groaning,

A travailing Earth is moaning,

For the dawn to rise and awake.


But what will the world and everyone see?

When the Truth and the Sun arise.

At dawn, Light makes things visible.

Then, who will the world criticize?


Did Moses know he was Moses?

When he was acting out God’s will.

Committed murder before the law was given,

Nor waited for the Lord to fulfill.


Why did he smite the Egyptian?

God does not need a man to avenge!

The Lord was to deliver his people.

Now the pharaoh wants revenge.


MOSES! It was your own Hebrew brethren,

That turned and judged you.

While you were judging them,

They told the Egyptians who you slew.


Let the flesh be the judge of the flesh,

And Let the world be judge of those in it.

Let God be the judge of One’s own self,

By the Word of Truth, and love in the Spirit.


MOSES! God was so gracious to you,

And had drawn You out of the water.

Saved your life from death and slavery,

By the compassion of pharaohs daughter.


How gracious it is, to be chosen!

When you were born a Hebrew slave.

But where was the grace toward thy brethren?

Now, Moses is out, yet they are saved?


MOSES! You were favored since birth!

And God gave you your own Levite mother.

Who made you a prince and a judge over Israel?

Do you know the burdens of your brothers?


Oh! A kinsman redeemer,

Is full of Mercy, Love and Grace.

Feeling the infirmities of others,

But does not judge his brother’s case.


MOSES! Who should get the honor?

Is it Aaron’s voice or Moses’ Rod?

How can water come from a rock?

But only by the word of God!


Moses spoke Like God, to the people.

When God said, speak to the Rock.

Without God your feats’ impossible.

And for Pride his Kingdom’s locked.


MOSES! You were never you own!

No man can ever take God’s credit!

Thy work, was never the work of your hands.

But now you live to regret it.


Moses was sent to lead God’s children,

But he did not inherit the promised land.

What did Moses do wrong?

Was it the works of his own hand?


MOSES! The Lord uses all his children.

For his own purpose and his own Glory.

Who birthed you a slave, and made you a prophet?

This is the moral of your story.


Boastful are they that think they work,

And bring glory to their own hand.

For it is not what YOU do…. But what God did.

By Faith only, you shall inherit the Land.


Shall Moses be bitter?

God has blessed him since his birth!

Do you think it will fury him?

When he cannot enter THIS Heaven on the Earth.


Did Moses cause the children to stumble?

With the Laws he wrote to obey?

Does it lead them to be self-righteous?

And for reasons, the law does stay;


It is written for repentance.

For Abraham and all his Kin.

Your works will never save you.

For we are all a slave to sin.


Sin is in the mind.

Evil is in the heart.

Truth and knowledge give more wisdom.

And let’s the wicked believe their smart.


For God is a God of Grace and Mercy.

Knowing a Man’s Pride, and all the Lies.

The Lord already forgave his children.

He is Loving, Patient, and Kind.


By his word, we’ve been delivered!

Since the beginning it was written.

Through faith and belief on his name.

We shall tread on serpents and not be bitten.


God’s Grace gave us a purpose,

And all of us a job in this creation.

Understanding God is within One’s self,

Truth and Knowledge is Revelation.


Listen to what the Holy Ghost saith;

Unless your heart has been hardened.

Believe on the name of the son of God,

And by faith, your sins shall be pardoned!


For what is born of God?

But, Twelve sons and One daughter?

Faith that overcometh the world,

And Leadeth his sheep from the slaughter.


Who is the shepherd that leads us?

The blessing was told of one.

Jacob spoke as the Stone of Israel,

As Joseph, his beloved son.


But don’t forget Abraham’s promise,

Nor the blessing of both his seeds.

And that Isaac was also circumcised,

“oh! That Ishmael might live before thee!”


The Word is the Stone of circumcision.

Hath your law, not a clue?

Sanctification is of the heart,

Like the tablets Moses drew.


Moses spoke this word to the pharaoh;

God shall kill “even thy first-born son.”

His wife saved their son through circumcision.

But to Moses, it was not done.


God told Moses appoint another,

For Salvation was in Joshua, the son of Nun.

As the Kingdom of Israel, is the House of Joseph,

Moses also blessed the beloved son.


Joseph said; “God shall bring you again to the land,”

But despite his brother’s ignorance.

He was sent before them,

To save their lives by a great deliverance.


He is also the stumbling stone,

As Jesus Christ the Rock of Offense.

What do you know about the Truth?

If you’re always on the defense!


Joseph is Lord over all the house.

Life is what he preserved.

Yet, still a Father to the Pharaoh.

With portions of Bread to serve.


A story from start to finish.

One man saves all the Earth!

From Slave, to Lord and Servant,

A saviour of countless Worth.


For Right now the world is starving,

But not for the bread you can eat.

Rather a Spiritual famine,

Tis’ the season of harvesting wheat.


Let’s go back to the start of time,

Since the truth is what is sought.

The Lord saved the best for Last.

Let’s give the story some more thought.




The fall of man, was Pride in the garden?


As in the beginning,

Or thou in the end,

God is Alpha and Omega,

“I am” who “I am.”


Made Himself two beings,

In the likeness of One,

One Spirit, called Adam,

With his Daughter,


and Mother,

In his son.


Both have been given power,

And their dominion is the same.

So not just the One,

Will get all the fame.


From the ground’s dust he came forth,

Almighty breath gave him life.

All things he had to call and discern,

Before God was to show him his wife.


A day is not good in the garden alone,

“Help”, God said, I will make for him.

But first to know, the beast and the foe,

Before flesh and bone, He’s to name them.


Created last and formed first,

And calling aloud to claim.

God then brought Adam,

Every fowl and beast to name.


Having Wisdom to discern,

With language and a voice.

Given Every Living Creature,

Their name, was His choice.


For when he was done,

and all had a name.

Saw himself alone,

and none found the same.


The last to be formed,

all while he slept,

As thou from the beginning,

A woman God kept.


Born in the same body,

But formed from Life.

Made he a woman,

To be his wife.


A female image of Breasts,

With a womb in the Flesh,

God took from Adam’s side,


Since he was not awakened,

Didn’t see the part that was taken,

To make him a whole-bride.


There was One Living Soul,

And One breath of air.

But the Man did not see,

What was already there.


For this purpose, God took that of he,

and then brought her, to his son.

Father and Mother, he will leave,

That Unto himself, he can cleave.

For on Earth,

The three are not two,

But One!


Adam’s given direction,

was the order of protection?

In a Garden, to dress and to keep.


Oh, how low,

The serpent did go,

to connive that lie of deceit!


The beast lied in the land,

just to say that we can,

eat from the tree in the midst,


Thinking, that which she Heard,

Was already God’s Word,

Listened, but did not understand.


Where was the man?

By her side, did he stand?

Listening, to her dismay.


For she was deceived,

Good intentions believed,

But he chose to disobey.


Both ate the fruit from the tree,

That gave knowledge to what you see,

Putting Good and Evil in the Mind.


No wonder it was forbidden.

Those thoughts should be hidden.

The ones that make you blind!


But when in the story was it?

And who’s consumption done it?

That made themselves Naked and wise.


Was it the willing man?

Or the thoughtful woman?

Whose bite, opened both their eyes?


The sin was so big,

That not an apron of fig,

Nor behind any tree could they hide.


Both trying to cover,

While blaming the other,

Knowing the beast had lied.


For which sin would God deem worse?

And who then should he curse?

The woman or the man?


Well It is the One you say…

The one who disobeyed?

And that is how it began!



The man assumes the woman.

Thus, claiming no responsibility

By blaming God, who gave him,

The gift of his fertility.


The woman blamed the beast

Claiming him the guilty part

Once leaned on her own understanding

Had not Listened to her heart


Disobeying, Lying and Lusting

The ignorance of deception

Words are seeds of knowledge

An Understanding is perception


Know this.

Who heard the lie?

And to who, it was said? …

Surely, “you will not die!”


And this too, we read;

God did intercede,

And in the garden a voice was heard,


Sharing in fault,

Knowing the assault,

How the serpent twisted God’s Word!


All received a curse for blasphemy!

But remember who’s done all of this!

How the serpent abused the word of God,

And deceitful are snakes’ that hiss.


Her name had-been Adam.

But then the name, “Eve.”

Sin, brought a curse dividing,

Our Mother of all the Living.


The scriptures never said.

When did the woman die?

Was the serpent, right?

God’s Word has never lied!


Living forever gives much wisdom.

To whom had lack of understanding.

But the choice is the Man’s,

To dis-obey, is also Notwithstanding.


Did Eve Kill her husband?

Or did Adam kill himself?

Did she open the eyes of the blind?

Before seeing for it for herself.


“What Man yearns for a Widow’s Soul?”

Since the beginning of time she’s cried.

Lonely, Lost and Defiled,

And by her husband, been Denied!


But God’s word did Say,

Before the Rooster was to crow.

A Denial Three times,

Before the Man was to know.


How in All our private times,

You showed Love to your brother.

Then denied the Lord the same Love,

To his face, and all the others.


Sarah wasn’t just Abraham’s Sister.

And Rebekah wasn’t just Isaac’s wife.

What makes a man, feel like a man?

Does a woman’s heart give him Life?


Abraham asked Sarah’s permission,

To gain and to keep the worlds favor.

He used her beauty for the bait,

So, God interceded to save her.


Oh Isaac! What if they had defiled Rebekah?

Did he ask his wife or God for consent?

To regard his wife only as sister, in public.

But expect her to be his wife, in the tent.


You knew what the World would do:

Thus, you denied your wife!

This is fear of man, not God!

Selfish is your pride in life!


What shall a man render to his creator?

One Spirit, makes the two perfection.

Fear of what the world and others think.

Openly Denying her Love and affection!


However, what a thing God Did!

For time has repaid the man.

Denied to Death, and to Dust again!

For this is the masters’ plan!


What man was willing to die for his wife?

This man shall rule what he preserves.

God is Love in the Spirit of Truth!

And his bread is for a woman to serve!


This is not a love poem,

This is; a Live Action Story!

About a man who died for his wife and children;

And His Name gets All the Glory!


It was known the man was to die for his wife!

As it is written; “until the man returns to dust.”

How does it feel to be denied?

This lesson for man was a must!


Abraham knew this!

And Isaac, his son!

What man worked twice times seven years?

Well, Jacob was the one.


But who knew this thing?

One man’s Faith, by works played out!

Time has come to now, to understand.

The truth we know about.


Even Jesus Christ’s own genealogy:

As Joseph is his assumed Father!

And before him, there was Jacob.

Need we go back any farther?


“The thing that hath been,

Is also what will be.”

This! Ecclesiastes knew;

Time repeats repeatedly!


How Salvation had a Taste,

When thirsty is Face to Face,

As Self sees Self in Water!


A Gift of Everlasting life,

Given for him to wife:

A Sister, Mother and Daughter.


What did first man Adam have inside him?

As the second man had Light and Life.

Gave us his water and his blood.

As the church to be his wife.


Believe me! Mercy has seen the Truth.

This has happened already before.

When the Past and Present, join the future,

And Thy Kingdom is restored.


But, because no man is Good.

God brought the kingdom down!

The King to bear witness a queen.

To wear the other 12 stars of his Crown.


He showed Jerusalem how much he loved her,

By stretching his arms out on the cross!

To kill death and the enmity,

That kept them from the love they lost!


For Abraham had a son before Isaac,

By Law, he shall have a double portion.

Ishmael also has 12 sons and a daughter,

As an inheritance, not an abortion!


Through Isaac his seed was called.

And Esau and Jacob were the test.

For that all of Abrahams children,

On this whole Earth may be blessed.


For God desired a sacrifice.

So, he wore a crown thorns.

Like the Ram, Abraham offered,

Caught in a thicket, by his horns.


This man is the trusted servant.

Sent to find a wife for his Master.

Also, the man she anointed for burial,

With oil, from a box of alabaster.


It’s always darkest before morning,

His Well is a fountain of youth.

God brought Her to his Son,

For him to reveal the Truth.


That… Water comes in three forms.

And Everlasting Life is the gift.

Believing in the One who gave it to her,

Revealed a Name She was destined to Lift.


Did the Lord need a drink?

A man with desire for a thirst?

A Spirit dying to worship God.

Who drank, who’s water, First?


A gift to a Samaritan,

Jesus Christ at Jacob’s well.

The plot he left for Joseph,

Unto her City she went to tell.


In the heat of a desert day,

The water-pot she left behind.

Never thirsting again,

Thus filling her heart and Mind:


“Come meet a man, that told me all I ever did!”

Given a prophetic gift and everlasting life.

She became a well of water springing up,

To testify to the church, his Body, his Wife.


For we all have been freed from the law;

As Israel recognized her Messiah.

For her husbandman had to die,

As Spoken, by the prophet Isaiah.


For what shall a man profit,

To gain the whole world,

but lose his own soul?


Saving your life gets you lost,

Yet Finding Life in what you lose,

Is what makes you whole.



GENERATIONS TO COME- Wisdom’s Children

A Father that seeded his children with the knowledge of him. Who is your father? Who is your Brother? How shall we know one another?


How shall his Seed continue?

If he had No woman or Man?

Seeds, Genes and Generations,

His Word, The Truth, will Stand.


In the body, comes Divine Purpose.

A Male to Produce and Progenerate.

Thus, Explaining his Need Desiring,

The body of a woman, to Penetrate.


A woman incubates the man’s seed,

And 40 weeks their creation gestates.

Two halves then birthing a whole.

Forming One body, the womb makes.


Thy word, is the seed of knowledge.

In the mind of a purified heart.

The Spirit conceives and births an idea,

After being washed, and set apart.


God’s heart is the womb;

Where everlasting love exists.

For it has many children,

And Capacity of life is Endless.


How shall these men be born?

To inhabit The Kingdom of Old,

If so many are chosen to love him,

And physically, no female could hold.


But in the Capacity of the Universe,

God has held us all before.

The Stars of Heaven innumerable,

Of the children she’s already bore.


Why do you continue to look up?

And look for what you cannot see?

God is not visible!

By the Word of his Spirit,

He birthed him he!


The Flesh you can see,

And the Mind you don’t.

Faith has position to view,

What the human eyes won’t.


If the Enemy is in our mind,

Words are a sword, in the fight.

Listen for hope, with your ears,

And Let your heart feel what is right.


Two Eyes, Two Ears, One mouth to speak.

One Heart, One Flesh, One Spirit.

Remember! The day we live in is Dark,

So, don’t Look! …But listen, to hear it.


In our flesh and in our mind,

In this evil we cannot trust.

Especially with our eyes that tempt us,

Of the World, and all its’ lust.


So, don’t get confused with the reflection,

Of what you look like in the mirror.

Because the eyes your looking with,

Will Never see Gods’ Image any clearer.


What is Spirit?

What is Flesh?

One is life.

The other death.


A Man’s heart has a purpose,

For every beat delivers life.

It feeds the body all the blood,

Until you cut it with a knife.


This other heart you cannot see.

A Soul’s heart is always spoken.

Where Love gives the body life.

Nor can it be cut, only broken.


You would think their only words.

However, Love and hate you can feel.

Invisible things come out of a mouth.

They can touch you, and make it real.


However, God’s heart is a Well of Love.

So, understand what the kingdom is about;

Like the river that watered the Garden of Eden,

The Water doesn’t flow in… it flows out!


Can you hear or see it?

A Consuming Riddle being told?

And the Truths behind the Stories of old.

Belief in what? And in what is your faith?

Does God need to ask you,

To make a day Eight?


Worship never ceases

It is not a custom, nor a ritual?

Yhwh is not a religion

Elohim is Spiritual


How can any man, judge God’s people?

As if you knew the Whys, and the All the What’s.

How Light spectrums through a rainbow?

Or How a diamond, only a diamond, can cut?


He made All Things Full of Color!

And made people from the Ground.

With the Blackness of the dirt for planting.

And the White Clay that forms it round.


Who labels a man, by the color of his skin?

Like the man chooses his coats’ own color.

Who judges those born into poverty?

Or with absent fathers and mothers?


What choice is any man given at birth?

Are we not ALL victims of chance?

To Whom, Where, and in What situation?

The products of unchosen circumstance!


I am not a Jew, or a Muslim.

Nor, am I an African, or an American.

Does a Roman worship God?

Or a man inside the Vatican?


God made us all: A human Soul

As a Daughter, Son, Sister, or Brother

Not a man of Race, Religion, or Ethnicity

But a Woman, Man, Father, or Mother


However, Love whom he will,

And Hate whom he chooses.

Afflicting all his children, by choice,

Showing His Glory, in their bruises.


Now, Reconcile all of them,

As if, in the days of old.

“For all of us have been wicked!”

As in the past it was fore-told.


I had to set thee by example.

Yourselves be your own witness!

I use one for this, and the other for that

To show my Love and forgiveness.


Rebekah’s womb was divided,

Because Isaac had no consent.

Wounding her heart, by denying her,

And showing love, only in the tent!


God did not have to save her,

His Lack of truth revealed itself.

For nothing with God stays hidden,

How does a man deny himself?


Well let me ask the woman?

She the witness, between man and his brothers?

Does he show you the same love?

In front of his friends, and all the others?


Fear without Faith.

Love for your brother.

Despite the trickery of one,

And the cheapness another.


If Esau was such a skillful hunter

Why was he famished for food?

Did God weary him for his purpose?

Leave him begging for some stew.


So why do you despise your brother?

If God had planned the whole thing.

How else can God prove his Love?

Who knew the end from beginning?


“What is this birthright to me?”

The promise, the seed, the blessing!

Only despising it to feed the flesh.

This was your own transgressing.


Esau took a wife out from Ishmael.

As if all the bloodlines are crossed.

How can any say, “I am this or that.”

When all of God’s children are lost.


Jacob is full of trickery too!

But God had Isaac blinded.

The other three senses failed him.

But in Jacob’s voice, was he reminded.


Who heard of such a thing?

Is Hearing more important than sight?

Which sense is more faithful to judge?

When discerning in the Dark or Light.


Jacob heeded his Mother’s voice.

As if her voice was of the Lord.

And the Curse be on Rebekah!

Instead of the son that she adored.


For Jacob must run from Esau.

Until his anger and fury, turn astray.

And he forgets what was done to him.

And remembers what he gave away.


The Lord afflicts the one,

And favors the other.

Just to show his works,

Knew their Loving Mother.


Did Isaac seek the favor of God?

Risking Rebekah’s defilement, for his own sake.

Or did he seek the favor of Men?

Leaving her heart for the thief to take.


Did Rebekah despise what he done?

Does the Lord take justice for her soul?

Love God first, before thyself.

Peace of her heart, the enemy stole.


All generations stand divided.

And many think they have keen eyes.

If only they knew how the story ended.

Strike them with blindness to make one wise.


Truth is.

We are all brothers and sisters!

Yet God’s children still stand apart.

Leaving your eyes to deceive you,

Is Leviathan’s plan from the start.


Religion is selfish,

Idolatry is the church.

No Life is in the corruptible,

But that is where you search!


God did not design, “The Man,”

To wear The Worlds’ Label.

But gave him Domain and dominion.

Said “The Lioness,” in Aesop’s’ fable.




Man has tampered with the truth, to cover up who God really is.  What will God do?


I am not black.

And you are not white.

No eye would ever see color,

If there wasn’t any Light.


You are Spirit, with a body.

Not the other way around.

The skin is just a covering,

Made from the Earth’s ground.


Dirt only increases in its value,

By what a Man builds on its foundation.

Yet, under earth are Peculiar Stones,

That have been there since creation.


Like an Ant that builds a hill,

A little temple in a mound.

Let Man destroy his pile of dirt,

His True House is underground.


A path that leads to righteousness.

The Word is thy lamp for light.

It guides them to build a Hill,

In the middle of the night.


If the hill were to grow so big,

Growing a Mountain, Tall and high.

A dwelling for a city of saints,

Hiding behind the clouds in the sky.


Even the highest mountains,

Are not visible the dark.

Like the testimony of covenant,

Sitting inside the ark.


The Sun never stops shining,

The moon reflects his light.

When she becomes invisible,

Clouds cover her at night.


She holds his light in the dark,

Having no light of her own.

Without his Light shining off her,

She is nothing but a stone.


Is she not a comforter?

A reminder of the morning?

Sent to be a Helper,

For a time of warning.


A woman is a man’s weakness.

The man is a woman’s strength.

Grace sits between the two?

A Mercy seat, 45 in length.


The number is a Love song.

A psalm written of love.

Spoken by King David,

To his only Turtledove.


Salvation shares the seat.

Psalm 27 the cubit width.

The Lord is my light and salvation.

Hiding his Rock in the fifth.


The sum is of psalm 72.

What if she cannot endure?

The moon is the sun’s helper,

For the Earth and her allure.


Their Eclipse was a sign.

Earth laboring heaven.

Jerusalem is at peace.

Genesis Thirty-Seven:


One Lord God,

And One Creation.

One Heaven and One Earth.

One son, One Truth,

And One beginning.

One Love and Only Birth.


For though a Day be long,

And a thousand years written,

Always, reads so short.

Time has taken the chance,

For Love to play the court.


The last, shall be first.

And the first, shall be last.

The last days are Now here.

And an End is coming fast.


We know of the Beginning,

Now, the signs of an end.

The book is also the manual,

For the Angel he would send.


In Word, Breath, Wisdom and Knowledge,

Air, Wind, Sound and Scent.

Spirit of Love is a thought, and a feeling,

No Fleshly eye, has underwent.


Only a Pure Heart can understand God.

So therefore, to some he does not exist.

Because Human eyes cannot measure,

The Capacity of Love within his Fist.


To believe, you need to see God?

With your eyes, you thought you could?

Looking for him in church or a temple?

In corruptible houses, made of wood.


Tradition was fit for a season.

However, God is more than just One day.

A yearly custom of Hanukah or Christmas.

Or any other holiday.


Love is Charity every moment.

Not just once a year.

Love your brother daily.

The Kingdom of heaven is here.


In the Spirit, we shall Praise.

With his Word, we are blessed.

In Truth, we shall worship.

With our hearts, we will confess.


A story that already has been,

Is also what will be too!

Mary was betrothed to Joseph,

His father Jacob, was a clue.


That by the Holy Spirit,

As the angel spoke in a dream;

Before Joseph was to know her,

The Virgin shall conceive.


Mary’s body was the womb,

That made flesh the seed from heaven.

Jesus Christ the child born,

And the son, whom will be given.


Out of the abundance of the heart,

A mouth does speak.

The Word to be made flesh,

Blessed are the pure and meek.


Out of a pure heart,

Christ shall be born.

Sound the Trumpet,

And blow the Horn.


Who ascended and descended?

A voice, The Spirit, A Dove.

For how does life enter the world?

Can a man be birthed from Love?


What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Or is it the Word that created them both?

The Spirit, The Water, The Blood.

The Father, The Word, The Holy Ghost.


Christ knew his Spirit would not die.

That a sacrifice of Flesh was the payment.

He has returned for the Spirit he gave.

And for the One, to whom, he gave it.


Jesus came in his father’s name.

But him, you would not receive.

Another comes in his own name,

And in him you will believe.


A voice of weeping and lamentation.

Rachel weeping her children’s price.

The slaying of all God’s children.

Except the One he saved for sacrifice.


What did Jesus think of Mary?

If he asked, who is my mother?

If she wasn’t kin to him,

Then who could be his brother?


Mary was the mother of Jesus.

But not the mother of Christ.

He died in the flesh once,

But in the Spirit, birthed Twice.


And if he’s about his fathers’ business,

What father does he speak about?

His Father, Joseph, the Carpenter?

Or the One, Who Built HIS HOUSE?


If Joseph hadn’t known her,

And there was no consummation,

A child was born to a virgin,

Without a man for penetration.


Was this not enough for Mary,

To believe what the angel had said?

Knowing the story of her son’s conception,

And that the Virgin, never bled.


What about the miracles performed?

The healings? The Bread? Or the Fishes?

How could any deny him Lord,

Seeing Lazarus die, then Risen!


How could any Mother watch?

And his brothers not speak?

Letting him die on a Cross?

Knowing Truth, over their blasphemy?


But to God’s purpose,

Using their ignorance, for his Glory.

“Sit at my Right Hand,”

While footstools I make,

For you, in this story.


Was Heaven made in a day?

Or just a week, for the whole creation?

7 days to a thousand years.

Then, how quick he birthed a nation.


Can Israel be born in a day?

Or generation One, two or Three?

Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

And the Lord over all you see.


But why not the father of Joseph?

It is written, he’s left out.

The Dreamer over All creation.

Israel’s beloved, without a doubt.


Two dreams Joseph Spoke aloud,

And the Two dreams have been the plot.

Joseph to have all reign and dominion.

Yet, bow down to him, we have not!


So, let the truth be told,

Is Joseph dead? Do you know?

“I come before you to preserve Life.”

Said, the beloved son of Old.


That for the Will of God,

Evil is to work for our Good.

Joseph is the Beloved Son,

That Jesus Christ Understood!


Did Joseph ever speak to God?

His Spirit never -tempted, and never prayed?

Had Favor, Faith and Forgiveness.

And to him a Glorious name.


The service of a Shepard.

Sold by Envy and Pride.

Denied by his brothers.

And no others by his side.


Only because he was asked of his father,

Did he report the evil amongst them?

And then hating him for the truth He told.

They conspired a plot against em’!


Joseph, Judah did sell for Silver,

and then he became a slave!

A Kid of the goats was then given,

But his blood, they not gave!


The Coat they dipped in blood,

Was to cover all their sin.

But for Gods’ Glory, and his intention,

In the garden that did begin.


Now, All the brothers were content,

To cover their sin, with a lie.

Keeping the story of his death,

Israel believed he died.


Pathologically lying,

Life had continued, as so told.

Still living in a famine,

The lie is growing Old.


For with God, All has Purpose,

And Nothing he keeps hidden.

For Joseph is already in Egypt.

Nor is he dead, but LIVING…


The coffin of Joseph,

Is the Ark of the covenant!

This is the Lord’s Lord!

On his shoulder, sits the government.


Jehovah is not his name,

Jesus Christ is the one!

Joseph is the Father,

And Joseph, is the son!


Joseph asked for his body,

And he’s buried in Joseph’s Tomb.

His Brother’s name was Joses,

Who was also in Mary’s womb.


Joseph’s surname is Justus,

Who was witness to his resurrection.

Matthias won the appointed lot,

But by Man’s given selection.


The Bones of Joseph,

Whose bones get carried up?

The chief that came from Judah,

Who shall drink his cup?


The sceptre shall not part,

Until Shiloh comes.

As Hannah spoke of seven,

And having three more sons.


Tamar became more righteous than Judah.

As he gave her his own seal, cord and staff.

While Joseph was becoming Lord of Egypt,

To a widow, deemed a harlot…the sceptre passed.


The Sheep know their shepherds voice.

And commands them into a flock.

Come-thru the door of the Sheepfold,

For the entrance, is now unlocked.


There is only One door to the kingdom.

And Faith the Only Key God made.

Jesus Christ is the secret foundation.

The hand of the Father has laid.


The Kingdom comes without observation.

A Tabernacle made without hands.

No signs the World would be observing!

Only the wise will understand.


Does a man continue in his honesty?

When it’s discovered he’s been deceived?

Will you trust your Own Understanding?

While Faith Tests what the Heart believes.


There was a curse of Enmity placed.

Between the woman and the serpent.

For her desire shall be for her husband.

And she shall be his servant.


The Chosen have been chosen.

In the past, the future is told.

The Spirit of Truth, gives understanding.

For the Shepherd and his Fold.


This is the invitation.

That this day, you do Repent.

He has warned us to prepare.

For the time has gone and went.


By only Love and Faith,

May his children re-unite.

As being in the world, but not of the world.

And being guided by his light.


That at the name of Jesus,

Every knee shall bow.

Jesus Christ is Lord!

Thee accepted time is Now!


For the commandment is to believe;

On whom all of heaven and earth is named;

The Lord’s Holy Name, is Joseph.

Thus, the father, does Proclaim!


I Thank the Lord Jesus Christ for His Word, His Truth, His Life, and His Spirit and In all whom Trust in his name.

It is he who gives us the Strength and Courage, to stand, where we are today.

In Jesus’s Name…




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