Night Song

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As the moonlit drinks in the essence of the spirit of my silken petals. They are more inclined to blossom with rewarding reactions and with much greater intentions as they are nurtured in the
mental roots of the mind and spoken by mouth in truth and in light.



If a flower bloomed in the dark, would you still cultivate it

Lovely Flowers That Only Bloom At Night

Evening Primrose
Night Bloom Water Lilies
Moon Flowers
Night Gladiolus
Casablanca Lily
Nottingham Catchfly
Four O’ Clocks
Saussurea Obvallata / Brahma Kamal
Dragon Fruit Flowers
Dutchman’s Pipe Cactus

I bloom as I am

Nested in mother earth, twilight, as my roots dance

Petals to adore, sniffed upon, and even used to cover silk sheets in the ideal of romance

The bed I lay as sunshine brightens above

Petals, Stems, Leaves, Sepals my true melody of love

A promise from God to only bloom in dark

Comforting to know it’s my mortal birthmark

From the sunrays, I stand within the ground, yet hidden

Such beautiful thriving petals, to sunlight my roots are forbidden

A gifted aroma in a decorative bottle

Gently pluck my petals and lay me in a pottle

Intoxicating fragrance magnetic stems of emotion

A fresh cut Rose no truer devotion

Get stimulated off my delicate soft petals

In this galaxy and time, roots needs to be balanced, earthly settled

Blooming so proudly while standing among the dark

No written words of love greater from a flower than Hallmark

I wear my crown from a midnight bloom ordained by night as chose

From the Moon Flowers, to the sweet smell of the Evening Primrose

Cultivated from noon, awaken at the nighttime hour

Not a wallflower, Not a wildflower

Darkness we bloom in earth’s paradise, balanced by the soil of midnight power

If a flower bloomed in the dark, would you still cultivate it

Would you wear it in your hair receive its properties as pure bliss

I came from the darkness of the womb, cultivated, nourished, and bloomed from a planted seed

Given life to trust, however, never any guarantees

I’m a Rose in bloom let’s just admit

I’m not unfit I try not to just quit

An emotional lickety split

If I were perfumed with the fragrance of one of the beautiful flowers that blooms in the dark, and I was out of sight

You would rely on the essence of your senses to find me, rather by sunlight, rather by passion under an illuminating moonlight

Flowers are an intriguing sentiment when given in life

Just make sure you have the right flower, it cuts through the chase of continuous strife

As the Gardner will say

How is my favorite flower doing today

You asked me that yesterday as you cultivated and watered my petals that special tender way

But’s it’s not yesterday my fragrant one, it’s today, as one would say

No it’s Night Bloom Water Lily

Yes, yes…my exotic flower from philly, whose petals sings to me such beautiful dillies dillies




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