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Still me and life figuring it out.

Submitted: May 04, 2018

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Submitted: May 04, 2018



She’s wrapped up in her mind.

Some call her ditsy.

Or absent minded.


She used to be focused.

Her world faded.

Shifted into a blur.


Sharp lines smudged.

Bright colors bleach out.

Nothing felt.


Days seep into others.

Memories sink.

She wonders about tears.


An ever-aching loneliness.

A ringing mantra,

“People have it worse, stop.”


Surrounded by sound,

Engulfed inside by nothingness.

Swallowed by pain.


Trapped, strangled, gasping.

She struggled.

The fight drained.


The point lost.

Puzzled unnamed fear.

Who cared?


Does she matter?

Or just life insurance?

Who’d even miss her?


Breathing is bothersome.

She wishes for the end.



Yet. She clings.

Too damn hopeful.

Stubbornness at her core.


Demanding she wait.

Give it a moment.

Banning her from being worm food.


Frustration with continuing.

Overwhelmed with time.

Seconds turn to days.


Unknowingly, her mind heals,

She starts smiling.

Her spirit unwavering.


Her flicker returned,

Eased into a steady flame.

Dancing as fires do.


She dips at random,

Soars and twists,

As everlasting ember.


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