The Horse Riders

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A walk along the beach by a father and his daughter turns into something really exciting...

Submitted: May 05, 2018

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Submitted: May 05, 2018



The Horse Riders

IT was a hot, sunny afternoon. Tourists of all walks of life crowed the local beach, performing various afternoon beach activities. Some were eating; some were swimming, and some were sleeping. There were also horses for hire by the local villagers for horseback riding along the beach. The horses, small but strong, were native of the coastal area.

A daddy and a daughter were taking a walk on the beach while mommy was reading under the shade of a coconut tree. The daughter saw the horses and asked if she could go for a ride. Daddy said yes, and he would like a ride as well. So, they hopped on, and two villagers led their horses for a walk along the sunny seaside.

The view from the back of the horses was nice, and both Daddy and Daughter were enjoying every sandy bump of it side by side. The villagers who were walking along their horses said if they wanted to go a little faster, from a walk to a trot, all they had to do was jab the side of the horses with the heels of their shoes a few times. Daddy and Daughter did just that, and the horses started to pick up a little speed.

“Daddy, this is so much fun!”

“Yes, it is. I’m glad you are enjoying this.”

“How far can we go, Daddy?”

“It’s a 30 minutes ride. 15 minutes along the beach, and 15 minutes back to where we got on the horses, darling.”

“Is that it? I want to ride longer than this.”

“Let’s enjoy this ride, and maybe tomorrow we can do it again.”

“Thank you, daddy. You’re the best.”

There were kids playing kites and football along the beach as Daddy’s and Daughter’s horses were trotting away. They were about five minutes away from turning around and going back when all of a sudden, a kite flew by the Daughter’s head. This startled her horse, and it came to a stop, lifted its two front legs, turned around, and started a full gallop going the other way.

To Daddy, everything happened in a slow motion: his daughter jolting up and down on the horse’s back, running away from him, and the villagers running after the horse. So, he pulled the rein to stop his horse, jumped of its back, and started running after his daughter. She must be so scared right now he thought.

Finally, her horse came to a stop after about 100 meters. But it was the longest 100 meters Daddy had ever run. The villagers helped the daughter get down, and she ran to her daddy.

“Are you ok? What happened? Are you hurt? I was afraid you were gonna fall off the horse’s back. It terrified me”, said Daddy.

Daddy turned around and yelled at the villagers for not being to control their horse. They said they were sorry. His daughter was still hugging him. Poor girl, she must have been petrified.

Daughter finally looked up, and he could see tears on her cheeks.

“Daddy, that was the most exciting thing I’ve ever done! Thank you. We must ride again tomorrow. This time we’ll get mommy to come with us. I love you, Daddy.”

After a momentary surprise, all Daddy could do was laugh.




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