Things That are Hidden

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My friend Albert knows a secret about me. I warned him to keep his mouth shut.

Submitted: May 05, 2018

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Submitted: May 05, 2018



Something that I didn't want my friend to know, he knew. It was now pointless to try to hide things from him. ''Okay, then, '' I said to him, ''don't let anyone else know.''
''You know me,'' he said. ''I can keep a secret. And you being my best friend, I'll just keep my mouth shut.''
''You'd better do that, because you know what I can do!'' I warned him.

Albert was a real friend. He was short, with long black hair. He knew quite well how to knock a pint down. Many a time I had to take him home, for he had knocked down a few.

The following mornings he was in a terrible state. So I would deliberately knock up a breakfast for him. Greasy bacon, eggs, sausage and beans. As soon as he saw it, he would rush to the toilet, and empty his belly. ''That will teach you,'' I said to him, ''Take it easy when you get to the bar.''

Playing football, he was good at it. Dating girls, was terrible. I remember the one time we went to this dance. He had the chance of going out with a nice bird, yet he picked up this Gypsy piece. (Nothing against Gypsies).
''What the hell are you doing?'' I said to him. ''Are you blind?''
He said to me, ''Have you seen the body on her? Wow!

I said, ''I admit, she has a nice body, but the face?''
''I won't be looking at the face,'' he told me. Then I laughed.

Albert knew that I had the powers to predict the future. We were once at a circus, walking around and chatting. He approached a young woman and told her that his friend could tell her about the future. She became interested and came over to me. She left and wasn't disappointed. Women were very much attracted to Albert. He had a great personality, and was very good-looking. I said to him one time, ''You should have been an actor living in Hollywood.'' 
He knew what I meant and accepted the compliment. I must admit that it was through Albert that I ended up with this gorgeous bird. I don't think there was anyone else in the world more beutiful than her. She was really my dream girl, and we both hit it off together. Her steely blue eyes always grab me and sending me flying through cosmic space. Not to mention her body! Her parents knew what they were doing the night they made her. They don't make women like that any more. We had this understanding between us that makes things work out the way they suppose to, without any confusion.

I said to Albert one day, ''Aren't you going to find yourself a nice wife, settle down, and have many kids? I know you love children very much.''
He said to me, ''A couple more years yet. For the time being, I'm going to enjoy myself. When I finally get hitched, that would be it. I won't be able to run around any more; and I'll definitely put this drinking thing aside.''
''At last,'' I told him, ''you've come to your senses. You've seen the light!''
''Light?'' He asked. ''I don't know much about that. But what I do know is that I'll settle down when the time comes.''
I said seriously to him, ''Albert, I have to do a change. The time has come again. How am I going to explain this to Angelica.''

The End.

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