Letter to little fighter

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Life seems impossible when you are not able to bear the consequences. We just need a letter from unknown or some words that helps as a way to hope to keep you going This is a small letter to all
the fighter there to keep to going

Submitted: May 05, 2018

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Submitted: May 05, 2018



"Hey little fighter soon things will be brighter" I always wanted to articulate these words to you, but my intentions never equalised your picture.

Life's toughest challenges were targeted by your anchors.you were a strong women who held up high ready to face the fire with a cunning smile.

You never avoided your bruises, it was collecting your scars and proving it to the world that you survived.

Now, I notice a glimpse of women who is broken but hiding it behind a beautiful smile,making your strong look more invincible.

You walked with a universe on your shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings. Celebrate your strenght and look straight into the world.

Now, I realise why stroms are name after people. Master your strome ,be a fighter who has a courage to capture the obstacles.you have the power in you to stand out against all the pain.

"Hell has gone through you"but no one can touch a women who wears the pain like a grandest diamond around your neck.

You are the architect of my imaginations stay strong don't make kindness as your weakness.

Half of the me consist you,and half of you consist me 'I am never away'. Just look deep inside you I reflect there.

Win thousands of battles with your brave heart ,spark inside you can fire which can burn entire praire.

Women who has framed her adamant soul,dangers never fright you and no demons can tire you.

You are a wild wicked slip who burned too high for world.

You consist of spirituality and maturity like a blend in my veins you just need to recognize a new power within you.

Weave your body with a style and a spoon of strength ,were no weapons no disease can wound you.

Believe in your strenght were you can change the perception of your growth around people.

Above all, be a heroine of your life and don't be a victim of your own soul.

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