Chapter 2: Remebering and Losing someone

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Pokemon

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Chapter 2: Remebering and Losing someone


In the early morning Eve and Nightsky left the hut and started their journey. “Do you know where we have to go?” Eve asked. “I’ve heard a lot about the Paradise and all the rumours said, that it is somewhere in Ecruteak City, near the Bell tower.” “You mean, near the chinese-looking tower, for a big gold, silver, white birb?” she asked. “Yes”

She sighed “Ok...Let’s do this!”

And they started walking. Soon they arrived at Cherrygroove City and stopped at the sea. “Look! There are some Wingulls!” she said and pointed on a boulder. “You’re right” said Nightsky. “There is also a shiny!”

Suddenly Eve cried a little and thought of her mother. “Why are you crying?” he asked.

“I was just thinking about my mother....nothing special” Eve answered. “It’s okay Eve” he comforted. “Let it out. It’s okay. Everything is fine. You are not alone, remember?”  

“I know” she whimpered “I just can’t understand, why my mother just left me behind”

Eve slowly stopped crying, blurred her tears with her paw, got up and said “Let’s just keep going.” And left Nightsky at the beach. “Man....” he thought “That Eevee surely is special...”

After that, Nightsky caught up Eve and tried to talk to her but he didn’t know what to say, so let it be.


They soon arrived Violet City, a peaceful city with no car noises. Only a lot of people. “Look over there!” he shouted “There’s the Sprout Tower!” “Wow” she said enthusiastically. “This a REEAAALLLLY big tower! For some reason for Sprouts....” They both went to the tower to rest briefly. “We have to be careful” Nightsky whispered. “There are humans and don’t want to be seen or caught.” “You could actually blend in pretty good” she said. “Only if you can control your....light.” Eve started to laugh quietly. “Sh-Shut up!” he said quietly, turning red shortly afterwards.  He started to be sneaky and jumped and ran almost inaudibly. Only one time, a human turned around and said “What was that?” Nightsky stopped at a “safe zone”.

“Come here!” he whispered loudly.  Eve was trying to be as sneaky as him, but she sometimes stripped and made noises and no one heard her. “What the heck?” she said confused. “How could nobody hear me?” She got up and just kept going normally. “Making my way downtown, walkin’ fast. Faces pass and I'm home bound” she thought. “What?” he said.

“Oh, hi Nighty!” “What the hell was that?” he asked. “And don’t call me like that!”

“First, I walked casually. Secondly, I can call you what I want” she answered and gave him a kiss on his cheek. Nightsky went extremely red and asked her “What was that about? You...You like me?” “Yes I do like you. Since we met I fell in love with you” Eve answered.

“And if we’re arriving at the Paradise we could....” Suddenly something hit the tower and broke a part of it.

“EEEEVE!” yelled Nightsky and searched around. “EVE WHERE ARE YOU?!” But nobody she didn’t responded. He yelled again “WHERE ARE YOU?! PLEASE! EEEEEVE!” All of a sudden, Nightsky heard something in the distains.  “NIGHTSKY!” “EVE!” he shouted and was reliefed to hear her. “I AM COMMING!” He ran in the direction where he thought Eve's screaming could come from. “I am almost there!” he thought. Then he hit something or somebody. After that he fell and bumped his head. The only thing he could see was that Eve was kidnapped by yellow Pokemons. “Dammit” he thought. “The Pi-Gang!”


“” “I...(do)n’t......k.(n).ow...”  “I....(h)ope.....(h)e’ll......(wa)ke up....(so)on” Nightsky opened his eyes exhausted. “Look! He woke up!” “Finally!” said somebody.

“Who are you? Where’s Eve?” “Calm down. Everything is OK!” said a Croconaw. “Where’re not your Enemies.” “Why did we even pick him up?” asked a Farfetch’d.  “If you hit your head and get almost caught by humans you would do the same thing!” “Who are you?” asked Nightsky. “I am Brodile and that is Porenta. We saved you!”

Submitted: May 05, 2018

© Copyright 2021 benjaminkan. All rights reserved.


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