Scientific Feast (Propositions, Ideas, Realizations – PIR) — Part One

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Common Content

Submitted: May 05, 2018

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Submitted: May 05, 2018



The works of Chris Myrski
Scientific Feast (Propositions, Ideas, Realizations – PIR — Part One)
© Chris MYRSKI, 2003 - 2015
Common Abstract:
This is a motley folder with various kinds of my scientific, as well also popular, ideas, propositions, and realizations, which are, as a rule, translated from the corresponding Russian folder, noting that in Russian the word "mir" means exactly a feast, big eating, so that they are meant as food for the brain. They are divided here in three part, where in the first part are etymological and similar questions (about a world alphabet, etymology of numbers, and world transliteration with Latin chars), which are pretty specialized, then in the second are programmer ideas and realizations plus one enumeration of various PIR ideas outside this PIR folder, and in the third are some ideas for the society (about law and justice, with mathematical calculations), business and banks, as also about new calendar.





(Propositions, Ideas, Realizations - PIR — Part One)


Chris MYRSKI,1992 and further




In the first part:

[ What is said, some brief explanations. (2016) ]
An Illiterate World (idea about worldwide alphabet)
[ This is serious paper about the necessity in our time, in the time of Internet, of one universal worldwide alphabet, with analysis of multiple languages, with establishing of the major types of sounds but for all languages, with concrete proposition for the needed letters, with examples in four languages, then variation of the keyboard, also with examples, and with small generalizing conclusion. This problem is very important but nobody tries to solve it and that is why the author makes his unique proposition. On one hand this isn't matter for general public, but on the other hand I have used the given here classification of sounds in my "Bulgarian Lessons" that are in the folder for the Arabs etc., so that some rough acquaintance is necessary also for such readers; besides I don't use other sites for my scientific works. (2003, 2013) ]
Reflections About The Numbers (popular etymology and more)
[ This is popular booklet about the names of all digits and of more important numbers in different languages, about their graphical images, and about all possible ideas hidden behind them. The questions are sufficiently complicated and lost in the darkness of the centuries, as is said, they maybe are partially explained somewhere, but the author has come to them alone. These are things interesting for everybody, they, in principle, are not difficult, but as far as they require mathematical knowledge and profound etymological researches they are known practically to nobody (well, say, some 2-3 % of people guess about something, but surely not about all things). So that this is also serious scientific paper, only popularly written. (2012) ]
Myrski’s English Transliteration
[ This material is only in English. It proposes one author's method for transliteration of all English words using only the Latin characters, which idea is later extended for all other languages, where in focus are taken German, Russian, Bulgarian, Italian, and French; there is given example based on a small paragraph in those languages. This idea is very actual and the paper provides an alternative approach to the "Illiterate World"). (2015) ]

In the second part:

Computer Program For Splitting Of Words Of Different Languages
[ This is what is said, one old and realized by me idea for splitting of words of different languages without any dictionaries, and simultaneously, which worked decently good, yet was for DOS operating system used long time ago. The quintessence was to recognize consonants and vowels and to apply some natural rules (formalized by me) used in many languages. (2014) ]
Computer Program For Compressing Of Files Of Different Types
[ Also what is said, one old and realized by me, but again in DOS, idea for compressing of files of any types till the allowed by their very nature limit. The quintessence is in analyzing of occurrences of all characters, performing of statistical analysis for the frequency of their occurrences, and making of new character tables, changing the size of the very bytes, and iteratively. There were drawbacks, but there may still be advantages. (2014) ]
Ideas About Browsers Searching In The Internet
[ This time these are only my ideas about bettering of searching in the Internet, because there are many necessary possibilities that are missing. (2014) ]
What Other PIR Ideas Are There Outside The PIR?
[ Here is made a review of a heap of various PIR, i.e. scientific and original, ideas and propositions, in all works of the author, outside this folder. This is as if a guide in this regard. (2014) ]

In the third part:

Just Injustice
[ In this paper (that can be found in one more place) the author intends to throw some "kicks" against the judicial system as a whole, with its inherent flaws, and after this to make two formal propositions: for unified establishing of the damages and for personal modification of the punishments. (2001) ]
An Idea About New Kind Of Bank Deposits
[ Here is given one personal idea about new kind of bank deposits. (2014) ]
An Idea About New Advertisement In Supermarkets
[ Here is given one personal idea about new kind of ads in the supermarkets, and in other services. (2014) ]
Idea About New Calendar
[ This is what is said, one simple idea about new decimal calendar(and exists in one more place). (2012) ]


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