The Arkship the Purest Intent left in the year 2364. The voyage was hailed as one of humanity's greatest endeavours by those who sailed upon her, to be the first to leave the solar system and
strike out on their own. To travel to and settle any worlds found in the Proxima Centauri star system. The colonists aboard the Arkship the Purest Intent renounced their ties to the rest of the
human race and swore never to return. The year is 2521 the Purest Intent has returned one hundred and fifty seven years after she left, she is drifting backwards dead in space, there is no
communication or signs of life but worse of all she might not have come back alone.

The Purest Intent is the first chapter's of a 123,900 words in length which will be on Amazon soon. The novel has 32 chapters and is the first book of the series The Watchers in the Dark, a series
which will span the entire length of human history exploring and explaining every suspected UFO and alien encounter.

Table of Contents

Its all metal

Aboard the asteroid breaker frigate Southsea Castle The object hurtling through the Kuiper Belt at over two hundred and ninety miles ... Read Chapter

The very worst of times

Security Council under Olympus Mons, Mars Victor Sagittar the Director of the Security Council and one of the most feared and despise... Read Chapter

The ladies for turning

Aboard Lord Admiral Xavier Dante’s flagship USC Inferno Today was meant to be a joyous day of celebration but Professor David Byrd ... Read Chapter

Where loyalties lie

Aboard the asteroid breaker frigate Southsea Castle tailing the Purest Intent The situation was bad enough for Captain Everson but it... Read Chapter

Withdraw or die

Aboard the Stealth Corvette Sigma Five Zero closing on the Arkship’s location To say the atmosphere aboard the stealth Corvette Sig... Read Chapter

The truth is all we have

The USC Inferno closing on coordinates provided by Captain Lerida The voyage from Mars had been a whirlwind of meetings, rumour, conj... Read Chapter

Plenty of warning

Aboard the Asteroid Breaker Frigate Southsea Castle Captain Daniel Everson was doing everything in his power to keep his limbs from s... Read Chapter

Suicide mission

Aboard an Old Guard stealth attack dropship in orbit of Uranus about to commence Operation Inauguration Day To anyone within visible ... Read Chapter

Over my dead body

Derelict control room ambush The Scavengers kept their weapons pointed out they closed ranks protecting their superiors. Revealing th... Read Chapter


Briefing chamber aboard the USC Inferno There had been a preliminary meeting aboard the bridge of the Inferno the time was used to sm... Read Chapter

The unknown mass

Briefing chamber about the USC Inferno There was a dead silence hang in the air everyone save for Professor Harvey already suspected ... Read Chapter

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