Caged Love

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Being a possession/ being kept captive is not a sign of love, being captive will kill you inside

Submitted: May 05, 2018

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Submitted: May 05, 2018




She was his favorite bird,

A prized possession kept from the world,

He marveled at her beautiful colors,

And was entranced by her sweet melodies,

He found peace gazing at her,

And she was convinced he loved her,

That that’s what love was,

So she continued to please him,

Never wanting to disappoint him,

But time drug on,

The bars holding her back from life,

And her colorful aura grew gray,

Her songs were now full of sorrow,

She longed to fly,

However he didn’t notice the change,

Didn’t see her now gray life,

Unaware of the sadness laced in her melody,

Or the pleading words she sang,

He wanted her for himself, you see,

Not wanting the world to share her beauty,

She began to realize his possession wasn’t love,

And he was keeping her caged,

Stuck in the same place,

Clipping her wings,

Preventing her from finding freedom herself,

It was then she knew,

That if he loved her,

He would have freed her from her prison,

Because true love flies free,

And is not kept inside a cage.




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